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Kenwood kCook CCC201WH

Kenwood kCook CCC201WH

3.5 from 8 reviews

Bad product

Very disappointed. A lot of kenwood recipes to big for cook. It doesn’t brown food. Makes white sauce that is lumpy and doesn’t thicken. A waste of money and time. Should have saved for a thermometer not gone the cheaper option. I have had it for about 2 years and have never had much success with it.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Don't buy

I purchased this this product in the post Christmas sale for my wife. We had it for two weeks and it was used about three times and has failed. The motor makes noises (like its turning), but the blades fail to turn. I believe a gear/cog inside has failed. We have not used it excessively (three times) and have not overloaded it. I guess British design and manufacturing is not what it used to be. Now to try and return it.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

A useful little machine

I bought the Kenwood KCook for $159 on Catch ojf the Day, I have had it a few weeks and I am gradually learning how to use it for more and more things. There are limited recipes provided in the book and app but once you get the hang of using the KCook you can adapt any recipe. The machine came with two bowls which is great, and it is easy to clean, It also came with kitchen scales. The best thing is being able to cook things that need constant stirring to prevent sticking without the need to stand over it with a spoon. So far i have used the KCook to make risotto, black sticky rice, and mashed potato, and of course for chopping and blending etc for cheesecakes. It doesnt handle dough well, but for mixing until the ingredients are blended it is fine, then hand knead, I have used this method for making pizza scrolls. Overall I am happy with the KCook, particularly for the price.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Great help in be kitchen!

Love that it works almost as well as a thermomix but at a fraction of the price.

Particularly appreciate fact that it chops, blends and cooks.. saves me taking out a few appliances. Great for pasta ragus and soups. Baby food too. The stirring function works a charm too.

Stainless steel bowl is great too. I didn't like chopping n blending garlic and spicy stuff in my plastic food processor, so this has been great.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

No support from Kenwood Australia Delonghi representative

The product itself is reasonable, but not brilliant. When I went online to download the pdf file of recipes nothing worked. Naturally I wrote to Kenwood, and found out Delonghi is the Australian representative. But Delonghi replied with information I already owned, the five recipes that came with the product! To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I am obviously interested in other recipes, so I replied to the rather insensitive response … but nothing has been forthcoming. I reminded Delonghi that customers using new technology needed a little support to 'get them going'. Five recipes is simply not enough support at least until the customer learns to understand the machine which will always be a matter of 'trial and error', most definitely without enough recipe support. I have not been online recently to check to see whether the pdf file is working.
The mashing attachment is not powerful enough to give a smooth finish to soups which is somewhat disappointing. This is not a cheap machine.

So far so good

I purchased the kcook on a shopping trip recently for $499 after doing a little research on the product. I was basically after a self stirring pot as I tend to get a little busy in the kitchen and of an evening. Because I try and cook most things from scratch I find making sauces and gravies a pain when you have to stand there monitoring and stirring for 7 minutes while trying to cook other things.

I am very impressed with this machine, it does exactly what needed it to do. It does have fewer features than the thermomix but I really wasn't expecting a comparable product at quarter of the price nor does the kcook give the impression it's on par with a thermie anyway, if you're after all the bells and whistles by all means go for a thermomix but if you're like me and know you wouldn't use half the features of a thermie anyway and if you're just after an extra pair of hands in the kitchen then the kcook has you covered!

So far I have made porridge, cheese sauce (no grating required thanks to the chopping blade), a Cobb loaf filling, my famous cheese ball (which literally took a tenth of the time to make in the kcook), some not too nice custard (from the recipe app but I will work on perfecting that), I've steamed carrots to perfection, and I even made my very first chicken curry for my husband, which he loved!

Having 2 bowls was a big selling point for me, thermie recipes are easily converted (as long as temps match) once you get the simple settings down pat and I love that the bowls can go straight into the dishwasher. For me the cons are that I have had trouble fitting the bowl to the base a few times, there are only 3 heat settings (but I can use the highest setting to brown meats, winning), the spatula that comes with it is crap, and I can't make pizza dough in it as the min temp setting is too high. Overall this is a fab, well built machine and as long as you're buying it for what it is and not instead of the more expensive multi cookers on the market you won't be disappointed.

