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Leitner Cross X

Leitner Cross X

5.0 from 12 reviews

Great bike, great service and support

I loved my electric Cross X mountain bike from even before it was delivered as the service and prompt responses to queries was appreciated as I’m not really a ‘bike’ person. It was easy to assemble and after a bit of getting used to I found it fun to ride - Leitner turned the daunting steep hills of Anglesea into a pleasurable outing!

When I put the bike into a service because the rear brake wasn’t working the repair shop identified a bigger problem with the wheel itself and I had to get in touch with Leitner. Instead of the usual run around, they contacted the repair shop, talked it through, exchanged photos and under warranty have replaced the parts - really impressive and a reinforcement that this is a quality company.

Always helpful, never patronising and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Great prices, great product, great people, great after sales service. So much so I bought another one for my partner!!

Thanks Leitner.

Purchased in August 2018 at Leitner Online store for $1,100.00.


Quality and ride is brilliant,ideal for me. Brake's and gears are fantastic and the speed it picks up even impresses my son. Oh well I think a few mates will be acquiring their own eh. Gone for the Blue. Also a the welded frame looks to handle some decent terrain. Thanks guys

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Fantastic Bike 2,000 kilometers and going strong

Had this bike for nearly 12 months so far have taken it off road mountain biking had it up to 70 kilometers an hour going down hill and ride it every day for at least 15 kilometers. Love it I was hesitant at first thinking cheapest bike of them all but let me tell you this baby takes on all comers and its never let me down. Would I recommend Leitner yes their bikes are great but when it comes down to it after sales service is where it counts and Leitner like its bikes excels. I have pushed this bike to its limits and its always comes through like the thoroughbred that it is. Would I recommend a leitner bike the answer is yes if this bike can take what I give it and shine them it will do the same for you.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Surprisingly good value for money

I wanted dual suspension, but didn't want to spend more than my car is worth, so this looked like the way to go for my 10km commute to work. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it is for the money. The seat is a bit on the huge side for a cycling enthusiast, so I've swapped it to something that suits my riding style. My only other complaint is that the pedals are one sided, and it's a bit of a bother to get them the right way up, or put up with having my feet on the wrong side, so I swapped them for some MTB pedals. Very minor complaints for a really good product. Most people would be very happy with it just how it is.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Fantastic Bike, could not be happier!

I was looking into electric bikes for some time and as soon as i discovered LEITNER i had to get one. At such a good price, easy to put together and with great customer support. The bike is so strong and sturdy, the motor works great when you need a bit of help to get up those hills, i could not highly recommend this enough the mountain bike has great suspension a comfortable ride and lets you go anywhere. The battery has a great range and i only have to charge it once a week. Overall a great company to deal with and a even better bike!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Amazing Mountain Bike Built Quality With Great Suspension

I am still blown away at the mountain bike I got for $1239. This machine is equipped for serious off road fun!

Search Leitner Cross X on Youtube for the video review!

It arrived 3 days from order in quality packaging. This is my second Leitner bike - that's how good they are. I was shocked at the quality of suspension & paint job on these bikes. Looking at the bike online, I thought the suspension was all for show but it really has left me surprised - a smooth ride even on corrugated surfaces. Looking at the price, it's easy to question the quality but don't - just buy it and you will convince yourself. I was in the market for months for a quality electric bike. I was doubtful about a drum motor. I didn't think it had the pulling power I needed but these Leitners must have quality motors because in unrestricted mode, they achieve on bitumen 30 kph with light pedalling. I have a Shimano Steps but can't really tell the difference in performance.

I was also shocked at the quality mud guards and tyres. You get actual off road tyres which is great! The breaks are good as well. The lights are also good! I was told that drum motors are old technology but I know individuals who have mid-drive systems and have problems later down the track! These drum motors are reliable.

