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Little Nation Scooter

Little Nation Scooter

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Purchased scooter for my sons birthday in January wheel fell off beginning of march, tried putting it back together wheel wobbly and doesn't light up still waiting for a solution, very disappointing

Purchased in January 2019.

Faulty 3 wheel scooter - Thank you, thank you, thank you!

After purchasing one of the 3 wheel scooters for my 2 year old son for Christmas, my 4 year old son couldn't get enough of it. Purchased one for him and it arrived today with faulty handle bars and missing screws.
Little Nation got in touch with me and have sent us a new scooter.! I have a very happy little boy.
Thank you, thank you, thank you

Purchased in February 2019 for $50.00.

Excellent and prompt customer services

I purchased one of the scooters for my daughter who couldn’t get enough of the light up wheels.

We had some trouble with the plastic on the rear brake but after sending through a photo the scooter was replaced within days,no trouble at all.

Much appreciated in keeping the 2 year old happy!!

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Faulty Harness.....

I purchased a deluxe push trike online for my grandsons 1st birthday. It was delivered very quickly and thanks to the pdf file they emailed on assembling the trike, my job was made much easier.
Put unfortunately on the second use the harness stitching on one side came undone. On contacting little nation and sending through some photos they said the didn't have any seat replacements and would it be possible for me to have it sown up .... they continued to say other customers have had success with this. And if I was happy to do that they would send me a free kids watch.
I said this wasn't satisfactory, especially when it has happened to previous customers and that my grandson has no use for a kids watch. I asked to return the trike and get a refund ....... but suddenly all contact which has previously been very prompt has stopped????

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Good quality and value for money

I purchased two scooters from Little Nation. I believe they offer better features than more expensive brands; adjustable handle bar and light up wheels (the kids love them!). Great choice of colours and great value for money.

Excellent scooter, great value

We bought this scooter because it was cheap thinking our daughter may not take to it we did not want to waste too much money. We got it when she was 2yo and for the first few months she wasn't interested in it but then we added a unicorn scooter head and now she cries if we ever leave the house without scooter.

This is so well made, adjustable so it grows with her (or the neighbours older kids can use it, just increase the handle bar height). The light up wheels were a great bonus and recently she has been trying to master the rear tyre brake. It is light enough fir us to carry (when we pick her up from child care), in fact, she can lift and carry it herself

We have had this almost a year and we do not treat it too kindly, unicorn scooter lives outside and travels on gravel, dirt, through water, it gets ridden every day and although there are some scratches it functions as well as it did the day we got it a year ago.

I highly recommend this scooter.

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Update - the wheel fell off. I tried sending an email to little nation to see if I could buy spare parts but no one responded. We had to buy a new scooter and opted for a micro mini this time - I know we can get spare parts for that.

Can't get my daughter off it

My sister said that these scooters were a great buy for her 2 kids so once my daughter turned 2 I bought one. I'm so glad I listened to her and not my husband who wanted to buy a really expensive one. My daughter and the rest of the kids at mothers group just love it. It's really well made, an excellent design and the best value. It lives in the back of our car and we take it everywhere. The first thing she says when we leave the car is "scooter". Now a favorite past time of ours is finding new parks to scoot. It's great for her and it's great for me as I get to relax and go for a walk. Not many falls at this stage. It has good safety features and it's impossible to jackknife like her tricycle. Recommended!

Great scooter. Smooth and fast

After receiving great feedback of the scooter from girls at my wifes mothers group I decided to buy a little nation scooter. My daughter is 3 years old and isn’t very sporty, I really wanted something that would get her to be a little more active. Well, after 3 months of use, I have to say that this is the best thing I have ever bought my daughter. She has loved it from the first time she used it. To start with she didn’t get the steering and would just go straight and ram into things. However now she has mastered it. It is really well designed, it has little shock absorbers that cruise over bumps making trips down our gravel foot path easy. She has gone from not being active at all to love being outside and riding on her scooter. It’s a daily routine to go to the cricket nets and ride around on the concrete. Highly recommended

Top quality and great price.

My son got this scooter from Nana for his second birthday. I thought it could be a bit early for him and scooters but I have been proved wrong. This scooter is brilliant! It is strong, lightweight and the colours are great. It's fast and really stable because of the 3 wheel design. 2 wheels in the front and one in the back means his shoes don’t clip the back wheels when riding. The steering is responsive to the way he leans rather then the traditional way of turning the front wheel which increases stability. We have had so much use out of it and it has really stood up to the abuse my son has thrown at it. Apart from afew scratches on the front bumper, its still in mint condition. We put the scooter together in a matter of minutes and delivery took 3 working days from when we purchased. Highly recommended

Awesome little scooter!!

We bought this scooter after watching all the kids zoom around at the park on them. After tossing up between the Little Nation and the Mini micro, we went with the little nation because of the extendable handlebars and the obvious price difference. At half price of the micro we felt it was worth the risk. Im so glad we did, To be honest, i cant understand why this scooter is so cheap. Its pretty much a replica of the micro. My son has used in every day since we bought it and it copes an absolute battering. It rides so smooth and fast, He is a bigger body boy and the extra strength in the deck really makes a difference. I even ride it fine an im 65kg. Since we bought it all my mothers group have done the same. Would totally recommend.

Questions & Answers

Hi, I ordered a scooter 2-5 year old but the package saids 3+. Have I received the correct scooter? I thought all little nation scooters were the same size so thought that maybe the label was wrong? I have not opened the box yet as was not sure if I did and it was the wrong size that I would be able to return it.
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As far as I am aware they only have the one scooter so it should be what you ordered I think all that sort if packaging says 3+ so they cover themselves from a liability perspective

Does this pack down easily? Eg fold or have removable handlebars?
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It comes packed down so you coukd disassemble and pack down but otherwise it is not designed to be folding so I woukd not say “easily”ok so the micro has the same red push button underneath to release the handle underneath the scooter but my friend said she tried to do it on hers and it was extremely stiff so not sure if it's supposed to be like that or if it's just hers?

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