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Little Nation Push Trike

Little Nation Push Trike

3.5 from 21 reviews

not worth the box it’s packed in....and the instructions don’t even go there...

This bike is very hard to use as the steering is non existent. You would have better luck steering a bull into a butchers shop. Suspension? None. My child looks as comfortable as a kid sitting in a dentist chair

Purchased in September 2018 for $150.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

Only gave 1 Star as zero was not an option

This product is made of very cheap materials and I would not waste your money. We received our trike for Xmas 2018 and on the third use the brake mechanism snapped off. After one week the back brace was rusted (just powder coated over the rust so you couldn't see it) and broke and one of the pedals also snapped and fell off - even though our 22 month old can't reach them yet. All up the trike was used no more than half a dozen times. All of the use was on concrete footpaths and low impact. The whole trike feels cheap and of poor quality - right from assembly through to usage. The steering shaft is well out of alignment and also feels like it won't last long. For what you pay this is poor quality and I would not recommenced to anyone. You'd be lucky to get a month out of it.

Purchased in December 2018 at Little Nation for $150.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

A perfect purchase

I'ts a pleasure to write a review for the Little Nation push trikes. I have already purchased two of them, one for each of my grand-daughters. I'm planning on purchasing a third trike for my new grandbaby who is due soon. I am more than happy with my purchases but more importantly my own daughters love them. They love the sturdy and stylish design of the trikes and find them very comfortable to control and they love the security of the restraining belts. Equally important is that my grand-daughters truly love them. And I enjoy nothing more than looking at the biggest smiles on their faces as they're being pushed along.
Whether they are being pushed along a pathway or a rough surface the trike is still easily manageable by mum and loved by their little one's. I am very happy with my purchases and would definitely recommend them to others.

I took a gamble, and yes was disappointed with this purchase!

I had read google reviews on this product prior to purchase and although they were quite negative (shipping time & quality), I couldn't find another push trike that I liked the look of, therefore I took a gamble... And well, the reviews were right unfortunately.
Shipping time was actually really quick (thank you), but the quality of the product is quite bad. The assembly is difficult and the main pieces don't even fit together properly (the screws go straight through the pieces they are meant to tighten) There are scratches and dents all over the bike and in sections it doesn't fit together properly. A real shame as I really like the concept and look of the trike. Definitely don't purchase this product if you care about quality, as you will be disappointed. Read the google reviews as they are correct. Sorry Little Nation but you could possibly try checking quality of your manufacturer, as it's really disappointing to receive something in the state it is when it wasn't a cheap purchase. Thanks

Quality doesn’t match the price tag

The product quality is a little poor for the price tag.
The consept itself of being a 3 in one is good, the accessories are a little flimsy our bell has already snapped off and the metal handles are not as sturdy as predicted when first purchasing.
I am a little disappointed in the quality as we have owned other trikes for less and better materials but overall it does the job and we have used it on numerous occasions, hopefully the trike lasts my growing child until she needs a ‘big bike’

This is the perfect toddler trike !

I purchased the Little Nation Push Trike for my 2 year old niece , I babysit her often and I wanted a fun way to go on our walks to the park , the shops, and the school pick up . I can not fault this pram for a smooth ride on any surface , it’s a breeze to push and my niece loves it too !

Disappointed: Bad quality out of the box

Was really excited to assemble and get ready for a fun day the next morning with our 11 month old girl. Upon opening the box, I noticed the packaging material looked 2nd hand. I started taking out and unwrapping the pieces and started noticing scratches, chips and bad welding almost immediately. Was cringing through the process, but tried to ignore and focusing on the fun to be had the next day. However getting halfway of unpacking, I saw the foam covered parent bars had a rip and the inner pipe was bent + more scratches. Decided that it was just not worth it and repacked the whole thing and we'll be returning. PS, manual is really not good either, very small and bad quality black and white pictures as your only guide really.

Very Happy with the purchase

We previously owned another brand trike and the quality was poor. We decided to purchase a Little Nation online after reading some great reviews and are very happy with the purchase. The assembly took some effort but the quality of the final product has out done our expectations.

What i love about the trike
- Great quality wheels
- Very strong solid frame
- Excellent steering
- Can be taken onto gravel and off road.
- Can be used by a 1 year old and a 5 year old.
- value for money

Highly recommended

Awesome Trike for a 1 year old and 4 year old.

We purchased this trike for our second born after already having a great experience with the Little Nation balance bike. The trike is rock solid and looks to be something that we will have for a long time. A trip to the park now goes like this for our family. Second born rides in the trike while first born walks to the park. Then once at the park, Second born crawls around while first born burns around the racetrack in the trike! Its very handy that both our kids can use it in the one outing without having to change settings. After already mastering the balance bike. Our first born it now getting used to pedaling which will be great for his transition to a full pedal bike without training wheels.

Please Don’t Purchase This!

I recently purchased this for when my son turned 1. You could instantly tell when you open the package that the product was of terrible/cheap quality. Assembly of the product is however when the nightmare started. I have never put together a product as poorly made as this one. Instantly you could tell that certain aspects of the product were crooked which made it really difficult to put the item together. When I tried contacting the company, for being one in Australia it seems odd that they don’t have a phone number listed on their website. In addition, their chat message box on the website is always offline. Finally I highly recommend you search for a similar product elsewhere.

Great quality trike to last through each stage.

