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Isoki Reversible Hobo

Isoki Reversible Hobo

3.9 from 12 reviews

Love the bag, hate the quality of the materials

Beautiful looking bag when new. Great size and fantastic extras included. 'Leather' trim parts have started to peel quite badly and now it makes the bag look like it is falling apart. Small black pieces cover everything i put in the bag. This is my second isoki bag. The same thing happened to the last one. I won't be purchasing another which is a real shame as they have beautiful designs.

Gorgeous design...but overpriced

I have the Wild Orchid design which I absolutely adore and many people comment positively on the design also. However like other reviews, the FAUX leather handles came apart after only a month or two of usage. I returned the bag to Isoki & they replaced the whole bag for me, saying there was a problem with some of the handles...however my 2nd bag had the same issue....and after daily usage the faux trim is also fraying around the whole bag. For the price you pay, the handles & trim should be REAL leather. Also the fabric gets dirty very easily, even after scotchgarding as they recommend. I would not buy Isoki again, unless they use real leather or drop their prices.
Large bag that you can fit everything into, very stylish, looks like a handbag not a nappy bag. Great customer service.
Too expensive for actual quality of product - made in China.

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Agree completely, my daughter in law has one and found it too heavy and awkward to carry when full and both "leather" handles are peeling. Maybe Isoki's original , handles and trim were leather but recent product has been sourced more cheaply disappointing if that is so

Beautiful, stylish and practical bag

This is a fantastic nappy bag. I love the extras like the change mat, and 2 smaller bags. It is also very roomy so it is easy to find everything and I don't find it to be overly heavy. I had trouble finding the New Yorker print in stores, but managed to find it online and on sale. I also love that it is reversible and has metal feet to protect the base when putting the bag down on the floor. My only gripe is that the side pockets and main compartment close with fabric ties. I would prefer that it had a sturdy zipper to make it quick to close shut.
Stylish design, extra bags & change mat, very roomy, reversible
Tie closures

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Update on my review - I've now been using this bag for over 18 months. While I still love the generous size of the bag (which makes it easy to fit everything and find it again), it's looking pretty ratty. The problem with the New Yorker design is that the internal lining is metallic, not fabric. This means that after less than 6 mths, the lining started cracking and peeling. It was unsightly so you could never use the bag reversed. Then after 12 months (or less, can't remember) the faux leather handles started peeling and cracking. The bag looks a bit of a mess close up, but if you close the top ties, it still looks OK as the outside fabric has held up well. With baby #2 on the way, I'm on the lookout for something just as large but either a better quality fabric, or something in leather, and definitely a full zip closure. I would downgrade my rating to 3.5 (if half ratings were possible).


Great looking bag with good use of space and design. Far too heavy once you put anything in it. I hope ISOKI come out with a lighter version.
I love the look of the Wild Orchid and the earthy tones. It is a classy looking bag with great storage and accessories that come with it - all very well made with exceptional quiality.
Unfortunitely every review stating this bag is 'Heavy' is right! I just loved the look so much that I ignored all of the reviews and bought it anyway. ISOKI really need to make the bags lighter and then they would be perfect. I have used my bag only for a month and one of the handles has broken - the rivet obviously couldn't take the weight. It only went from the pram to the car, so mine was faulty. I am a strong person however I wouldn't buy one until the weight issue is sorted.

I loved this bag

Loved it so much used for over a year then sold it and now am wanting to buy another as I miss it so much. The size, ease of use and quality just isn't to beaten.
Strong, Sturdy! I love this bag so much, It had so much room for overnights/day trips and it doesn't look ugly or make you feel like you have an eyesore. It has removeable compartments which are fantastic! The food one holds 3 bottles and a formula container or tons of food and a dirnk bottle, the larger one fits tons of nappies (up to 10) plus wipes/cream in the otherside and the nappy change mat is fantastic and wipe clean which is great! LOVE LOVE LOVE
Nothing, I had nothing break or become damaged and the person I sold it after a year of use, loved it and still uses it.


