Be careful unless you like trendy food and following recipes

I wanted something to cook mince and onion meals without burning them. Wrong.
Ibought mine second hand off eBay for and regret it. I would not buy one again without the back up of a consultant. It is so hard to learn to use without a demonstration and back up. Thanks to this group I have learned to use it. I have only successfully made jam, lemon butter and last week, cheesecake. I have had no success browning mince and onions, which is why I bought it really. It chops well but is an expensive grater.
The app is useless. This group is your best support if you buy a second hand one, but I wouldn’t again unless it was half new price.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Great addition to the kitchen!

I bought this as I love KitchenAid products.
It has been a great addition to the kitchen, it is versatile and makes cooking quick and easy.
It has been excellent to make baby food for my son & I use it daily.
I highly recommend it.
Kitchen Aid upgraded the lid at no extra cost which is easier to clean

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Use it every day! Take it on holidays with me!

I cannot rate this product highly enough! After owning another Thermal cooker for over 10years I was very skeptical the Cook Processor could live up to my expectations, but I was quietly surprised. It’s easy to use, I love the Stir Assist paddle which actually helps to brown and sauté the food without turning it all to mush! It’s also much quieter which my husband loves! I got the Food Processor bowl as well so I’m loving being able to do all the different grating and slicing of my veggies and cheeses. I also love it’s dishwasher safe but I usually just rinse it out quickly and use it again. I use it so much I had to take it on holidays with me, with a family of 7 buying takeout every day is not an option and I can replicate most takeaway recipes in the Cook Processor anyway. Pizza dough, Indian curries, salads, dips and desserts. Just Amazing.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great product

I really love my machine, and wish I used it much more than I do. I really struggle with recipes that are Australian and cant find many. I have the app but it is not really to my families liking. I also have the old lid and really HATE cleaning it. I love the food I can cook (have converted a fair few TMX recipes). I have no issues with the noise. I believe mine is pretty quite compared to hearing a TMX going.

I have asked KA about purchasing the new lid, so hopefully I will be using my big girl much more. It is a perfect partner to my beautiful KA stand mixer.
Do yourself a favour and get one of these bad girls!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Good product but trouble with lid and customer service - please see below for update

The cook processor is easy to use and great for leaving meals to cook without worrying about burning. I would have given it 4 or even 5 stars but mine came with an old version lid which is difficult to clean and traps food, which is then impossible to remove, making it unhygienic. Also the liquid shute has cracked. I have sent multiple emails to customer service (no reply) and rung, only to be told to ring again at the end of May as they are out of new lids. Surely there must be a system where my details will be recorded and the lid sent to me once they are in stock. I have multiple KitchenAid appliances and have been disappointed with the customer service on this occasion but hope that someone will contact me to rectify this.

Update on 22/05/18. I have been contacted by customer service and have been sent a new lid. Much better design. I am now one happy camper! Very happy with my cook processor. The only thing it doesn’t have is inbuilt scales but that’s not a big issue.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

5⭐️ If not for the squeal.

Cooks fantastically, a larger pot would be fabulous. Cleaning is not clean cut, but not enough to stop me using it.
Upon Stirring however, there emits a god awful squealing. I find only when not stirring is there peace.
A really good addition would be a fluid catcher for when you open the lid with cooking, I get a substantial puddle around the cord after opening lid when cooking’s finished.

Date PurchasedJun 2017
Hi Jos, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. Hearing from customer's about their experience is valuable and we will pass your suggestions on to the appropriate people. Kind Regards, The KitchenAid TeamHi, An update to add to the squealing issue. I’ve noticed the squeal disappeares when on a low stir, and consequently is louder when on a high stir. Jos

I Just love it

I used to be a Thermomix consultant and thought I would never part with my Thermie but after owning this for a week my TM5 went on Gumtree. This is amazing with the manual locking lid, no more food stuck if there is a blackout or your TM breaks down. The size of the bowl is great 4.5lt as opposed to the 2.25lt I previously had, the Steamer on top is so much better designed than my TM5 one, it has a much larger steaming capacity.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Good but lack of recipes

