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Listerine Total Care

Listerine Total Care

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Awful - Listerine Total Care

I have all the similar issues listed here after using Listerine Total Care. This is the second time I have had this happen to me by using Listerine. My mouth is jacked up, swollen gums, cuts in my mouth, swollen tongue, numbness in face. I thought i was alergic to something but now i know exactly what it is. Why is this mess on the market.

They’re not lying, there really is a blast in your mouth

I only use mouthwash when I haven’t had time to brush my teeth. While I find Listerine initially quite strong with a burning sensation, it leaves a fresh feeling and helps with sore throats. You wouldn’t want to eat or drink directly afterwards, and the effects on your skin are a bit of an unknown, but it does help against plaque. Overall, a good product but I’m convinced it could be a little more comfortable.

Disgusting taste

l tried this product and was nearly sick, it tasted terrible , l was very disappointed as l was hoping for a good mouthwash, l dont think that it tasted minty , like it describes on the bottle. Maybe it does do all those things it describes on the bottle, but l wont be using it again to find out
sounded appealing to use
tasted terrible and left a hoorible after taste in my throat and mouth

Horrible product

If i wanted this taste in my mouth i would have squeezed a tube of Denco Rub into my mouth, not only did it burn profusely it made my lips and tongue raw and uncomfortable. I have used mouth wash in the past that have been just fine, i have never had any problems till i tried this new Total Care. I have waisted $15 on something i will most definitely never use again.
Pleasing colour


I have used Listerine in the past and like the Total Care one because it does more than just give you fresh breath. But since I havent been able to find an alcohol-free one, so I don't buy it anymore.
I have used Listerine mouthwash the most until recently because of the scares about oral health because of the alcohol content.
This is pricey, but often comes on sale and sometimes they include a travel size bottle too. There is a scare about the increased risk of oral cancer because of the alcohol content in mouthwashes, which is a concern. All the mouthwashes are too strong for me, so I have to dilute them anyway. I usually fill the cap, which doubles as a cup, halfway and fill the remaining half with water and then rinse.


It's a great product which really freshens your mouth. You can feel it works hard at killing bacteria. But I'm really concerned about the news reports that long term use of this product could lead to oral cancer. While I've given this product 4-stars I was close to giving it 3-stars because I wanted people to be more aware of the possible danger of using this product. However there isn't enough evidence to link long term use to oral cancer and SHORT TERM use is considered safe. (Check the safety section on wikipedia under Listerine)
Great taste, feels like it's killing bacteria and giving my breath a really strong hit of freshness
The product is a little expensive but you can find it on special for $10 for 1Ltr sometimes which is alright. A news report got me a little concerned that long term use of this product could actually cause some sort of oral cancer.


This is the nicest one from the Listerine range, it doesnt burn your mouth like the others, it is more gentle in taste and cleaning. I do like Listerine or any mouth wash really that is Anti Bacterial. Listerine whilst having a good variety, you have to be able to stand the hot sensation it gives when being used. I have used this one and if you like me dont like the other varities of the Listerine range try this one as it is much more better in the fact that it wont blast your mouth whilst using it. It is a little pricey but then most of the Anti Bacterial ones ares, its only the ones that do little that are cheap. Quite a good one from Listerine. Avaiable at the Supermarket and Chemists.
This is the Nicest tasting one from the Listerine range.


A funky pink-purple colour that really does the job! I love the fact that it gets into all those little places that my toothbrush and floss may have missed.
It has a nice flavour (I don't like mint!) and leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean.
Is a little on the pricey side, but I only use half the recommended amount at a time to help it last a little longer, and it still seems to do the same job!
Flavour can also be a little strong and sometimes I find I have trouble holding and swishing it around in my mouth for the instructed time frame.


This does look an unusual colour for a mouth wash when you first see it but other than that it does have a nice taste and will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean each time. The only complaint I have had is that the wash is very strong and I often find it hard to keep it in my mouth for too long. It is more expensive than some other mouth washes available as well.
Leaves your mouth feeling very clean and fresh.
Can be more expensive than other similar products on the market. Has a strong taste that you need to get used to.


I was a bit skeptical when this Listerine came out since the Listerine brand had so many different types out already but I am glad I bought a bottle to try. I like the mildish flavour. It's not too weak that you feel not very refreshed but not so strong that you can't keep it in your mouth for the recommended 30 seconds. On the bottle it says it's the most advanced and complete Listerine. I'm happy with that.
Great taste, it's purple, not too minty that it hurts your mouth after 4 seconds.

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Listerine is advertising gone wrong and this is just another example. A product which seemingly provides so many benefits ... but pretty much all of them to the companies pockets. Blasts you with intense heat/pain from its ingredients but doesnt do you any justice. What the F is good about using alcohol to clean your teeth anyway, the exact opposite of what anyone should be doing. Go with a better brand people one that wont rip off half your face while its in your mouth and actually has benefits. I would recommended colgate plax/savacol or crest multicare or any oral B if thats available.

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Total Care
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