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Pioneer DEH-P5850MP Car CD Tuner

Pioneer DEH-P5850MP Car CD Tuner

5.0 from 2 reviews

Great head unit, never failed me

I am now upgrading, had this the start of 2007.. so it's done me 5 solid years and is still going strong. I am only upgrading as i want bluetooth for my phone and USB/SD card.

Has high pass filter if you aren't using external amplifier. Great presets (I use mainly vocal to up the highs and cut the bass, powerful for most, and superbass to bring up the bass or you can do a custom one) a bass boost. You can tell it whether the sub is upside down or normal, and choose the frequency you want for highs and lows.

Has 2 comp/bmx settings to richen the sound.
3 pre outs for sub/rear/front (don't know if 2v or 4v)

plays WMA AAC MP3 - adjustable background, same backgrounds still used on pioneer headunits been released to this day. (but with a much smaller screen!) and the radio is awesome, it saves them automatically to the preset numbers along the bottom if you want it too. (so you get FM1, FM2, FM3 and the AM's x 6 buttons each)

the 2 people that have previously reviewed this H/U were wrong, You can turn it off with the volume knob being held in.

YOU CAN adjust the display to not be so bright, turn the unit off and hold down function to find more settings.
Reliable, Great settings, Looks fancy and nice, 3 pre-outs
NOTHING, just bluetooth and USB/SD have become popular now


A great CD tuner that ive managed to keep in 2 different cars for the reason it produces great sound and bass at your control. I have not had any problems with this so far and I've owned it for 3 years.
Blue colour; plenty of audio options - came in handy for when I had my sub and amps hooked up I could adjust the music levels to how I favoured; detachable screen; easy to use (and that's coming from a female)
The bright screen annoyed me while I was on the highway cos of the brightness so I drove with it open (i.e. as if I was putting a cd into it) and you cant turn it off so themes are forever running

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That's why you hold down function when the unit is off, and adjust the brightness of the display (I use 2 rather than 12). Had this unit since the start of 2007... just upgrading now. Awesome, has great presets, and 3 pre outs for front/rear/sub. Can't talk it up enough!

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Display keeps reversing colour from light to dark. please advise of fix for this problem. cheers.
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Try cleaning the contact points with an earbud and some alcohol or similar, (the metal contacts from the front panel to the actual unit that contact when flipped)Hi, I recall that the reversing of colour from dark to light is "demo mode". There is a way to take the unit out of demo mode (sorry can't recall how). Hope this helps.

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