Versatile but has its weak points

The versatility is really the best thing about this playpen. It can fit any room and is one of the larger ones available out there. It's also fairly easy to assemble (as long as you have a drill). There are a few weak points though. As mentioned by another reviewer the "bottom edge" is just at the level at which my baby hits his head on when he's finishing a roll or putting his head down. Due to how it's constructed, the edge sticks out so there's no getting away from it. Also, even though it's light-weight and therefore easy to adjust, it is light enough that my baby (when he kicks or rolls around) actually pushes around the room. This isn't a big issue unless you have something hazardous lying far away and and your baby is determined to reach it. Lastly is the lack of a door. I understand that doors can be a safety concern with hinges and fingers etc getting caught, but with this playpen, you either have to take a piece off every time to get in/out (which is not practical), or lean over the edge to drop your baby in/pick up (which is horrible on your back), or step over the top. The last option is what we've been doing but this in itself is hazardous as it provides a massive trip hazard with a wriggling baby in your arms.

Such a Versatile Playpen

The playpen I purchased is extremely well made and so easy to assemble and disassemble because of the clipping locks. I like the fact that it is adaptable shape wise is a top idea. The wood is smooth to the touch and I could not be more delighted.. Thank you for such an excellent product. I would recommend the playpen without hesitation..

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My grandson is on the move now and the playpen is invaluable,, hes in a little world of his own with his toys but safe.. when not being watched closely.. so I would rate this with ten stars if I could... He actually cries so he can go into his play pen to have fun... so so happy with this product

Beware cheap screws & inflexible reshaping/collapsing

If the unit had shipped with good quality screws, it would have taken 5 min to assemble, instead its taken allot longer. If we want to change shape/ size looks like we'll have to repeat the process, which is VERY ANNOYING. Perhaps rethink the way it connects?

Could be a good unit as is spacious, yet quite an annoying install/change process that we are finding problematic.

**Have had a Jolly Kids previously, it's a breeze to set up and change. It is smaller yet wish I'll bought it.

Hi, We use a premium nickel plated screw instead of the cheaper chrome plated screws. It is very easy to change shapes as shown in this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4QgUDee4TE Please email us at info@kiddcots.com.au or call us at 07 5495 1714 as we would like to find out more info and help. Thanks Kiddy CotsThank you!!! That makes life so much easierRe the screws, I don't think that is what shipped with our unit.

Fantastic product!

The pen is absolutely fantastic and looks great. Safe and incredibly easy to install. We have arranged the pen in a few different shapes with ease.

The customer services was impeccable and the product arrived within 24 hours. I cannot recommend this product enough! Another bonus - it's made in Queensland!

Absolutely Fantastic

Thank you so much for your fast delivery and amazing quality. The 8 panel link 100 is perfect for a rectangle playpen as well as a barrier to close off the whole TV unit. I also love the 3 door barrier as it fits perfectly in our extra large double door opening. No other product was able to close off this area for us. Very happy and impressed and it all arrived from QLD to NSW, all undamaged in just two days. Thank you.

Great playpen

I bought an 8 panel version second hand off eBay for $80 - great value. Mine doesn't have hexagon connectors, but I don't miss them or see the point really.

It is sturdy, light, easy to assemble. I have a 7 month old who loves being on the move so rolls from side to side in no time. 1x1m is way too small, I always have mine at least 2x1m or its maximum 2x2m.

The only down side about this and similar hard wooden or plastic playpens is the inevitable head bumping as baby rolls around and hits the sides. I'd love if there were some soft bumpers you could line the base and/or bars with. That's the only thing a mesh playpen would be better for (but that would be so hard to clean!). I guess when bub learns to sit and stop auto-rolling it will be less of an issue!

The natural wood of the kiddy cots playpens is inoffensive to the eye so looks fine in my lounge. Very happy with it!

Great product, fast delivery

We ordered our kiddy cot playpen yesterday morning and it was on our front doorstep the same afternoon! Very impressed with the speedy delivery and the product itself seems to be of great quality. We purchased the 8 panel and I'm so glad as bubs has plenty of room to play and practice crawling.

Can't fault product or service!

