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Jolly Kidz Majicpanel

Jolly Kidz Majicpanel

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Really happy with this playpen - and it doesn't feel like 'baby jail'!

We're really happy with our Jolly KidZ Magic Panel Playpen. We bought it second hand, and the plastic is really easy to clean. The bright colours are great and it doesn't feel like you're putting your little one in 'baby jail' because there's lots of space for them to look through (no bars or mesh). Ours has the extension pack, and we have it set up in a rectangle 7 panels x 4 panels (about 188cm x 111cm) with a couple of panels left over. It creates a decent sized space for our mobile-but-not-yet-walking son to play in, and we use it with a foam play mat underneath. Not having a gate has been the only drawback, as you need to be able to climb over the panels to get in to the playpen or bend over them to lift your little one out if they're not standing yet. The panels are about 2ft or 61cm high, which is actually quite difficult if you have a bad back or knees. Other than that, we're very happy and would recommend the playpen to friends and family.

Not so great

I do like that you can add panels to get a larger playpen but it is very light and our active baby 6-12 months old would use it to stand up and the whole thing would move. We had it set up on a playmat and improvised double side strong tape to hold it to the ground but then it is not easy to clean the inside if you can't move it. So far I haven't found a practical solution for a playpen and our toddler doesn't like to be left inside it alone anyway. I used piece of this playpen now to secure a safe space in our living room and it is kind of working out for us. At least it looks pretty rather than a white gate!

Very versatile

I like that this play pen is versatile (you can customise it to the size and shape you want). It is a bit fiddly to put together but worth the effort as it looks great and contains our little one
one. I like that it doesn't have a gate so fingers can't get hurt or stuck.

Too fragile

Liked it at first. But then our LO got hurt when he was trying to stand up holding to it. Its started bending to his weight and he landed on his neck hurting himself. Personally I don't think its safe for kids under 1yr.

Great product

I did a lot of research trying to find the perfect play pen. I was after one that could be left outside, I could see what the babies are doing, was adjustable in size and easy to store. This had it all,
We love this playpen for the versatility, the durability and the price! It can be hard to put together but I see this as positive because then it won't come apart and the colours are nice and bright for kids to look at, there is no corners so you can just purchase another whole play pen to add into it to make it larger which we have done. There is no gate however when there are bigger kids in it I just undoo one link for them to come in and out. It's easy enough to step over to get kids out.
Versatility, durability, price
Not a con for us but might be for some, no gate.

Not so fussed

I thought this would be great! but its not. So hard to put together and my 5 month old would move the whole thing around when he lent on it. Its so light my 18month old actually flipped the whole thing over.. i am pretty dissapointed. would be ok to use outside on the grass but definately indoors on hard floors

Too hard to put together.. flimsy


For what it's worth, the magic panel system is a GREAT idea for it's ability to customise it's shape but just does not deliver in construction, strength and ability to do it's job.
I can see what it needs to be a fantastic product with a few minor tweaks in it's design. I could also fix the problems with a few products from the hardware shop, but I shouldn't have to.

Returning first thing tomorrow.

The concept that you can customise the size and shape to basically fir ANY situation is fntastic, the colours are great for little ones....BUT see the Cons that spoil what could have been a fantastic product.
A review of the Jolly Kidz Magic Panel playpen.
We purchased this for our little girl who just turned one a week before this video was taken.
(video has been uploaded on youtube but not published as yet)
She doesn't walk as yet, is of average weight and height for her age. She can stand and shuffle along.
We purchased the Magic Panel (2 x sets) for the ability to customise the shape to fit our situations.
We were told from the shop that these playpens are good for kids up to 2 years of age
and that they are strong safe and secure.

Well see for yourself and make your own judgement!
What one sees in the video is our little girl pushing the entire playpen along, which changes in shape due
to the narrow sections of panel, at one point her arm is through a corner join and she is pushing it along
at the same time. She moved her arm out but it could have been VERY dangerous if she continued on.
Next stage is she pushes it to the extent that it actually comes apart at the joins and with that she is free!

