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Bayer Kiltix Dog Tick Collar

Bayer Kiltix Dog Tick Collar Questions & Answers

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6 questions from our users

Larissa L.
Larissa L.asked

Will this be effective for use on a 10 pound cat? Thank you.

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Preet S.
Preet S.asked

Hi.my dog weighs 25 kg.can i use medium size as it fits perfectly on his neck?

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For all purpose, don't laugh, is it possible to use insect spray, like mortain, or surface spray for cockies on the dog to keep the ticks away.
The staff is always on hand, would it work and on which insects?

3 answers

It is concerning that you would actually even consider that. But good you asked at least before you used anything like that.
Answer- NO Way. you would be spraying toxic fumes near your pet and its highly poisonous if they lick it off their coat. Its also a nerve toxin.
Tick collars have a chemical used in them but its nothing like insect spray and works in a totally different manner.
Using a tick collar can save your pets life because paralysis can occur after just a few hours of having a paralysis tick latched on. I have experienced this with my dog and had to get her on an anti venom drip from the vet. She recovered very well because I caught it in the early stages.
Id rather use a tick collar than risk that.
So NO WAY under any circumstances should anyone use insect spray like mortein on an animal. That would just be insane.


Hi Nicky!
Thank you for that info!

im also have a giant african cockooroach Zumba as a pet.
He's very strong and keeps tearing the collar off.
I've ordered an alloy harness, helps keep him in check.
I wonder if i can boil that collar in vinegar to fully dissolve and made a spray out of it?
It would be great to keep the ticks away from them.
Please advise.
Thank you kindly.

Edith F.
Edith F.

Bayer makes a product called Bayticol which is a tick wash liquid for cattle and farm dogs. It should work fine on your insect pet too if it doesn't kill him as well. But it's expensive, last time I checked. Try farm or rural suppliers.

Buddy's Owner
Buddy's Ownerasked

Hi doe anyone know how quickly kiltix becomes effective from putting the collar on the dog?

1 answer

I have been told by a veterinarian it can take up to 48hrs for these collars to become effective protection on a dog with a thick or long coat. Eg german shepherd. On shorter/thinner coated dogs it is faster absorbing. I am not sure exactly how long but I would GUESS approximately 24 hours till full protection.


Review by great dane owner Kristiebart just said she takes off this collar stores it in a baggy and it lasts forever she says. However you are risking your dogs life storing it in a bag and assuming it will last longer. These collars need to be changed monthly during this awful paralysis tick season. You are crazy storing it away and reusing it to save you $10, don't risk your great dane's life over a measily $10 a month

2 answers

Please please please don't take the collar off! Our dog got a tick after being bathed then going for run. The collar was on but it takes time to start working, as does the liquid drops. Also tick can be on dog for up to 3 days before signs. We already use both because of high risk of ticks in our area but now are extra careful to ensure they are protected at all times. Please don't risk the trauma & expense of tick paralysis.


Isn't it amazing - someone goes about their own business, making a suggestion regarding a system that works for them and some nark jumps in condemning them and calling them crazy. If Kristiebart says it works for them, then it works - do you have a PhD with research into the storage of tick collars? .. No! .. Just an opinionated nark who seems to have overlooked that the collars when new are sold in a sealed bag. Or are you a troll from Bayer hoping to deter others from saving money on generally overpriced pet care products?


Is kiltix collar poisonous to have on an indoor dog? Frequently visited by 2 year old child.

1 answer

No not poisonous unless child or another dog was to chew or eat the collar. With normal supervision of a 2 yr old child this is not poisonous or a dangerous tick collar to use. Lepar

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