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Kiss Cider

Kiss Cider

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Kiss Cider " Smacking Good "

Tried one of Europe's favourite ciders last night over ice, you can actually taste the fruit- Stawberry, Pear and Cherry, Wow I was really surprised, clean, fresh, not sickly sweet, really refreshing, perfect for that weekend BBQ,or picnic where you don't want something heavy, or a night on the town, where you want to have fun, but still be in control.
Watch out Recordalig, Kiss is coming to get you, lip smacking good.
Not too sweet, refreshing

It is great to see new products in the market !

I went out with a few friends to Cruzao Arepa Bar in Fiztroy last night and we had some Kiss Cider with the food. It was excellent ! Great taste and not too sweet. Love the flavour option: Strawberry, Cherry and Pear. It is nice to finally see some different products out there. I guess I am just a bit tired of the same old...
Taste, can size.

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