Makes cooking at home so much more enjoyable

I'm not a natural cook, so the ease of a thermal cooker has always appealed but the price of the Thermomix put me off (even though I was wowed by the product at a TM demonstration). However, the Kenwood brand combined with 75% of the functionality of a TM at 25% of the TM price was too good to walk past.

So far I have made porridge, stews, soups and desserts (dark chocolate custard - yum!) with great results. So great being able to use just one machine to cut and cook and to be able to do chores or watch news while it stirs away on the bench top.

The recipe app is convenient but the instructions are not quite complete for several of the recipes. Hopefully Kenwood will fix this and add some more recipes too (the french and spanish recipe books have quite a few dishes not in the english language app). There is a recipe sharing group set up by some Kcook owners on Facebook which is a great forum for sharing ideas.

The fact that the Kcook currently comes with two bowls is fantastic - can do a main course and dessert without having to wash up in between, and it all goes into the dishwasher with no problems. Just a shame didn't come with a second blade and stirring paddle.

The performance is definitely not as good as a TM, but it is a very able food processor and cooker and I think just unbeatable at the price. Only disadvantage compared to other products such as the Bellini is that the steamer sits inside the bowl, so not able to simultaneously cook a stew and steam veggies. Also, there is no pouring lip on the bowl which makes pouring things out a bit messy.

Currently available from Peters of Kensington for $515, but I picked mine up on sale at Harris Scarfe for $470.

Worthy competition for the Thermomix at only a quarter of the price.

The new kCook does almost everything a Thermomix does. It doesn't knead bread dough. It doesn't have scales built in. But with the kCook you get a set of Excellent scales which come with a silicone mat meaning you can put hot pots on the scales. It also comes with an extra bowl which is really useful. The online recipe book which you can download onto your phone means you can look up ingredients at the supermarket.
It cooks, chops, steams and blends. It is very simple to use and unlike the Thermomix the blades are easy to clean.
But probably the greatest reason to buy one is the price. With the Kenwood scales and an extra bowl, I paid after a little negotiation $550.00. The cost of the Thermo with an extra bowl is four times the cost of this.
An excellent and easy to use product, at a very affordable price.

Questions & Answers

the recipies say "attach the stiring paddle" and nothing further: I cant find any reference anywhere including the net. do I then a) turn it on, if so for how long? b) if I have to do a) above, do I then remove the stirring paddle, or leave it in while heating? Thanks
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You leave the stirring paddle in while cooking, I have done this for for recipes such as Risotto which needs to be stirred constantly during cooking.Thanks. It worked well and was such an easy, clean, delicious meal!

I needed a food processor for things like protein balls & whilst googling came across this machine. Is it an actual food processor or does it just blend for soups & sauces? I don't necessary need it for the cooking side of things however if it does both then what a bonus!
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The kCook comes with chopping blades, I have used mine for chopping onions and crushing biscuits and it does a great job, but havent tested it with anything harder. I have used it for dough for pizza scrolls, its great for bringing the ingredients together but it wouldnt be good for kneading for bread dough. It is fantastic for cooking foods that need constant stirring, like creamed rice, risotto, or polenta.christine_e thanks kindly for your reply. that's ok i'm not requiring kneading. what about mixing cake or muffin ingredients?My experience with the KCook is => yes it is a blender, but don't put anything too tough in it to blend. Mine broke after about 2 weeks of blending normal food items and I have since found out this to be a common issue. Its a shame, otherwise it was great.

Can it blend ice?
1 answer
Yes, but I use a powerful blender to do that job simply because I can. I use this device to help me cook, like make soups, risotto and the like. I admit I'd like to experiment more than I have done. I find the Kenwood Recipe App designed for unit somewhat unreliable ... but at least there is some guidance a creative cook can play with.


kCook CCC201WH
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