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Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

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Why did they change the fragrance.??????

This was the only cologne i have used for 20 years just purchased a new bottle, you spray it on and then there is no scent. Do waste your money on the Jean Paul Blue it stinks.

Always get compliments wearing this.

I can't remember how I first stumbled upon this fragrance but I am glad I did. Many bottles later and I still get plenty of compliments. Thank you Jean Paul.

Jean Paul lacks the smell it used to have

I also have noticed that the odour from Jean Paul is very weak now, I have been buying it for over 20 years now but I have one bottle half full and a new bottle still sealed but I am afraid this will be my last. I used to spray it on and the odour could be smelt after I left the room but you can't even smell it as you spay it, sorry but unless it goes back the way it was I am done with it.

Why why why change a brilliant product

I have been wearing Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male for around 20 years and it really worked well for me. Just opened my latest 125ml eau de toilette and its clear the formula has been changed. This is not just me but family members have noticed as well. Not happy.

Why did u change the formula???

I use John Paul Gaultier only on special occasions. When I bought a new bottle from Macy's 2 weeks ago and received it via mail my wife and I couldn't believe our noses. Still had old bottle. Sprayed one on right one on left. Not even close. Getting on line people say I need Vintage formula. Afraid to loose another $129.

Worn by a woman!

I was introduced to this back in 1999 while living in London! This is one of my signature scents and I get heaps of compliments. It's marketed as a man's scent but I prefer this over the female bottle.

Why is it not as strong?

I have noticed the eau de toilette is have less intense and is not apparently the same as previous foultions.Does anypne know has the formula been changed.?Why is it hard to smell it as before it was very strong.

it smells got lasts long

thats really all i have to say i think any one can wear this and it is a very very very very very very great product i consider it to be one of the best scents i have smelled yet joop home and burberry brit are cool too i dont find this way to over powering it can be used in any situation and that is my review on jean paul gauiltier le male :)


It is best to get the 125mL bottle as it lasts longer and is better value for money. This fragrance has a wonderful masculine scent which is strong but not overpowering. You can smell it easily in a small crowd. The fragrance lasts for several hours and doesn't wear out easily. The bottle is stylish and is packaged in the usual Jean Paul Gaultier tin so makes an attractive gift. This fragrance suits most males and is best worn on a romantic evening especially when impressing a first date... You'll be remembered!
Nice masculine fragrance, the scent lasts long


I find most male fragrances are so over powering that they make me sick with a headache so i have to do all the purchasing for my husband so he doesn't end up with something that i cannot stand to smell - i have thrown many a gift away as i cannot stand the smell of them. I discovered this one a couple of years ago and it has been added to the acceptable list in this house. Great scent.
Love the unique bottle this was the reason i originally purchased it for my husband as a present along with the aroma of it.
Nothing that i can complain about.


Is a long lasting product which doesnt rub off however does have a slightly over powering scent. A well designed bottle, it is presented brilliantly. Easy to find at most department stores or perfume retailers. I know many men who use this, however is not one I would personally let my husband use as is to strong.
Well designed bottle.
Strong scent.

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Le Male
Release dateDec 2007
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