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Lollipops Play Centre

Lollipops Play Centre

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Great place to take the kids

great place to take the kids to play the equipment is greats the kids can have lots of fun whilst we could have a coffee and watch them at the same time

Definitely Need To Have More Staff On Shift On Weekends!

-toilets were disgusting, covered in poo.
-staff had us waiting at the front for almost 20 minutes just to be let in the gate
-party rooms were not clean
-cockroaches in party room
-not enough staff members on shift to maintain the cleanliness of the entire ply centre


I seriously don’t know why I come back. Expensive to get in, rock climbing 1 turn per kid and cannot line up again. Bathroom not cleaned. Food not collected from tables.
Will not be coming back anytime soon. Maybe if entry wasn’t so expensive you wouldn’t have such high expectations of a place.

Penrith is awesome

This truly our local hangout. The team at lollipops are friendly efficant and awesome. Our girls are greeted by there names, our coffee order is always rembered and there disco party's are a blast with games music and teacup rides. They throw great birthday partys aswell.
Never ever a disappointment.

So sad and disappointing and an Incident with no report.


On the 15th Dec 2018 we booked a party for my sisters little girls 1st Birthday. We were very disappointed with the party. We decorated our way which was a flexibility we appreciated however we never saw a host throughout the whole party. The platters were not $45 worth or to a gourmet standard as described. The kitchen presentation was chaotic to say the least and we had to pack up our own table etc to move for the next party.
The party was at 10 the food was late and then we were moved onto another table within the public . At about 12 we realised we hadnt got the tea cup ride so when I asked a young girl working she was rude and said "I dont know, I'm with another party" and walked off. Eventually we got the tea cup ride. While getting off the tea cup with my son . My foot got stuck and the tea cup span around with my foot and I fell onto the plat form and then onto the carpet. The young girl asked if I was ok and I said I think so however there was no incident report taken and I have come home this evening with bruises on my leg and lower back pain and buttocks.

Today was exshausting and unpleasant. We paid alot of money and we seemed to do all ourselves.

I'm not sure where to go from here however a reply from management on the above and actions moving forward is expected . Still waiting.


amazing experience - nothing like any of the other lollipops the only complaints i see on here about the one in castle hill is one about the rule of 12 years olds being to young but thats just because they tend to be bigger and rougher at that age (and idk why she didn't know about it when there is a huge sign on the wall at reception letting you know prices and ages? stupid woman haha) and then another complaining about not being let out it is important we keep our tickets as we need to prove that we arent kidnapping the children - im glad they make the place so protected a playcentre is like cake for pedos wouldnt you rather your kids be safe? i would (and everyone ive seen has found other ways of checking your taking the right kid home like asking the child who the adult is or asking to see a photo of them from a different day)

i heard one lady yell at a girl who worked in reception because the woman didnt have the ticket, couldnt find it and then refused to show a photo, the girl who worked there then asked the child who this woman was and the woman said "im your nanna" which i mean kind of defeats the purpose. so of course the girl had to explain that she needs proof that shes not kidnapping since the woman ruined every attempt to prove this so the woman yelled at her to let her go cos she had been waiting a while (i hope they never let a kidnapper go one day because they are scared that they dont want to upset a customer)

that being addressed ive been many times and it was very nice. i went to a birthday party and the parents bought tonnes of food and platters for adults. the people bringing adult food out were very helpful and got us cups and plates and napkins and the kids had a great time

100% will be coming back

Strathpine, QLD - Lollipops Play Centre - DISHONESTY

DISHONESTY: I arrived at lollipops, Strathpine, expecting to pay the casual rate for a small group of children today. Only to be charged full price as it is a Public Holiday... NOPE it is not a public holiday or school holiday for the EKKA. Our public holiday was Monday not Wednesday. This store is located in the Moreton Regional Council not Brisbane. Upon questioning staff whether they also charged Monday Clients as a public holiday, their response was "I did not work on Monday" umm all three of you. COME ON!!

Hope this store paid staff the correct award and did not claim Monday as the public holidays also... something tells me that might be unlawful, not just bad customer service. We will not be back. I will be going to Chipmunks who do not skim their clients and keep their advertisements, staff up to date.

Disappointing birthday party

Had my grandsons 5 th birthday party at Lollipops Majura park Canberra yesterday.
What a huge disappointment!!
The place was extremely busy as you would expect for a Sunday but the place seemed extremely disorganised and not enough staff.
They don’t allow any changeover time between parties, and trying to get one group of parents out and the next group in is a confusing nightmare!
Then the food! I paid for the super party because I was told ther was more food for the kids!!!
One quarter of a slice of fairy bread per child, not even one chicken nugget or party pie per child.
One small plate of popcorn for the whole group, and a few lollies on a plate
The whole thing was extremely sad!!
I paid $45 extra for a fruit platter which I never got. When I asked about the fruit I was pointed to a platter that had been sitting on a table with another group of people for the previous half hour and told me that was mine!! They very reluctantly gave me my money back.
Overall I will never go back and advise anyone I talk to don’t have a party there
I gave it a score of 2 only because the kids had fun on the equipment

A bad experience

I took my grandchildren to Golden Grove s.a lollypop cadet on 12th July.There was a Vac Care group with a lot of children The service was appalling As I have been a cashier for years u have never seen anything so slow inexperienced staff
Manager A young girl had an attitude.. If it wasn't for a young girl who almost ran the place on her own .very efficient. Named Hannah...we would still be there waiting to be served..... First and last time we will go to that lollypop cafe... Nor recommend it

Apparently Mr 12 Is An Adult And Can't Play There...

