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JVC KD-G825 Car CD Tuner

JVC KD-G825 Car CD Tuner

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JVC have been leading the way in Audio Entertainment for many years and its no surprise that the KD-G845 should change that. If anything, the G845 just gives JVC more to boast about.....
The design of the G845 is great, with its finish matching most luxury car trims, and its Blue LEDS/NEON lights, it fits into the dash like it was factory with the car.
The display is easy to see and read in either Daylight or Night, with the ability to change colour...it even dims the display when the Headlights are turned on...or at presets times e.g 6pm-7am it would be dimmed.
For a RRP of $329 this head unit is great value for money that gives a great sound due to its large dynamic range and with 4x 50W outputs the speakers love it too.
Highly recommened....there is also plenty of room to move in price...so ask for a deal when you go to buy!
Great LCD Display, Easy To Read Text, Dynamic Sound Range, Natural Bass Effect, Variable Colour Display....Sleek Looking Design
Menu Can Get A Littel Hard To Use Without Reading Instructions....

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