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Lenovo X1 Carbon

Lenovo X1 Carbon

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Reliable and sturdy x1

Having used the Lenovo x1 Carbon G3 for over 6 months has revealed quality over price rules again. A couple of mishaps has not caused any damage and the performance all around workhorse. Recommend the dock using dual screena.

Purchased in January 2019 at KLB systems.

Wow. Finally a well made piece of kit.

Over the years I’ve had numerous ultra books:
X360 Spectre
Lenovo 720 Yoga
Surface book 2

And all have been a disappointment.

Not today with the X1. I bought the i5, 8gb Ram 256gb SSD as I don’t need the grunt or the fan noise. All of the above were of the same spec and all had issues. The Surface Book was by far the better of the three until it wasn’t.

The X1 is a sweet looking piece of machinery. Charges in 80mins and simple to set up. My programs all loaded really quickly and batter was well above 60% after finishing installing, updating and general setting up.

Looks to be quality and no thermal issues underneath.

As I progress I’ll update pros and cons but so far no cons.

Purchased in May 2019 at JB Hi-Fi for $1,900.00.

Laptop only as good as the service that backs it up

Loved the laptop, for a while, then in January this year, the screen starts playing up. Sent it off for repairs and then 2 days later, same problem comes back. Sent it off again, and this time, when it comes back, the screen is still stuffed, the sound doesn't work and it hasn't been reassembled properly so the it won't close and there are gaps around the closure points. Now, waiting more than a month for an on-site expert and parts that are no longer available. Thanks a tonne, Lenovo.

Purchased in March 2018 for $3,200.00.

Great Size, fast performance

Great compact laptop that can do anything that I can throw at it. Love the compact design, wi-fi range excellent and battery life if the best I have ever experienced with a laptop ever.

Screen brightness and resolutions is fantastic for a this price point. Was so impress I purchased one for a family member as well.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Laptop is amazing company is a sham

Couldn't be happier with the laptop now. But when delivered bluetooth did not work and spent hours on the phone with tech support to download every possible update under the sun, Bluetooth related or not.

Biggest issue is their so called cash Back 30 plus emails and 5 months after I had apparently been approved I only got a partial cash back via western union. Dodgy to say the least. Be warned warranty and cashbacks are just marketing claims to this company as they do not follow through.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Great reliable device

I purchased my X1 carbon 4 years ago mainly for office work and has been a solid work horse. Still has one year warranty remaining as it was purchased with 5 years from Lenovo with the NBD warranty. Battery life isn't the best at a mere 2-3 hours but this is for the older model Gen 2 X1 carbon. Newer models should have resolved this with the improvements in technology and efficiency. The QHD touch screen is nice to work on and the KB is a pleasure to type on also. The only issue I had over the years was the MB was replaced in its first year but has been solid ever since. For a machine that gets used daily for 6-8 hours I'm very happy with the reliability and speed of the machine and when I did have issues Lenovo was quick to help resolve them. You do pay a premium for the X1 series machines but if your're after a business laptop then I would highly recommend them.

Date PurchasedAug 2014

Best Laptop ever!!

This is the best laptop I have ever used. The build quality is stunning. Very easy to carry because of its lightweight. It has got keyboard backlight, light sensor touchscreen, fingerprint sensor etc.. Laptop is super smooth and high performing. The battery life is more than 3.5 hours even using at full brightness and it also charges fast.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Use it for work and love it

I use the i7 7th gen 2017 model for work and absolutely love it. As a work supplied laptop, it's ultra portable, very light and very reliable. I use it for mostly word processing, PDF document review, spreadsheets and other work activities. It handles web browsing and social media very well, if you just want to look at a quick video or photos.
It is quick to boot up, power down, and it's battery life is phenomenal.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

World class Linux or Windows ultrabook

The Lenovo X1 Carbon is a high end ultrabook that is a contender to be the best in the world (depends precisely on your criteria). For Linux / Windows non-gaming laptop you can toss up between Dell XPS 13, the System 76 Galago Pro and the X1 carbon on various criteria including price, performance and form factor.

For weight / size and form factor the X1 Carbon is fantastic. Only the Galago Pro beats it for performance and equipment specs, but the Carbon also has a mobile SIM slot and phenomenal battery life (need to get the option for low res screen for better battery life too).

Apparently reviews on previous versions of Lenovo X1 Carbon are pretty universal in putting this laptop on top with the best, but the previous versions apparently had a few quibbles with certain features. Those quibbles are reported to have gone in reviews for the 2017/2018 5th generation X1 Carbon and I certainly can't find them. I've been using mine for a couple of months now.

