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Laser STB-6000

Laser STB-6000

MPN: STB6000
3.0 from 23 reviews

Absolute rubbish

I have owned my STB-6000 and it has continually gone out of sync. Voice does not match the picture. Will lose the voice completely and you have to turn it off and restart which is a pain when you’ve taped something and lose the voice halfway through. Now it has turned itself off and won’t turn back on.
And because I don’t have my receipt I can’t take it back for refund.

Purchased at Big W Online Store for $50.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Recording Quality

Good little STB/PVR, great for recording.

It's been over 12 months since I bought my STB 6000, and i've found it to be a great little unit, easy to set up and get running out of the box, and the menus are easy to navigate to get to whatever setting(s) you need or want to change, setting it up to record is easy too, and it has always started and stopped at whatever record times I have set, although you do need to leave it turned on for the timer record to function, something that isn't mentioned in the manual, but this is only a minor detail, one annoying glitch it seemed to have was occasionally it would turn on the subtitles when switching from one channel to another, this seems to have been fixed since I did a recent software update, the DTV tuner in the unit has very good sensitivity too, pulling in a better signal than the tuner in my TV does even though we're not in a prime reception area for the local TV stations, overall, if you're looking for a full featured, compact STB/PVR that's value for money, I can recommend checking this one out.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

It is always stopping and sometimes for quite a long time

Not satisfied at all it keeps stopping and sometimes for long periods of time, it is very frustrating when you are watching something and it stops you miss out on quite a bit of the programs. I do not recommend this product as it is in my opinion very unreliable

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Absolute rubbish

Bought this stb today at office works & set it up at mums for catch up TV & Netfix. Plugged in directly to the router with very reasonable d/load speeds but found the stb very slow & froze constantly. Menu's are tiny and complex and also difficult to access with the romote. Tried the youtube app, which has pride of place on the homepage, pressed the search icon to find something to display functionality but that only brought up a microphone symbol and youtube suggestion to speak what you want to search. Assume it comes pre set up with the phone version of the app. Called Laser's customer service & spoke to a guy locally in Nth Ryde HQ who blew me off in the first 10seconds, told me very off handidly that I should call youtube. Total Ignoramus. I install this type of gear (offices, restaurants etc) for a living & this one is total rubbish. Run a mile peeps

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Does it all

Recently purchased mainly for the usb media player. It plays back my usb recordings made on my hisense tv. Like if I record the news on my lounge room hisense tv via usb, and I want to watch it in the kitchen later on, I just move the hisense usb into the laser usb slot (and vice-a-versa). For $30 I'm very happy with it.Has HTMI and composite outputs.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Not worth buying it

Slow response while changing channels and the channel legend didn't update.
Old and bad quality remote control.
I used it 3 times and now it is not working. To repair it or buy a new remote control to try is more expensive. Better to buy good quality and spend a little more.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

A budget item, but it does the job!

The Laser STB-6000 is really easy to use & set up and updating firmware is a doddle too. All quite intuitive. The unit itself is pretty basic, but it does play every media type I've been able to throw at it & it does double up as a DVR and digital set top box. What it doesn't do is connect to the internet, so will not stream anything. So if you want to stream video & network a media player, this is not the one to buy. But if all you want is a very affordable set top box come media player & DVR, then at the price point for this item, it offers great value for money.

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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Mat with his "Absolute Rubbish" review below can not be on the Laser STB-6000, as my Laser STB-6000 does not support an internet connection! It doesn't connect to the internet, so cannot do catch up TV or Netflix etc. So Mat must be reviewing a different model.

Happy with purchase

Because this unit was so cheap I thought it wouldn't work as well as more expensive ones but that isn't the case. I'm happy with the unit. It records reliably is easy to use and quality is good. I would recommend it. The storage space is adequate for my purpose.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Complete garbage

Complete garbage & has never worked properly - loses channels; voice goes out of sync with picture; very slow warm up, changes channels without warning, switches off unprompted and sometimes need repeated cold restarts to get half working. Seriously in this day and age how can any manufacturer produce such a woeful product after paying $90 given there was nothing else available.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Considering the price, not bad.

I only use mine to play stuff from a USB stick so the ~ $39 price tag seems reasonable. The number of clicks it takes to get from turning the unit on to having something play from the USB stick is annoying. The remote control is very small and I seem to have to be directly in front of the unit for the remote to work. If I wasn’t so tight, I’d probably be a lot happier with something like AppleTV.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Very good value Tuner/Recorder, but slow in operation

For its low price (at around 40 dollars), this is a good value tuner/recorder which may especially come in handy if you want to make your older TV digital ready and/or record shows. Installation of channels was very straightforward and took just a few minutes. One thing I'm not too happy about is the overall speed of its interface - changing channels and especially opening the EPG are very slow, which is a bit of a let-down in terms of user experience. The interface itself also looks a bit dated and could use a refresh. Other than that, there's nothing much at this price point which provides comparable functionality, so, all in all, I do recommend the STB-6000.