Im extremely happy with my machine although I still have the old lid which does trap food that can't be removed...
Love the ease of use but due to lack of recipes, I'm struggling with what I can cook in it. Yes i can use the online recipes but most are american and contain ingredients and measurements that just don't work for me. I love casseroles, stews and old fashioned curries. Overall its definitely pretty fantastic :)

Date PurchasedOct 2015
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Hello, Thank you for taking the time to write a review, please contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 990 990 or enquiries@kitchenaid.com.au for help with the lid. We have lots of recipes on our app which have been created and revised for the Australian market, you can find them here; https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hloj49bvaoptbok/AAAhP-wPUpG9vPdPzxuRQpKHa?dl=0 If you have any other questions we are always happy to help. Kind Regards, The KitchenAid Team

Different lid?

We have just purchased from harvey Norman and our machine has old style lid, will this be replaced? We were told if we request online this would be provided. Otherwise love my Cook processor. A major drawcard was the extra safety lock, a big factor for me though as have a child with special needs. It would be great if we could receive a new lid asap. Thankyou

Date PurchasedJun 2017
Hi Caroline, no problem we are happy to do this. Please contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 990 990 or enquiries@kitchenaid.com.au. Kind Regards, The KitchenAid TeamGreat. Thanks for the quick response!I have contacted email twice as you suggested since June 16 and still am yet to recieve a response. This is quite dissapointing considering my request is for safety reasons.

machine does good things, but the noise

the machine has a great and responsive temp control. the stirring attachment is non stick and easy to just rinse clean. id be really happy with this machine but, it makes a horrible squealing noise whenever you put the processor or stirring on. its highpitched and unbearable. iuse it in my back room instead of the kitchen so i dont have to deal with the noise, but its annoying not being able to have it going in the kitchen

One appliance to chop and cook - love it!

I note hear some people saying the appliance is loud when chopping etc, but I've had a food processor before and to me the CP not any louder than that was. And beside, you usually only have to pulse/chop for a very brief time. I am really pleased with this appliance. I went with the KitchenAid Cook Processor after doing a lot of research and sussing out a few people who had both the CP and other similar machines who gave their take on which was the better machine for their needs. My CP is just brilliant because it's a one bowl operation. Ingredients in, pulse, then add the the remainder and press to cook. How easy is that? And as one gentleman said here, you can go off and do something else whilst you're food is being processed you don't have to stand there and watch it, it'll tell you when it's ready, and after it completes cooking it'll keep warm for about 40 minutes. I've made bolognese, chicken curry and rice, chopped and mixed ingredients for zucchini slice, and the list goes on. Just lovin' it. It's pretty easy to clean - I don't have a dishwasher and hand wash it. If food is baked on, just use a white magic eraser sponge, they work a treat. Also if you're going to purchase one of these machines, make sure you buy through an authorised KitchenAid dealer and double check it is not a reconditioned machine, as I was warned about this. Buy brand new. It's a big price, but as with all KitchenAid products, they're built to last, are robust and should last you a lifetime. And on the net now, there are several websites with people offering recipes they've created using their CP.

Date PurchasedAug 2016
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Hi, Great to hear you love your KitchenAid Cook Processor so much! We also have a food processor attachment which will extend your slicing, shredding, chopping, and mincing capabilities, you can find it here: https://kitchenaid.com.au/products/food-processor-attachment-0 Kind Regards, The KitchenAid Team

Got for a great price

I purchased a refurbished model through catch of the day and have been really impressed with the machine's capabilities. I didn't want to fork out $2000 plus for a machine I wasn't sure I'd get good value out of and getting it cheaper from catch of the day was a good way for me get a good machine to try out without spending a fortune. The only issue I find with it is it's chopping capabilities aren't great for small amounts and the onion/garlic smell.from savoury dishes does permeate the plastic attachments and lid but it doesn't seem to make the sweet food taste any different so that's the main thing. It's not a blender, but it doesn't claim to be either. If you're after a machine that blends well and mills etc go for a thermocooker with a jug shaped bowl. This machine makes large and tasty batches of stews etc. It doesn't brown that well as it claims too but maybe that's something I'm doing wrong? It's worth purchasing (if you can get a good deal with the free food processor attachment thrown in even better.. it's too expensive to purchase on it's own I think at $500)

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Very good so far, but why is the old lid still supplied?