I'd say that if you're attracted to the Lenovo X1 Carbon now is the time to buy.

I'm using ArchLinux as my primary OS and finding everything that I set up works. (If you don't want to install your own Linux go for System 76). According to advice on the ArchLinux wiki only the fingerprint scanner doesn't work under Linux so I haven't tried. Whatever Linux you're using the ArchLinux wiki is a great source of advice.

Just in case you do want some more detail: the keyboard is good, the webcam is in the right place, uses USB C, power cable is a reversible USB C, you can charge up devices from the laptop, uses HDMI socket for external display. It's hard to think of any negatives but just for the sake of disclosure although these don't really negatively affect me: the LAN cable is a new mini socket but laptop is provided with compatible cable. You can't plug a normal full size LAN jack into the laptop itself. With the size and thinness we're expecting these days and the reliance on wireless, I don't think this can count as a negative. The other thing I noticed is that the primary fan vent is underneath, but the fan doesn't even crank up unless you're actually gaming, but when you do there will be hot air coming out from underneath, and sometimes I therefore prop the laptop to facilitate air flow underneath. In normal use the X1 is completely quiet and you can't even tell the fan is running.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Luv my laptop!

Just a quick review to say, how awesome this touch screen on my Lenovo x1 carbon... luv it!!! :) :) :)

I hadnt realise a difference with having a touch screen laptop when presenting to clients.. so easy that using mouse.. clients luv it too especially when they ask a question or having a query.. and they drive using the screen too...rather than passing on my mouse..etc. we both can drive the cursor now! pretty cool

Thanks, Will

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Shipping takes FOREVER

I ordered an X series laptop on lenovo. The shipping agent they use is Expeditors which is incredibly slow. It looks that the shipping agent ship the products by sea rather than by air. So far I still haven't received my order yet. So be aware that you order may take a month to arrive.

Great for the first 18 months, then physically downhill from there

I bought the Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 2 (I think) laptop around September 2013 directly from Lenovo online store in Australia, and it had been great experience using the laptop, I only had one incident of blue screen of death since I bought the unit.

Under the bonnet it's a good machine, until about 6 months ago when one of the hinges started to show signs of minor faulty (the hinge moves sideways), and this morning when I try to open the laptop the hinge did not move hence the screen bezel around the hinge broke, cracked open the side of screen.

This is the 4th Lenovo laptop I used (after T40P, X220 & T something series with 3 years usage each), and I had been very satisfied with them, hence I thought it's a bit strange when the X1 Carbon hinge broke just 2 years of medium usage.

Unless Lenovo is offering to help me re-building my faith in their product, I might need to purchase a new laptop, and I have my eyes on the new DELL XPS 13, which hopefully have better built and last longer than 2 years.

This is my legit personal review, and happy to be verified if need be :-)

Awesome laptop durable, thin and great battery - No problems after 2 years

I bought the Lenovo X1 Carbon 2.5 years ago and it had been faultless and a pleasure to use. Since buying the laptop I have been crossing my fingers that nothing would go wrong with it as I have read terrible things about Lenovo Australia service - but crossing my fingers has worked so far.

I'm a bit of a nerd granted, but this laptop is one of the nicest things that I own. The laptop is lightweight, thin and has a great battery life. I've used it for both work and pleasure ie at least 8 hours a day and it has survived about 100 flights unscathed.

I have heard that Lenovo are working hard to improve their Australian service offering, but it's worth checking reviews before buying - Whirlpool forum is a good place to look.

Fantastic product! Lenovo make quality machines that you can not go past

This laptop is by far the best of its kind! Lenovo always delivers and this is no different! I was given this model as Christmas present and it came with 2 years extended warranty for parts and service. It has a crystal led Function bar that is very sensitive which is situated on top of the qwerty keyboard. The keyboard has a backlight (which is a must as i do work sometimes in my bed), Dual 2.0 USB, HDMI, Fibre Optic, Ethernet compatible (with an adapter) and much much more.

The battery lasts about 24 hours with full use and i am talking about full use, movies and more... The power cord is stable, sturdy, it wont have an issue unlike some of the other power cables.

Would i recomend it? YES. I already have a Lenovo Yoga, and Edge and now the Carbon X1. I am yet to purchase the desktop! Look out for the new phones as well. A brand worth investing in. Never breaks down.

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Lenovo X1 Carbon
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