Not only are there major issues with panel movement and limbs getting caught and possibly broken bones
but also panel disengagement.
A lawsuit just waiting to happen!
The box that the Magic Panel came in has no instructions, no safety warnings or instructions.
So one would think that you could put your child in one of these and go and do your chores,
only to come back and find the child had escaped and you can use your own imagination as to
the possible scenarios that could follow!!!!

This footage was taken on her first placement in the playpen and it took her all of 12 minutes to get to this stage of freedom.
Her second placement back in and she knew exactly the limitations of the pen and how to get out.

This is what Jolly Kidz have to say on their website.....
"Jolly KidZ create superior design furniture solutions for children.
Every Jolly Product is created with the following seven critical success factors in mind":
(I have added my thoughts after each)

1. Exceptional QUALITY.
..thin plastic, reports of fading in our Aussie conditions especially the red panels and reports of pin/hinge fatigue on the versatile model. I can see with the magic panel hinge design as well that, after a few dismantles that the ball/socket design will suffer and not be as a tight fit as when you first purchase, thus making it even easier for a child to get out.

2. Unparalleled SAFETY
...just watch my video!!!!

3. Durability and STRENGTH
...my 12 month old girl had no trouble getting it apart!

4. Highly usable and PRACTICAL
...doubt it very much

5. Easily freight-able & COURIER-ABLE
..so what

6. Target markets EDUCATION & HOMES
...who cares

7. Very Aggressive PRICING
...Pretty pricey after you see what else is around, so you'd think you get what you pay for, NO YOU DON'T!

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it is easy to clip together if you clip the bottom one in first then push it on with the panels held straight as there is a little divet in the front of each panel to let it slide in easily then when you turn it into position they are held together. i screwed some foam mats to the bottom of the playpen and used it inside. this stops baby from moving the playpen and makes a more safe environment.


This is a great choice for a kids playpen. At first I was not sure about even getting one, but this has worked a treat. The "magic" panels are great as they click together and cannot break , twist or snap..it is very sturdy material. It has fun colours and is open enough that your little one can see through :)

It's a great size that you can put in all sorts of shapes.

Great buy!
Flexible and worth the money
Hard to clip in at first....

Great Playpen - can be made to any size!

Love this playpen - we had a smaller playpen and we wanted a bigger one for our little one so she had plenty of space - it's brilliant. We bought the larger one, which is 2 playpens and I've put it together to fit our rug in the loungeroom - we've got tiles so when she was starting to cruise, and she wanted something to hold onto, at least when she fell, it was a soft landing on the rug.
It's a bit hard to put the panels together, but that is good, but I called the manufacturer and they said there was a tip - lift the panels into eachother, and this made it so much easier. We needed to move the playpen for a party, and we just pulled 4 corners apart and put them back just as easily.
Legs, arms or head can't get stuck in the panels which is good.
Very happy with this playpen
Light weight pieces, colourful
Nothing so far

One of a kind. Great item.

Really love this playpen. Noticed the bad report below. I contacted Jolly KidZ and they said there was a problem with the join when first released to market, but since then they changed the design to the current model. The join is very strong now (infact its quite hard to put together ... but for good reason). Really versatile with different shapes and designs. love it.
can make into any shape or size. bright colours
hard to put together, BUT it needs to be so kids cannot break apart (there is a technique to put it together easily)


It seems that they have modified the design since the last person left a review as I cant fault it. I love it and so does my baby
Its very versatile and its easy to assemble. Its light weight and its very colourful

Questions & Answers

How to pull apart and put together
1 answer
The plastic panels fit together. You just line them up against each other and push them together or pull them apart.

I have the jolly kidz 4 sided wooden pp. can you please send me the assembly instructions? Liz
1 answer
This is a different plapen to the Majicpanel one. You could try contacting the company directly and asking for the instruction manual. Have a look at: http://www.colorific.com.au/product-detail/brands/jolly-kidz/jolly-kidz-smart-playpen-square-natural

How do you put together I am having trouble is there a trick to this?
1 answer
I had to call the buyer and ask them this - lift the panel that's going to go over the top connection and push it in. They said to put your foot in the lower panel and lift the top panel - once I worked it out, it was much easier. Hope this helps you

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