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Le Creuset Casseroles

Le Creuset Casseroles

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Excellent customer service - cannot fault prompt reponse; courteous and considered explanations.

I contacted Le Creuset when my much valued oval casserole chipped during use. I was given the benefit of the doubt as to why this happened. Today I received a replacement - like for like. Very impressed that they are as good as their word. This is a great product, I have others as well - this one was a gift from food-loving family and quickly became my favourite so it has been much missed. Thank you Le Creuset.

Date PurchasedNov 2007

Great Product!

I was unsure at first to buy this French oven when I saw the price. However, my husband often tells me, 5 years down the track, that it has been a great investment. It turns a meat stew into an extraordinary dish due to its ability to seal in the vapours during cooking time. Meat is exquisitely soft and full of flavour. It is a heavy pot but I don't mind that because of the quality dishes that it produces. The other great thing about it is that you just have to throw all the ingredients into the casserole and forget about it for 2 to 3 hours. It is easy to clean and is best used with low cooking temperature otherwise food easily catches at the bottom and burns. Great, great product! Mo U.

Date PurchasedSep 2014

Great product for all purpose cooking

The quality of this product is second to none. The cast iron material retains heat so well and cooks very evenly. I have also dropped the lid a number of times on tiles and it has never broken! They are reasonably priced when on sale, would highly recommend.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Le Creuset is the perfect pot

Le Creuset boils, roasts, stews, casseroles and also looks good on the dinner table. I still have mine after 40 years. I have two and they both look the same as the day I bought them. No scratches on the base. Still pristine. I recently contacted Le Creuset with a query and they couldn't have been nicer. So nice I purchased another. There were emails back and forth and enquiries made on my behalf and an agreeable solution made. Not only are the casserole dishes perfect, so is the company.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Le Creuset is one of my favourite brands out there

I must commend Le Creuset for their consistent quality: I've never bought anything from them that I haven't loved. They are sturdy, conduct heat beautifully, and are always easy to wash. Even burnt food on oven dishes, that usually can be difficult to fully get rid of, come off with ease. Even the 30 year old dishes I got from my parents are still spotless and great to use. Highly recommend

Date PurchasedApr 2016


Cant live without it!! It is so useful for cooking, boiling, frying, any type of dishes. Anyway, I use it for all uses and it turns out so great. Perfect!!

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Loving it so far

We've purchased a Le Creuset 5.2L pot for over a month now.

So far we're loving it.

It's not too difficult to wash as long as you regularly maintain it.

The pot retains the moisture extremely well when cooking sauce type of food.

Will provide an update on this review in a years time if I remember to let you know how it's going.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Great Easy Slow Cooking

I have 3 Le Creuset Casserole Pots of different sizes, and I use them all and often. They are dishwasher proof, oven proof, usable on the hobs and are robust for a lifetime of cooking. I have had some of them for a decade and they are just as good as the day I got them. Only downside they are expensive - but I do feel I got good value from them.

Date PurchasedJan 2006

Mum got this for me and now I dont cook with anything else!

Its got a good weight to it which was the first thing I noticed that impressed me with the quality. Retention of heat was another thing that I was concerned about but especially when cooking over many hours this thing was great. I think I don't even need to use my other pans anymore.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Great fit for the kitchen with many uses

I discovered this brand in Myer a while back and have been recommending it to my friends ever since. It is extremely durable and has worked on both my induction stove and ceramic plate heaters. It works fantastic and even tho the enamel has slightly worn away after 6 years, its got a life that will last longer than me it seems

The one pot everyone should have

With so many toxic cookware a out there (aluminium, non stick and the like) I was so happy to finally find this fabulous cast iron pot. I use it both on my ceramic stove top and in the oven. It keeps the moisture in and due to the weight (yes it is very heavy!) it doesn't boil over like other lighter lids. There are many imitation brands on the market but buy a Le Creuset or Staub if you want a piece that lasts for life. The colours are so beautiful too. Food doesn't stick and is so easy to wash off. The only quibble I had was mine came with a phenolic knob which only can take up to 170 degrees Celsius so I had to buy a replacement stainless steel knob. I think they now all come with the stainless steel knob. These
pots are pricey at $500+ but I managed to get an almost new second hand one online and they are also available much cheaper at Teddingtons or Evertons.

Absolutely love it! Make family cooking easy and healthier!

My mother has one of these (from ALDI) and she absolutely loves it. it allows her to make simple nutritious family meals easily and efficiently. the food cooks evenly on the inside and can go on the stove top or in the oven or we do both! you can cook meat, veg, both!, soups - you name it! it browns the meat nicely and can also be used as serving ware for family dinners - just put it straight from the oven to the table! easy! I usually get the washing up side of things and I find it very easy to clean. the insides are coated in a fine layer of non-stick pain so food literally washes of. we've had ours for 5+ years now and used it 2-3 times per week and I find when I clean it now that that food sticks a little more easily of the bottle but I just let to soak and it is a non-issue.