This is the best nappy bag i have ever had, and having 3 kids i have had alot! It just looks like a oversize handbag. With the extra bags inside i put a clean set of clothes on 1 side, and on the other side (separated) dirty clothes. The matching cooler bag fits avent bottles (not many do). Because everything has it's place in the bag u dont need 2 pull everything out just 2 get something that has hade it's way 2 the bottom.. It's right there in front of u when u open the bag. I dont even use a handbag anymore, I just put my stuff in the extea pockets. I keep the removible large strap inside the bag incase i want to put it over the pram handle. I love it so much it is soooo worth the $190.
- Doesn't look like a nappy bag
- Reversible
- Very stylish
Price $$$


This bag fits everything! I love the room, and the additional accessories it comes with. It is made of really heavy thick material for durability, and wears really well. It is so stylish too in comparison with some of the more generic nappy bags on the market - yummy mummy all the way! Also the reversible option is fantastic - a pretty side for the mum, and a plain side for the dad (hubby didn't want to be carrying a "girly" bag)! Highly recommend!
Really stylish, reversible - pretty side for the mum, plain side for the dad! Includes good quality padded change mat, bottle holder and clothes bag. Heaps of room in the bag with plenty of little pockets.


Fantastic bag. Big, easy access zip pockets inside & out. Has all you need with change mat, large zip purse for nappies, wipes etc & cool bag for bottles & food. Have bought these bags for 2 of my friends I love them so much!
Very large has enough room to fit all you need for a baby or toddler. Cool bag is great for taking bottles & toddler lunches. I just put an ice brick in to keep extra cool. Has inside zip compartment for important things & extrnal zip for easy access to keys or a dummy. The reversible idea is great because husbands can use the plain leather side. Inside is easy to wipe down. I also wash all the fabric extras
The plasitic tube in the handle keeps creeping out & is hard to put back in. But otherwise love it.


Overall I do like this bag, its worth the $ to get such a huge, gorgeous bag with so many extras. There are a few cons but I think the pro's make it all worthwhile. I live out of town and never need to cart more than my nappy bag with me which is VERY convinient. Do your research before buying- some people would hate this bag and others will love it.
Great size and soo easy to get to everything inside. I love the extras that come with it- the bottle carrier fits 3 extra wide bottles AND a formula dispenser, the change mat is extra large and the insert is great for keeping nappy changing stuff in- you can just pull it out without digging through the bag for wipes, nappy and cream while bub is squirming.
The large straps are easy for over your shoulder and the pram strap fits over my double pram handle. All the side pockets mean you have more storage inside and out. Everyone loves the pattern (I have retro paisley) and the size.
The leather handle started peeling within a month of using this bag- I took it back to the store I bought it from and they arranged for it to be replaced. Because I have such a light print it does mark easily- when you buy the bag the care instructions recommend you scotch guard the lighter fabric- I would definitely recommend this!
Because of the size and the amount of stuff you can fit in it, the bag can get pretty heavy but its worth it to have everything you need on hand. The ties on the side pockets are REALLY annoying, I have considered cutting them off, but ended up knotting them so they're not in the way all the time.
The bag could definitely do with a zip or press stud to close it at the top so it doesn't gape.


Love the way it looks and that you can throw everything all in quickly. As it comes with the separate satchel and thermal bags you can use them all together or just the parts you need. Plus once you're finished with the need for a nappy bag it would be a great everyday bag. Definately a great bag.
Perfect sized everyday bag not too big not too small. Love that you can remove the satchel bag and thermal bag and use them all at once or just when you need to.
Can get a little heavy when it's all loaded up but sometimes thats just the problem of lugging around your babies essentials :)


Really nice bag. However considering the price the leather handle should be much better quality. Soon after using it the leather on top peeled to expose the raw leather underneath. This 'flakes' off leaving a leather powder mark when carried on the shoulder
Stylish and strong , nice padded change mat and bottle insulation. Big and roomy.
Poor quality leather handle that peels easily


We love the Isoki Reversible Bags as they are great value for money as it is 3 bags in one! You are also able to use either the 3 bags together or seperately. Also since they are reversible you can easily change the bag to either the pattern or plain side depending on your outfit!
Reversible, Insulated cooler bag, Large padded change mat, Large size bag to fit everything you need! Get 3 bags instead of one!

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