The only Negatives are (1) the seat is way to big for a mountain bike, (2) the tyres come close to flat so you need a pump, (3) 10 amp is not enough for off road & (4) motor resistance when used as normal bike - bigger battery will solve this issue.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Changes the way you view cycling in a very good way!

Coming from a non cycling background, I purchased one of these because of a license suspension and the need to commute. The electric assist makes the impossible possible and a cheeseburger fanatic can pedal (assisted) 40-50km in distance in 1hr30mins and not have a coronary. Build quality is great, just be sure to fully charge the battery and you'll be good as gold. Money well spent and once that off road beast comes back into stock (more power) I will be trading up for sure.

Date PurchasedMay 2017


My posterior has never felt so better, the hill climbs were simply luxuriously easy, the foot to pedal was left wanting more upon our arrival, and when other family members took our bikes out for a spin, will all I can say is hey Leitner hope you got more where they came from?

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Great experience

Ordered this without the benefit of a test ride, but very glad that I did. Sam and the team at Leitner have been very helpful, and the bike itself is well made, and exactly what I was hoping for. Riding uphill is particularly fun, particularly with friends on normal bikes :)

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Like being a kid again such fun for older people

Leitner Cross X a robust electric bike fun to ride very convenient around small country towns what it cost is soon saved in fuel keeps the car from rough road damage.
Once used to the power system it is a buzz it allows riding on paths in town at slower speed as fast as taking the car into town there is no parking problems and a lot more fun it is like being a kid again, I recommend this bike to anyone living in small country towns

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Great Product. Great Service

This thank you sent to Leitner in response to an inquiry sums it up.
"Thank you very much for your excellent service.
I have recommended your bikes to friends and this type of service and the quality of your product is the reason for those recommendations.
You have certainly raised the bar in terms of competition and service in an industry which needs to be shaken up".

I love my new Leitner ebike

Fast delivery .
I had my new bike in six days from ordering.
Rugged durability.
This bike is built like a tank and can easily handle rough country roads and tracks.
Value for money
At half the price of other dual suspension bikes with equal quality.
I have had my new bike for six weeks now and are very pleased with it. I took my new bike too Kangaroo island for a weeks holiday. I took it on smooth roads and rough roads, corrugated tracks and sand dunes. It did not fail or brake even on the worst roughest tracks. Very happy with my Leitner CrossX

Questions & Answers

Hi, just received my Cross X mountainbike. the detail of the positioning of the battery appears to be different to the sample photos and scetches. Can you please clarify that?
4 answers
If you have the same bike as me its behind the seat send a pic pleaseClick up the seat move the rear tail light aside unlock and lift out. That's mine and there ya go. Don't mind fueling up my electric motor bike. Love itHi Rob thank you very much. been riding around on the plateau, took it down the main road and had to stand on the paddles to get back up again, bit dissappointed but may be it gets better with a bit more experience. Al.

how to use it properly
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not sure what you mean here

I asked a question before but assume my attitude to computers is the cause of no answer, so one more time: I am going to buy a mountain ebike and am interested in the leitner cross X, just worried that it will not go up to where I live, top of Collaroy Plateau, NSW, with steep roads leading up
4 answers
Hi Boris. I have the Leitner Cross X, and have ridden it up some pretty steep hills, but it just depends on how much effort you want to put in. I recommend that you contact Leitner through their facebook page or website. They are pretty helpful.Thank you Doug for being so quick with your response. In the meantime I have taken the next step and ordered one, abt. 3 weeks waiting list but with the money back guarantee I'm not really taking a chance hej? am looking forward to making a couple of interesting trips before I kick it. (Bridle Track at Hill End and there is a wild ride in the Blue mountains from Springwood down the Fire trail to Blackheath, or the other way around, I'm not sure) Last time I did that fire trail I had 3 flats, have to be more careful this time!wish me luck and the same to you.Hey, I'm in the mountains and looking for an ebike too! How did you go off road with this one?!


Cross X
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