Never too late to buy a Le creuset

Bought the Marseille Blue a few weeks ago. Just to find out I must have done this years ago.
Works as good in an oven and on inductie. The only thing that keep me off buying was its price. Took me more than a year and a half to find the right colour and the right price
th easy way to clean
There were a few pits in the inside. But was replaced by a good one

Not impressed, selective warranty

I have had Le Creuset for years but found in the newer pots that the enamel also literally popped out and the base was left with chip marks. Beginning of this year I decided to send photos to the company and queried the quality of my last three pots. All of them showed problems after approx. 6 years. I could not provide my purchase docket.
I was asked to provide further photos which I was not willing to do as I had very clear photos in the first place. However, I was willing to send the pots in. This was not accepted.
The response from the company was less than encouraging. I will not purchase this product again due to a selective warranty policy and awkward customer service. After all it is an expensive product and you expect lasting quality - especially with a so called "life time warranty"....

Brilliant Customer Service

I was given my 26cm Round Casserole Dish as a gift approx. 5 years ago, so when the enamel on the base chipped I was pretty upset at the thought of having to replace it. I read the warranty conditions and was very doubtful that Le Creusset would honour the warranty because I could not return the item to the store I purchased it from or provide a receipt. However, being an optimist I emailed their customer service department with photographs of the damage - I was convinced that I had done nothing to cause the damage, explained that I couldn't provide a receipt or return to the purchase point and asked whether there was a way I could submit a warranty claim. I received a very prompt response asking for some additional information and photographs and then a follow up once they had been sent explaining that the damage looked like it had been caused by excessive heat and therefore wasn't covered by warranty - however, Le Creusset still replaced my Casserole dish with a brand new one as a sign of good faith.

I don't believe you can ask for more than this from a company, I know the product is very expensive to purchase (especially in Australia) but with that level of customer service it seems worth the price.
Excellent Customer Service, Brilliant for slow cooking - always turns out the most delicious stews and casseroles.
Expensive, can be very heavy to lift when the pot is full, must be very conscious of the usage instructions as it is easy to damage the enamel if you aren't careful


I have bought my wife many Le Creuset cast iron enamel cooking dishes over the last 15 years, 1 large pot, 1 small frypan, 1 large frypan, 1 grill plate ect... It's expensive but it makes a nice gift, until now. While heating some olive oil in this large cast iron Casserole pot (about 5 years old) a piece of enamel (5mm x 5mm) literally popped of the interior base of the large pot, exposing the cast iron. We took the pot to the Minimax store in Camberwell where it was purchased, they had a Le Crueset 'rep' examine it and they decided the fault was not covered by warranty. They said that the pot had been 'over heated' and been 'cleaned abrasively'. I confess that the pot has been used for cooking and been cleaned quite a few times so I can only conclude that the pot is not warrantied if you use it for cooking.

Lifetime Warranty, what a load of rot. I bought a cheap cast iron enamel pan from Aldi today, I think I'll just by cheap stuff from now on if the expensive Le Creasust items aren't really warrantied at all. I can just buy cheap and replace them if need be. I am very disappointed that the investment I thought I was making in a reputable product was just throwing money away. If I thought we had overheated it, or cleaned it in a damaging way I would not have bothered taking it back to the shop, I wish I could show you a picture of this will kept pot, I am very fair and I don't like being ripped off.

VERY DISAPPOINTED THAT Warranty was not honoured

The pot has since been replaced under warranty by Le Crueset. I am very pleased that the company does honour it's warranty and will I continue to buy their quality cooking pots/dishes. I love the strong heat inertia giving that very even coking. I can only assume the 'Rep' was a little over zealous in her evaluation.Shouldn't you change the ratings then?