Date PurchasedSep 2017


The STB 6000 is now taping upcoming TV programs using the scheduler. I believe my previous problems might have been caused by the time set up on the laser being different to the TV time due to daylight saving. I manually set the time on set top box and has worked fine since. Only suggestion for a future firmware update would be to be able to put in a stop time after you have manually started recording ( so you could tape end of a good movie if you are tired and want to finish watching tomorrow ). However, now much happier. Help from User Forum also good.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Does it's job. Read the instructions to record

For the price and what I needed it for it's good.
If you are using to upgrade your TV to HD pay more - don't get this unit as the remote to device signal can be crappy. That would drive you up the wall.
I am using it to record shows I miss when I am at work as my older Tv doesn't have a PVR function and other people in the house want to watch other shows.
**Please note : When using the EPG function to record a show you must change the MODE at the bottom to Record from View. If you don't it won't record. My old Bush device did not require this.
Serves it's purpose. Remote is small and sometimes not responsive.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Robust, economical unit

A good unit for only $39 at BigW. I use it thus far only for watching OTA broadcasting. I haven't recorded anything yet. It has many features and comes with remote unit (batteries included) and composite cables. You must provide your own HDMI cable. One dislike is the small size of the remote unit, which doesn't make for easy button selection.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Good Value For The Price

Very basic single Tuner PVR, does what it says and at a very good price. It is suitable for me as I do not watch much free to air TV nowadays and did not want to spend too much as I watch a lot more content from the Internet video on demand services now.

- Good quality video and audio.
- Works as described. Had it about 3 weeks and it still works ok
- Good value for money if you only need a simple digital tuner and recording device
- Easy to program my Logitech universal remote for this device as it is already listed in Logitech standard devices.

- Single tuner so can only record or view one channel at a time. It CANNOT record one channel and watch another. It can record maybe Channel 7 and view another channel on the 7 network but not another network.
- Does not include a hard drive so if you need time shift or record feature, you need to plug in your own external USB drive.
- Pressing Pause when watching live TV does not auto pause the show or put it in time-shift. You must first hit the Record button and wait few seconds for it to enter time shift mode. So if watching a show and a phone call comes in, not that easy to pause it.
- Although has 7 day EPG, it does not name the recordings properly. It only names recordings like Melbourne : Date???, StartTime ???? , EndTime ???? with no show title. But you can edit and rename all shows yourself.
- User manual not very clear
- No search feature on EPG to search a program title. You must browse all channels and shows.

I am coming from using a TIVO box for several years which costed about $500-$600 at that time. I only paid less than $30 for this Laser STB6000 box so it cannot compare to the TIVO box in functions, features, ease of use etc but it does suit my needs now for a basic digital tuner PVR.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Cheap, EPG needs frequent resetting

I purchased this unit to receive the MPEG4 HD channels my sony bravia hd tv is unable to do without a settop box. I was told the EPG and recording facilities are pretty basic and not reliable by various reviews. I found the unit easy to set up, navigate; I get the hd channels with much improved picture and sound. I inserted a usb and so far recorded 10 programs without any worries. All that for $ 28 from bigw. I hope the unit will continue to work well to the future.

My only comment is that the unit comes with an audio/video cable (the usual 3 connections) which is inferior (the manual tells me) to the HDMI cable. So I purchased an HDMI cable for $ 4 but wondered why the unit does not have an hdmi cable instead of the inferior quality cable.

July 2018 update: the EPG is becoming temperamental and sometimes does not record, or records the wrong programme. I found that deleting the default directory and files, and switching off the set top box helps to reset the unit and it will work properly.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Amazed by the comments section - did you not R.T.F.M. ?

Simple to use basic single channel Tuner and PVR function - found all channels in Melbourne, Inc C31.
Seems to play most types of Mpeg4 / h.264 files, does not play h.265 files.
Found the firmware update on the Laser website, ran it and unit updated okay.
PVR function was a little awkward - you have to set the schedule AND make sure it's set to Record, not just to tune in and Show the program you've scheduled.
Weekly recording of programs works.
Yes, the menu's could be better for record scheduler, and it could do with a Slow-Forward function, so TV Geeks can freeze frame and slow play sections.
The only downside for me, is this version doesn't have an ethernet port to connect to network shared media.
At it's sub $40 price tag in BigW, you'd have to be crazy not to be impressed by it - a decade ago this much tech would have cost over $1000.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017


Don't buy this machine!! It is the worst piece of equipment i have ever owned. It loses channels, meaning you have to start initial setup from scratch, doesn't record preset programmes half the time, subtitles come on at random. Basically it's a piece of junk! Don't bother! I know they say 'buy cheap, get cheap' but i still expect it to do its job!! -5 stars if i could!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Recording does work through scheduler

The recorder will o nly record when I set it to record manually, the schedule puts in the program to be recorded at the set time but then doesn't record. The program is removed form the schedule but NO RECORDING.
I bought the unit specifically to record when I wasn't home and so the family could watch other channels while I recorded.
Have missed numerous programs due to this so will be taking unit back.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Works like a charm..

Just what I need. I don't want to buy a TV for watching news only. JB's nice staff recommends me to buy it but eventually purchase from Big W since it is cheaper there! It works well and receive about 30+ channels. The control is small and a little bit hard to use for people having big hands.

I haven't use the recorder function yet...

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

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what does "setting is invalid" mean when setting EPG to record to USB?
No answers

just set up and try to record via EPG...all seems ok but get "setting is invalid"??? Any ideas please.
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Will not record on anything when I set a program to record. And will not read my external drive as it comes up with no files and just freezes can only unfreeze it by switching it off at the mains
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