I bought the 8 panel playpen online and it was delivered within 24 hours. The package was intact and not damaged in any way.
This product appealed to me because of the versatility of being able to have it assembled in many shapes.
The quality is good and it was very easy to assemble.
It is being used for our senior dog at the moment but will also be used for our baby.
Would highly recommend this product and appreciate the great customer service!

Super speedy Delivery and Fantastic Service

I ordered the Kiddy Cot 8 Panel play pen and stupidly used regular post. The deliver came but there were 3 panels which had pols broken. I emailed Kiddy Cot the next business day and Dean immediately called me to resolve my issue by sending 3 panels with no fuss. FANTASTIC customer service. The panels themselves are great quality and were very easy to assemble. My little bub is now safely playing in his own space. Thank you Kiddy Cots and Dean for looking after the customer so well. Highly recommend these guys!

Disappointing quality

After lots of research I chose a Kiddy Cots playpen as it received rave reviews, was a safe, large and natural product and was manufactured locally. Delivery was super fast but unfortunately the playpen I received was not of the quality I expected, especially for the price ($155 on sale direct from Kiddy Kots). The timber was very rough & splintered in one section. I felt it was a potential hazard for a little one who wants to put everything in their mouth. I subsequently returned the playpen.


We bought this online and got delivered in 2 days.
We got 8 pannels so we can have it in different shapes. Hexagon, rectangle or even two seprate squares.
Quality is good, wooden made , nothing can go wrong with it.
Happy with our purchase and also bub is happy with it.

They got it so right! Safe. Easy. Versatile. Affordable.

I've bought three 6 Panel Link 100 play pens so far. Safe: They don't have any coating on the timber so I'm not worried about my boy teething on it. Easy: so quick to assemble and disassemble if you are short on space like me. Also, really easy to deal with their sales staff. I made a mistake on an order and they responded and fixed it within a day! Totally my fault, but they helped anyway. Versatile: you can connect the panels to make different shapes and sizes to make best use of the space you have. Affordable: not much else to say on this point. The only criticism I have is that it slides on my floor boards. I'm going to get some rubber pads to stop that from happening. Positives overwhelming outweigh the one negative :) I'd recommend it. Contains my boy when I've got things to do. Also makes for a great gift. Bought one for my sister who has twins and she loves it too! Hope this review helps!!

Excellent quality Playpen!

We bought the 3 in 1 Delux Panel Link 100 (directly from Kiddy Cots) for our 1 year old son and we can honestly say that this is one great playpen for its excellent quality and good value for money.
Having the six panels, we have the flexibility to convert the playpen from square to a rectangular or hexagon playpen - this gives our son more room to play with his toys and even with Mum and Dad inside! As it is about 210 cm long when in rectangular form, we would put floor mats underneath where it stands in our living room and let our son safely practice walking as he holds onto the sturdy panels or as he crosses from one end to the other end of the playpen or as he walks from/to Mum to/from Dad.
The simplicity of the design, ease of assembly, flexibility of size configuration, ideal height (easy to step over), sturdy & natural wood material, reasonable price - all sum up to this one excellent quality playpen that we would definitely recommend to parents who are considering to get a playpen for their little one.

Really happy!

I purchased this playpen after reading all the positive reviews and I certainly wasn't disappointed. It arrived today, super quick, is really easy to assemble and much larger than I thought it would be. A great Aussie product I would definitely recommend. easy to step over and plenty of room for mum inside too!

Great Quality and Easy to Use Play Pen - Made in Australia!!!

The Giant 8 panel play pen is super easy to use and looks great too! The timber is lovely and impressive that it's made here in Australia. They have good customer service and I would highly recommend Kiddy Cots for anyone looking for a play pen, I like them so much this is the second one I have purchased for a different area of the house!

Fantastic! Baby friendly

I bought this playpen after reading all reviews and I was not disappointed. I bought it on kiddy cots website and its arrived in 2 days. Great quality playpen without toxic paint or smell.Easy to assembly and variety of shapes. I am trying to keep my house plastic free and I wish it will be more wooden toys available made from natural wood.

Great Australian Product

I bought this playpen after reading the reviews on this site. It arrived promptly, though was missing some of the screws to attach the connectors. Kiddy cots sent these to me within two business days. It's such a versatile playpen, I use it to block things I don't want my son getting into, with different pieces in different configurations around the house. Just perfect.

