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Lindam Easy Fit Premium

Lindam Easy Fit Premium

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Easy to use and adjustable

The gate was very easy to fit and quite secure. Our two little ones are not shy about trying to get where they shouldn't but could not work this gate at all. It was easy to fit to the door frame and it was easy to adjust as well, with the easy to use sliders helping it and holding very tightly in the door frame.
easy to use, strong
not the cheapest

I loved this, it was a saviour!

This gate was fantastic. The gate I had previously was a basic wooden with no latch or door, and although it kept baby out, it also made it very difficult for adults to get in and out quickly, it didn't take long for me to decide it was time to invest the extra money and purchaed this gate and never looked back. It is safe and easy to use and install, it kept baby out and wasnt unsightly. I would recommend this gate to any family needing to block off an area to keep baby safe. It is also a brand that i trust and is becoming more and more well known.
Handy, reliable, and very effective.


i will recommdend it all, will go back buying it when my third one turns 6 - 9 mths at a crawling age.
loved it and used it for the bathroom door and kitchen door for protection. swings both side and easy to install. i have tried many other products before this one and found this is great
the trick that got easy when my daughter turned 2, she managed to see how it worked and then used to get in. best advise is not to show them


After trying lots of gates at the baby stores, I settled on this one - firstly because it can be opened with one hand; secondly it seemed sturdy enough to last a few years; and thirdly I have the Lindam playpen and am pleased with the quality of the brand.
The Lindam Easy Fit Premium easy close gate is simple to install in a doorway - took me less than 15mins. You can buy extensions in case your doorway is extra wide (7cm one cost me about $20). The gate opens both ways. The 'easy close' model can be opened with one hand - useful especially for kitchens - it is the more expensive version but given how much I open the gate each day, it is worth it. The gate is spring-loaded so it shuts behind you and will self-close if it 'slams' hard enough.
There is no gap between the bottom of the gate and the frame it sits in - this is a pinch hazard for little fingers so you need to make sure you keep the gate shut and not let your toddler play against the open gate. The gate could be taller also.


I didn't even clue onto the name "Easy Fit" when I purchased two gates and one extension. I'm 37 weeks pregnant and I installed both gates with little effort in 15 minutes. The latch requires a squeeze from the bottom and press from the top, all in one easy action (I broke a fingernail testing another brand so that was certainly ruled out!). The gate swings back but does not latch which I actually like as others that swing back and latch didn't seem as solid. Price was also very reasonable at a mid price range compared to others.
So easy to install! Extremely sturdy. Great latch system.
Had to use a hammer to insert plastic joiner for the extensions but no big deal really.

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Easy Fit Premium
Release dateJan 2008

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