I purchased the deluxe trike on Monday, and it arrived today (Friday), I live regionally so for us that is fast shipping. I have already set it up, and it was very easy. Little Nation sent out another set of instructions at time of purchase via email, stating that the ones that come in the box are hard to understand, which is great that a company does that for you.
I love the quality of this trike, it is a solid construction compared to the plastic versions on the market. The shade fits right over the child so makes that great for sunny walks. The steering is fantastic and works with a much better system that I have seen on any other push trike styles.
Overall it is worth spending the extra money for a quality trike. Very happy buyer here. Thank you Little Nation.

Great Product - Little Nation Trike

Bought the blue deluxe trike for our grandson and think this is a great product. I found it easy to assemble (grandmother) and the online instructions were easy to follow. The trike itself is very sturdy, love the fact that it has a full hood which can be adjusted as we live in WA. Product just as shown in advert. Thank you Little Nation.


Bought my son the blue deluxe trike for his first birthday...I am so in love with it...it was easy to assemble, has a sturdy frame, & is awesomely lightweight to push & steer. The sunshade is the bees knees, going from no to half to almost full body coverage, the only thing it’s missing is foot peg adjustment for shorter legs, so they don’t just hang. I can’t fault this & recommend it 110%...

Love Love Love this trike

We purchased this trike for our 12 month year old for $139.95. Shipping was very fast and assembly was relatively easy with the right tools. After using another brand for our eldest, we were very happy with the quality of the Little Nation trike. We especially love the wheels and the sturdiness of the frame and parent steering system. We use the trike everyday for the 20 min walk to school for pick ups and our daughter loves the change up from the pram. The preschoolers love using it as a normal trike too! High quality at a great price.

Missing parts but company soon rectified the problem

Missing parts and we missed giving it to our baby for her first bday but after emails to the company they sent out new parts and we were able to fix the bike ourselves using parts we made up and not it's a great bike and our baby loves it.

Missing & broken parts

Trike arrived with broken brake. Tried contacting customer service for days (every one of those went unanswered - emails were bounced back as the inbox was full, online chat, instagram PM) only replied once I wrote on instagram picture as they do not supply you with a phone number. Paint work on trike is scratched, instruction booklet was ridiculously hard to see and differed from the online one. Husband had to go to Bunnings to get extra screws as we did not receive enough to put the bike together. Complete disaster!

Very happy with this purchase

We purchased our Little Nation toddler trike in August last year (10 months of use) and it has been one of the best buys we have had online. The trike is very solid and can handle the abuse it gets from our 5 year old while also being comfortable enough to be used as a pram for our 12 month old. It has many great points but it is rare that a product that cost $200 is able to be used by our 1 year old, 3 year old and 5 year old. I love that the wheels are rubber like a bike tyre but are foam filled which means no pumping up and and flat tyres. We have since purchased 2 more as gifts and have noticed small upgrades such as a 5 point harness for the youngest kids. Would recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing an alternative to a pram. Great for short to medium walks.


We were torn between buying this bike and the eurotrike. The reason being both these trikes had steel frames and EVA (not plastic) wheels. The Little nation took 5 weeks to arrive (~3 weeks after when the website said it would originally arrive). No email was sent informing us of this, and as such my son didn't get to open the trike on his 1st birthday. After contacting the company about its whereabouts (when it was already a week late), they informed me that the shipment had been delayed. There was an offer at one point to refund the purchase but no offer for free postage or more importantly for it to be express posted in order to reach us faster after waiting so long for it.

When the trike arrived, it was totally different in design to that in the instruction manuals. The plastic was marked and scratch, and there were two bolts missing (with the other bolts just thrown in the box). Some of the facia's were maybe made for another model and did not properly fit together, despite following the instructions to a tee. Although the frame is steel, the rest of the bike is made of cheap plastic and looks junky. The seat pad also doesn't fit over the seat properly. The back basket is not sturdy at all and you can't realistically use it for it's purpose. The handle bars are also too far and high from the seat for it to be used as a trike (not a push trike) in the future.

After seeing the quality of the product (and knowing that I could have bought the eurotrike for the same price as it was on sale at the time) I wouldn't have made this purchase. Just another 'cheap and nasty' trike, from a company with poor customer service and communication.

It has good and bad points

We purchased this online and postage was affordable and very quick. We had to assemble it ourselves which was easy enough to do as the supplier emailed through some clear instructions.
Once it was assembled we found the following:

Good points:
- looks quite nice
- the seat sits a little higher off the ground than other trikes

Bad points:
- the seat has no recline
- there is no parent brake (or kids brake)
- my 20 month old couldn't reach the handle bars for on the seat
- the mud guards are cheap plastic
- there is no harness
- the steering was not great
- the seat didn't look comfy

No, the website doesn't advertise these things, but these were all features on our SmartTrike that we use constantly and which imo are necessary.

We returned it straight away and the company were very helpful, so I recommend them as a good company to deal with, but for our requirements the trike didn't work.

We Love Our Little Nation Push Trike

Having twins already go through the stroller/pram stage, we were excited to see what alternatives to prams were out there for a singleton baby girl. We purchased the Little Nation push trike over 6 months ago and couldn't be happier. One of the biggest things about this model is the reversible seat. We could strap out 12 month old in and reverse the seat so she was looking at us. Once she started to winge about looking at mum or dad for too long we could click a button and turn the seat back to face forwards. We found this gave us an extra few miles walk before she got bored and all hell broke loose. We love the quality of the wheels and tyre, they are better then whats on our $1200 pram! We would recommend this push trike to everyone looking for that alternative to the pram.

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Hey I just bought this privately. . It's the push trike in blue. Can someone tell me where the parent brakes are? Wanting to take it on a bus and I cant seem to find where the brakes are
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Hello Bell If it is the same one that I bought the brake is beside the rear wheels.


Push Trike
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