3rd Generation Le Creuset

Soon my Le Creuset pots and pans will go to the 4th generation. My grandmother, who was French, bought most of the pans my mother herited. Then mum bought some during her lifetime, and I inherited thus from both and added even more to the collection.Two Belgian industrialists, Armand Desaegher (cast iron specialist) and Octave Aubecq (specialist in enamelling) were at the Fair of Brussels in 1924 and decided to create a foundry to enamel kitchen utensils. Ive in the mean time passed on some pieces to my kids and grandchilderen and only have the 3.5 liter buffet casserole dish, the square skillet grill, the 6.7 liter French oven, the 27cm Crèpes frypan and about 1/2 dozen single handle saucepans with matching lids and few mini cocottes. Over a span of more than 80 years in our family, these pots and pans have lasted to do the job they were invented for. New colours were added during this time, which started with: Volcanique (now called flame), French Bleu (cobalt blue, Cerise (cherry), Elysée (yellowish-orange) Safran, (in Aus known as Dijon (yellow), Fenouil (fennel, bright green), Gris granit et crème (granite/cream). I bought Chocolat (truffle) and Pistache (I think its spinach here) in '03, Bleu Ciel (Caribean??) and Kiwi in '04 and the last ones in '05: Lavande (cassis)and Burgundy .
Last much more than a lifetime, even heat, very easy to clean if you use the pots and pans correctly.
Fantastic service from Le Creuset, (do not confuse with retailer) however some retailers are excellent!

Just Amazing!

I have 3 of the Cocottes (French Ovens) in various sizes, 2 Frypans (Cast Iron), 2 Saucepans, and the grilling pan. All in Cast Iron. The Cocottes and Saucepans are Enamelled. This is amazing cookware. Expensive, but well worth it. I use it on Induction which it is perfectly suited for. I love the way it stews, braises, frys, and generally gives professional results.
The Brand, the way it cooks, the quality, ease of cleaning.

The cookware for a lifetime

I wasn't married when I discovered this brand in Myer's aeons ago. Somebody had been extolling the virtues of cast iron for cooking. So we bought a number of pieces, and they are still going strong. I recently celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary.

The casserole has had a hard life, and the enamel is starting to wear, and becuase the lid is heavy and made from cast iron as well, there is a chip or two around the rim from where it was accidentally dropped into place. We have saucepans of the same brand and they still look like new.

I've used it in an oven, and can testify to the knob being ovenproof. In short, the casserole, like its saucepans, has given great service.

Unlike some of our teflon-coated cookware, it hasn't shown a build-up of oil, but it definitely requires a bit of effort to clean - scourers for non-stick cookware are essential. It is also a very heavy item, and my wife struggles to move it when it is full. this also applies to the larger saucepans, because they have a single handle.
Great to cook with, high quality, durable
Heavy. Initial expnse

Excellet, reliable cast iron enamelled cookware

Those who love cooking, recognise the name Le Creuset. A heavy, sturdy cast iron and enamelled cookware, it is amongst the most versatile.

This is not for frying steaks - use the Weber for that. But for sauces & casseroles, you can rarely do better. The benefit of cast iron is that it retains and distributes heat. Once warm, it stays warm - keeping your food warm till the end of dinner! Be warned however that the handles are also iron and heat up, so you will need a good set of kitchen mitts or towels (forget once, and never again). The heavy lid seals shut and food will stay warm once heated for over half an hour!

The cast enamel means that with just a little oil, things do not stick. We have cooked flawless pasta sauces, caserolles, Korean and even the odd stirfry in this.

Highly recommended!
Beautiful quality, sturdy and will last a lifetime. Retains heat well to keep food warm
Hot handles, heavy (cast iron) and costly

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing a 26cm French oven can you please advise between the ones with the metal knob and the black knob on the lids what'ss the difference between the two? as there seems a price difference as the metal knob is more expensive.Also is there any advantage of the shape round or oval or just personal choice? Thanky ou in advance.
3 answers
Hi Allyson, I am not an expert, but I think that the black handle doesn't get as hot as the metal handle if you have the pot on the stove top - it will still get hot if the pot is in the oven. I prefer the black handle but it is a personal choice. With respect to the shape, as you said it is a personal choice - but also think about what you are likely to want to use the pot for. If you are going to be slow cooking meats like lamb shoulder, leg then the oval may fit the meat better - I mainly use mine for casseroles / stews etc so am happy with the round. Happy Cooking!The metal knob can tolerate a higher temp in the oven. If the metal screw that fastens the black knob gets too hot it can cause the knob to break/chip. I have one of each and I prefer the metal knob. Round or oval, whatever rocks your boat! Le Creuset Casserole (round or oval) is a must have for anyone who enjoys their cooking.Hi Allyson, I agree with both posts above. metal handle can possibly withstand a higher temp, but from memory the black withstands 220 degrees celsius. The Oval Casserole would be great for roast meats and chicken (as mentioned above). I just have have the round ones...and love them.

Can the casserole be used on the stove top, for example gas or hotplate?
3 answers
Hi Kim, yes, they can. we have used them mainly on gas for over 30 years now, but they work fine on electric hotplates as well.And they are brilliant with InductionSure can!


Oven Safe (ºC)190
Dishwasher SafeYes
Release dateFeb 2009

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