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Innovation Square iS Space

Innovation Square iS Space

4.3 from 17 reviews

Nightmare for using IS space massage chair

I bought the Innovation Square iS Space massage chair in 2016, the chair initially is fine, but just after one year warranty expiry, the problems began, first the remote was not working properly, we requested to replace, but took the store two weeks replied, took two months to get replaced a remote, then the motor was not working well (made big noise), we called the store, it took four weeks for store to arrange technician came to repair, but the technician did not have skills to repair at all, then they took another four weeks to send another technician to repair, finally the massage chair is working. It is nightmare to use the massage chair, now it is two years since we bought the chair, the chair is now totally broken down, I have to buy other massage chair, I will never touch IS Space massage chair again.

From Sale catalogue

Ordered 4 chair covers & a blouse by phone very pleasant to deal with ordered in a Thursday was told it would take 7 days to receive to my great surprise on the Monday received both goods very well packed & was exactly to picture in catalogue on both purchases was very thrilled & would recommend this way of shopping especially as it had to come to South Australia country

is this company finished , no after sales service or communication

no communication , no warranty , we were sold 5 years warranty, is there any one that can help ? very disappointing. does anyone have details of the manufacturer overseas ,can we source assistance from them directly or is there still a agent in Australia. if they are gone why is their website still active with all of the supporting reviews promoting this product such as channel 10 the project ,kial and jackie o , ect. why cant these people do some investigating work for the little guy and maybe give me some answers.

OMG .... sooo good!

I've had my chair about 4 years now, and it's been through 3 house moves without missing a beat. I count my blessings that its kept pace with my almost daily use. After having spinal surgery, it was a while before I decided to invest, but I really needed something besides pain killers; so glad I decided on this chair. Fantastic!

Ripped off

I was very hesitant to make such a huge purchase but as I was assured a 5year warranty I took the chance. Well my chair is only 2 yrs old and has stopped working. I have contacted Innovation Square only to be told they have gone into liquidation and there is nothing they can do to help me. Stay away from this company.

My best mate apart from my husband

if I beat My husband to it, I reward myself after doing my chores with a massage in my allinad chair. It's relaxing and soothing on sore muscles and joints. The sales and after sales service is second to none and the chair was assembled for us. Thanks Bob.

Very satisfied with the service and the chair

We have had the chair for a few months now and are really happy with it. I was dreading doing the assembly myself (as we live in Canberra) but it was surprisingly straightforward just following the instructions and the chair has worked flawlessly since then.

My wife and I both use it for about an hour each day and we just love the massages.

There are lots of combinations to play around with on the control and it is pleasurable discovering new combinations of massage.

The service when we trialed the chair at the showroom and the follow up sales service was also very good.

IS Space- fantastic!

Brilliant product! We love it!!!
The service and salespeople were brilliant. Very accommodating and prompt to reply to emails and messages. Would deal with again- thank you very much innovation square!

So helpful to unwind after a hard day

We use the chair daily to unwind, love the zero mode, lay back put some mellow music on and massage away the day. Plenty of pressure if that's how you like it or turn it down if your feeling a bit fragile. I would highly recommend to anyone that feels day to day pressure and needs to unwind.

Makes for happy staff

I purchased this chair for my staff to enjoy during their breaks, very positive feed back from the staff who use it frequently. We now have to have a time table so staff can reserve a time slot

Better than anticipated

The chair is amazing. We use it daily and friends and family visit and fight over who gets in the chair. We use all the programs and it is great that you can adjust the pressure and the strength of all the functions. Love the heat function in the middle of my back. (use this all the time - even on hot days). Best purchase we have made, should have bought it years ago.

The perfect end to the day

I have delayed my review until I have checked my IS Space out for two months. The extension and relaxation modes are my favourite. The modes knead into my trigger spots and the airbag and width control compresses my limbs and helps with tension and circulation. The music link is fantastic especially the sound synchronisation and the heat mode too, on cold wintry nights The neck height adjustment satisfies all body heights. I have saved money by not attending a masseur and will have paid off this chair in 12 months with the bonus I can have a massage every day. One of the best purchases I have made.

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Hi Nathan, Thanks for your vote of confidence and we are glad that you not only enjoying the chair, but also saving money at the same time!