Just Perfect :)

After researching for what seems like ages, I finally found exactly what I was looking for .. Kiddy Cots 8 sided pen. The size is perfect for my twins and I love the height.

I didn't want a multicolored plastic one - just a nice simple wood one that wouldn't over power my front living room because my twins aren't the only ones that have to look at it!!

I look forward to summer when I can have it outside on our deck as it's east to re-size.

Thanks Kiddy Cots for a great Australian made product.

Thanks to all the other mums for their reviews!

I wasn't sure which playpen to buy, and after reading all the reviews I decided to go ahead with this one, the kiddy cots 3 in 1 (link 70 it is called on the kiddycots.com.au website). I put it up today, didn't take very long to assemble. It's light yet sturdy which is great. Originally I thought my 10 month old would be able to knock it over being light, but once you connect all the panels together he can't knock it over. He actually loves it as he uses the bars to stand up. I wouldn't say the space is very large, it's mediocre in size, my friend has a veebee playpen
And that's huge! But my sister bought another kiddy cot so we can make it into one massive playpen!! I have a big mat in the lounge room so it's going to cover that entire space. Works out perfect. Just happy that bubs likes being in there. It's not like a prison at all lol. And his little head just pops out over the top so it's a good height for him. Thanks kiddy cots for making a good product! I highly recommend it.

Great Australian made product

I researched playpens, joined choice and eventually bought the Kiddy cots giant 8 panel push button playpen. It is a great product. The product is Australian made without a coating on the wood- safe for teething bites. It is quick and extremely easy to assemble and converts to many sizes and shapes. The height is perfect for stepping in to and keeping my Bub contained. It is a bit too light and lifts easily off the floor but this hasn't been a problem for me (this is a common criticism of most playpens I have looked at). It is strong and well made, I highly recommend it.

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Questions & Answers

How quickly can it be set up and what amount of space does it take up when not it use. Living in a small apartment.
3 answers
The playpen is really easy to assemble and takes only minutes to do so.. Depending on which one you choose, not all panels need to be used and you can make several shapes from the panels also.. so even in a small space it is still worth buying for not only safety reasons for your child and peace of mind for you knowing your child is contained and there can be an endless source of amusement if you choose toys that are stimulating and interestingSetup is very quick if you have an electric screwdriver. if not, it takes a while to screw all the pieces on. But if you're in a small space you won't be needing that many anyways. When not in use, the pieces are flat and can be stacked up together. overall I'd say about 1.5m3 in space. Since giving the review, I'd seriously advise rethinking this purchase if you haven't bought it yet. While it's great that it's so light, this also means it's light enough for the baby to push around. Mine was pushing it from one end of the room to another when he was about 7 months old. And because of the bars, he could reach right through and grab whatever was on the other side.The playpen stacked up takes less than .01m3 of space or 105cmx61cmx14cm. The initial assembly requires the connectors to be screwed on after that there is no assembly required as the connectors simply link together. Please watch this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uTmp9_3vCU

Hi, I had a kiddy cots playpens at home before. But the nickel plated screws were broken. Could you tell me where I can buy the screws? Thanks
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Hi, Bunnings should have them. Just take one of the other ones in with you and match it with one of the originals. Thanks

Hi I’ve put ours in a rectangle, the circle part of the connector is facing inside the play pen; our little one accidentally hit her head on that circle, is there any protectors you guys sell separately we can buy to cover it? Thank you Chris
2 answers
Hi Chrissy, Ive not had that problem with out grandson, but he occasionally bumps his head anyway through all of the little investigations he tries to do, so really it is not uncommon.. We just have to watch carefully..You could hang some dangly toys over the a couple of the connectors or make some simple sort of padded structure which you could secure, but really I dont see it as a huge problem because children also learn when they have hurt themself I find so the tendency will be to try and not do it again. They are a great play pen and its been just so very successful and if you think about it overall.. it makes life easy for you knowing your child is safe in his/her own little world. Hope this helps you a little ChristineHi Chrissy, You can have the bottom connector facing out and the top connector facing in. This will also make the rectangle shape more ridged. To do this you will need to connect the 2 part connectors, then put them onto the panels (in the correct orientation) and screw them on. Please email info@kiddycots.com.au and we can sen you a photo.


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