I am really happy with my purchase thus far, but the lid is dire, with water and food getting caught-up in its workings.... Please KitchenAid Australia, send me the updated lid and I'll happily endorse this product, which sits alongside my Multi-Cooker....... Perhaps KitchchenAid if you simply sent a new lid to customers upon their warranty registration you would get a 10 out of 10.....

Date PurchasedDec 2016
Hi Derick, Thank you for taking time to write a review. We will pass on your feedback to our customer service team regarding your suggestion. We are very happy to send you the updated lid. If you would like to send an email to enquiries@kitchenaid.com.au with your query and they will happily send you the lid. Kind regards, The KitchenAid TeamOK, I've e-mailed the e-mail address given. Thank you for sending me the new lid.Good to hear Derick!

Incredible appliances, except for the piercing coil whine

In short, this device has replaced traditional cooking for me. All I need to do is quarter or rough-chop larger ingredients, combine in the bowl, and hit a couple buttons. 30-75 minutes later I have 4-5 servings of delicious curry, stew, chili, tagine, coq au vin, even desserts like bread pudding. Yes, I've made all these and others, with uniform success.

Why didn't I give it five stars? This device is LOUD. While the stirring and simmering is fairly quiet, my complaint lies with the piercing, high pitched whine this device emits. It's nearly supersonic and headache-inducingly loud. The only thing I can compare it to is the 'coil whine' you hear when a computer power supply is going bad.

Date PurchasedAug 2016
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Hi BeeZee, Thank you for taking the time to provide your valuable feedback. Providing the Cook Processor is performing correctly under all settings, the high-pitched noise is the drive motor engaging. However, we will pass this feedback onto our product Development and Marketing Teams for further investigation and consideration. Kind Regards, The KitchenAid Team

If you can put up with the high pitch squeal when in use then it's sort of OK

As soon as you use the stir, mix option the machine lets out the most annoying High Pitch Squeal! Be sure to lock your dogs up and get hubby to have to TV blaring. It is the most annoying noise imaginable! When I called KitchenAid Aust Customer Service to discuss the issue, they told me “its normal and not a warranty issue”. Just so you know, the high pitch squeal comes free with every KitchenAud Cook Processor. It's the unspoken feature.
#KitchenAid #CookProcessor $Yourhomedepot

Date PurchasedNov 2015
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Hi Deb, We are sorry that we have not responded sooner. We have passed on your feedback to our QA team to look into. Kind regards, The KitchenAid Team

Love the Cook Processor

If you are in the market for a thermocooker, the Cook Processor definitely deserves a look at. It is extremely powerful, gets through doughs that even my standmixer can struggle with, it heats up extremely fast, it doesn't mash foods up like many of the 'blade' only cookers and because of it reaches a high temperature (140) it will actually caramelise meat instead of just stewing it.

No real bad points. The original lid is a bit of an issue, food can become stuck and makes it hard to clean. Kitchenaid will replace this for you with a new designed lid but they'll also tell you its a isolated incident, which its not. Every original lid suffers this same fate if the groups are anything to go by ;) however, they make this an easy fix.

Other than that, it looks great on your bench and they have a bunch of colours to match your kitchen.

Date PurchasedMay 2016
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Hi LS, Thank you for taking the time to provide your valuable feedback on the Cook Processor. We are so glad to hear the machine is performing as expected and you are getting the most out of it. Are you following our Facebook page? We would love to see some pictures of your creations! Kind Regards, The KitchenAid Team.

Fantastic Machine - Could not do without it!