IS SPace Chair

chair is excellent and we are very happy with the purchase. We use it daily and cant rate it high enough. Easy to assemble and we have no regrets in purchasing this chair.

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Hi Tod, thanks for your vote of confidence and we hope you continue to enjoy the massage chair for many years to come!

Met my expectations

More than happy with product and your service but not happy with trucking co,lost chair for 7 days. Suggestion for maker, provide instruction on usage time etc.no instructions on usage included .Poor quality plug on lead to chair;failed to make good contact,got stranded in zero position when power contact failed,frightening being trapped in this position at 90. Replaced lead and all is OK.Ian

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Hi Ian, thanks for your feedback. We always strive to improve our services.

Innovation Square Great Chair

The quality of this chair exceeds far above the more expensive chairs out there. I couldn't be happier with it. This is not an average massage chair. Not only just my back but my feet, legs, arms and shoulders...Amazing! I can play my music and get massages at the same time. I totally recommend this! Good job!

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Hi Ayeo, thanks for your positive feedback and recommendation =).

IS Space Massage Chair - Absolutely Amazing.

This was a big purchase for us and given the company was in Sydney and we couldn't view or sit on the chair, a scary purchase. Also some of the reviews I'd read made me even more cautious.

However, my experience has been this.

The salesperson [Name removed] , was one of those NON PUSHY salesmen. A rare breed and a pleasure to deal with. Very helpful and gave us great advice. He even directed us to a lady who lived nearby and had the ULT88 massage chair so we could try it.

After trying this chair we both felt it was a bit hard on our backs, so [Name removed] advised us to go for the "World" or the "Space". We opted for the Space.

The chair was shipped on the Friday and arrived at our home in Melbourne before lunch the following Monday morning. Amazingly fast delivery. And, in excellent condition.

Assembly is really easy, even easier for us as I have the best son in law in the world. He put it together very quickly for us and we were up and running. The chair is truly amazing. We love it, even the neighbours love it. It is so relaxing, so thereaputic, and lots of different options and speeds to choose from.

I had an issue with the air bags on the right hand arm rest and phoned customer support. [Name removed] called me back and we resolved the issue in minutes over the phone. Upon installation my son in law had squashed a couple of the air tubes between the arm rest and the body of the chair. He simply moved the tubes and the chair was worked flawlessly. He's still the best son in law ever.

To sum up my experience, the salesman was as I said one of the rare ones, he was more than helpful, very honest, and did everything exactly as he said he would. He went above and beyond I think by organising for us to test a chair in Melbourne.

The issue with the air bags was our fault, but was resolved quickly and happily over the phone. So certainly no complaints on their after sales service.
After sales service is hugely important to me. All too often once you've paid your money, they're not so quick to help you out. But in this case, my experience was great.

I would happily recommend Innovation Square, their customer service and their product, based on my experience with them.

thanks for your business and your recommendation Maggie!Update. We have had the chair since April. It gets used a minimum of twice a day for around 30 minutes each time. However, if family or neighbours pop in they don't leave without using it. It has been used up to 6 times a day on quite a few days over the last few months. It is in my opinion still an amazing chair. I have never regretted purchasing it.

I have had several massage chairs this is by far the best.

I purchased the Massage chair in November of 2014. I am not a handyman but when it arrived I found the directions easy to follow (had no parts left over). As I am a cyclist I use the chair almost on a daily basis. I have to say I love it. The settings on the remote are very easy to follow for different types of massage. My favorite is the foot massage. My friends have tried and all agreed how great it felt. When asked how much I paid one reply was it is worth every cent. Do not normally do reviews but for this chair very happy to do so

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Hi Richard, we're very glad that you are enjoying the massage chair. if you have any question please don't hesitate to let us know =).

Questions & Answers

How much?
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I paid $6,120 with free delivery to Canberra + 480 for 3 year extended warranty = $6,600 I was also very tempted to buy an Inada brand (Japanese) chair for the same price - they are based at Artarmon and are worth while trying out

How much is this Chair?
2 answers
Hi This chair was 6.5kI paid $6,600 with 3 years warranty and delivery to Canberra.

How the hell do I get my chair fixed? Broke down after two months, been waiting three months again it fixed nothing more than excuses.
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Have you heard anything yet ?

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