I am a dad and a "cook" (my wife is much more of a "chef"). I can follow instructions but I lack the creativity of a "chef". I was looking for something to help me cook dinner each night while also looking after two young children (a 1y/o and 5y/o). The Cook Processor is like an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. I can cut up an onion and have the Cook Processor cook it for me while bathing the kids. I can then come back and add meat/veges etc to the saute onions without having to worry about anything burning. I have cooked some amazing slow-cooked dishes with the Cook Processor including Beef Cheeks and Ox-Tail and I would have never considered cooking such dishes without the Cook Processor.It makes awesome curries and the risotto is amazingly good. We have used it to make excellent pancakes (to mix but not cook) using the given recipe. We have only had the Cook Processor about 2 months but now use it almost every day. I agree the Cook Process app has limited recipes - but I am only looking for say 10 new family-friendly recipes which I can use to add to the portfolio of those I already know. I really don't need the 7,000 recipes you get with a Thermomix and, to be honest, the thought of wading through that many recipes really turns me off cooking! People comment the Cook Processor does not have inbuilt-scales and cannot mill flour. I have always weighed my ingredients before I started cooking and have no intention of making my own flour - so I could not care less about these "features". We have owned a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer for years and it is a bulletproof piece of machinery. The Cook Processor feels equally solid although the attachments are obviously not as robust as the rest of the unit. Yes it does come with a heap of other accessories - steamer basket etc - but I have not used any of these as yet.

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One year on our Cook Processor is still awesome. We did get the new lid (under warranty) and it is much better than the old version. Ours does not make any high pitched noises. I do question whether some of the reviewers with that complaint are fake reviews as there are many fake reviews on this site now.

great machine so far

Had my kitchenaid machine a few weeks, also have a thermomix TM31 6 years.
Good points:
Looks great, shiny candy apple red. Which is good as it lives on a bench as it's too heavy to move allthe time.
Temperature settings go up to 140°C.
Caramelised onions, meats etc.
Has many preprogrammed settings.
Beeps when reaches temperature. Makes a few more pleasant beeps when finished (unlike noisy thermomix);
Not so noisy when in use;
Makes great fudge, jam and confectionery that you can't do properly in my thermomix.
Casseroles and soups are also good , but can make up to 2.5 -4 litres(thermomix only 1.5-2l).
Very solid- stays still on bench at full speed (thermomix moves all over the place and needs a helpful hand to stop it from falling off bench);
plenty of accessories including smaller bowl /blade for small things;
Attachments (stir assist,blades,dough)easily pull out so you can scrape everything out of bowl without wastage(thermomix difficult to remove last bits of cookie batter, casserole etc out from under blades);
has iTunes or Android app;
recipes from kitchenaid perfect each time(and easily adjusted ingredients);
big seal on lid means not getting burnt by steam on opening;
easy to use once you have "fiddled"for a few minutes.

expensive (almost $2000).
Cannot mill rice or lentils into flour,or sugar into icing sugar(thermomix does an excellent job of flours and sugars);
accessories take up extra room(almost as much as cook processor );
accessories not as solidly built as thermomix (but hopefully much cheaper to replace than thermomix parts);
manual says not to use dishwasher for main "pot" ,choice magazine used dishwasher as do I;
Cookbook and app have limited recipes (but easy to convert own recipes or other companies recipes); cookbook missing many simple things;
Cookbook not very specific of which buttons to push in which order etc;
Many more buttons ,levers and settings (no one else in family has wanted to touch it,despite them still using thermomix daily)

Looks great in kitchen and doesn't take up much space on bench but accessories look messy on benchtop and suggest that you may want to store in a cupboard.

Questions & Answers

I've always used the wok to make stir fries. Can the Kitchen Aid really do Asian style stir fries, because that would save me a lot of time. Or, what kitchen appliance would be best to help me with stir frying?
1 answer
Hi Elize, Yes, the Cook Processor can be used for Stir Fries. It does everything from boiling, frying, steaming, stewing and making dough, to chopping, mincing, pureeing, mixing, emulsifying, whipping and stirring. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Thuy

Hi .... should the blade still turn when I have the lid off, but the steaming trays and their lid on ? .... I am absolutely positive I have done this many times before, but last night and again this morning my Cook Processor just continually tells me that the lid is off and it will not work ? .... I turned the machine off, and also off at the wall, and lifted out and replaced the bowl multiple times but still nothing .... very frustrated .... any advice would be great. thank you.
No answers

Hi. The LED screen just stopped lighting up. I am unable to see anything so renders whole machine unusable. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? Thanks.
No answers

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