We have been going to Lollipops Castle Hill for a while, and were not aware of this rule, that when a child turns 12 Lollipops recognises them as an adult so they have to sit and watch everyone else play.

Even though my son is now a 12 year old adult, he is in year 6 in primary school, and loves all things other adults his age love doing.

Luckily thes days it's not hard to find a more welcoming, cleaner centre, that will accommodate a 10, 11, and 12 year old adult...

Just be aware of this ludicrous rule. It can really ruin a child's day.

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I would like to add head office took my complaint onboard and gave me a family pass to use. We used it at Parramatta and had a wonderful experience. Thank you.

Good way to entertain kids for an hour.

Went to the Roxborough Park play centre. Entry is around $12 for 3 year old. The play centre is on the larger side, plenty of climbing, ball pit, slides etc. There is seating/tables for parents and they serve coffee and light meals (standard kids junk nuggets etc and some better quality stuff like pasta and sandwiches). Staff are young but seem to know what they're doing. We spent an hour here pretty happily.

This is by no means a fun and relaxing place to take the kiddies

We made the mistake of going to the Bundoora Lollipops on the school holidays. The place was absolutely packed, to the point where I was wondering how on earth they would evacuate the place in the event of the emergency. Would they attempt to usher us through the two tiny gates at the front entrance? My two small kids kind of hated it and seemed to be overwhelmed by the noise, lighting and just the overcrowded environment - they both spent most of the time hanging around me and refusing to go on any of the equipment. Money ($25) not well spent (they could've thrown tauntrums at home for free!). Customer service was extremely slow. The free drink I ordered with the drink voucher took about half an hour to arrive. Once the place became busy, a number of people had to wait at the front counter for ages waiting to pay to get in (I was sitting in that area and witnessed their frustration). Safety-wise, they seem to make a big deal of giving the kids identifying/numbered bracelets, but then just simply opened the gate for us when we left without bothering to check that the parent & child's numbers actually matched up. Anyone could pretty much walk in and leave with someone else's child. This is not outside the realm of possibility, as visibility is poor when the place is crowded. Unless you're willing to follow your kids around the entire time and stand 2m away from them, it's really easy to lose sight of them. Overall, it doesn't surprise me that these sorts of places seem to have a licence to print money, but do yourself a favour and spend your hard-earned cash elsewhere. I (and my kids) would've had a better time just going to the local park.

Excellent playland and facility

Clean, friendly, great service, our kids love T cup ride and enjoy the centre every single time. We hosted kids b’day party and itnwas truly amazing.

Im not so happy

We had my son’s birthday at lollipops playland penrith at 10.2.18 and I am so disappointed everthing was not ready the table is not enough as i told them i need 30 adult chairs and they reserve us 16 chairs only,second I asked them to place the loot bags and balloons in the table before the party started but they put it last and the balloons that i bought they put it last,third the drinks for kids what not filled up and the host was not energetic at all as a host and lastly its so hot inside the playland all the visitor was sweating were not happy and will not book again here

Very unhygienic; Bentleigh East

2ns time coming here, was moderately pleased the first time, but the second.. very very disappointed! So incredibly unhygienic, the bathrooms were atrocious and wet, the tables were cleared but not wiped and when I picked up a menu it was very sticky? The chairs looked to of never been clean and a lot of the play equipment was so grubby. I'm not a clean freak by any means, but this just felt so grubby! To add to that, the staff couldn't manage as much as a smile and were very unwelcoming.

Lollipop Bayswater W.A.

I took my almost 5 and 3 year old to lollipops in Bayswater W.A. on a rainy day over the school holidays and they both loved it. The center was well looked after and clean. There was a small area for under 3, bouncy catle, big moving pirate ship and a bigger area with slides, ball pit and 3 level climbing structure. It was very busy on the day we went due to the wet weather but it wasn't overcrowded and at one point they stopped people coming in until others left. Kid also get a wrist band with a number and they can only leave the center if the parent shows the card with that number so there is no stress of kids slipping out of the center. It is a bit pricey compared to some other play centers, and there is a strict no outside food rule but there is a good range of hot and cold food available. Overall, the coffee was good and the kids had a great time and we ended up spending most of the day there.

Castle Hill Lollipops

This is the second time at this venue, I didn't think much of it on my first visit as I thought it was very crowded but the kids enjoyed it. Kids still enjoyed it this time but all I could think of was getting out of there. The characters/hosts are all teenagers and I suppose they try their best but the costumes don't fit and are rumpled and unsightly, none of them actually looked like any character just kids playing dress up. We were rushed out of our birthday room to make room for the next party but there was hardly any seating available out in the general area. We stumbled around with plates of food looking for a free table or somewhere to sit. The food is average, you don't expect gourmet at these venues and you certainly don't get it. Overall, expensive, crowded, noisy.


I have been coming to Lollipops Bayswater for at least a year.
Firstly I brought a coffee in from outside and was told by the lady at the front desk that outside coffee can't come into the building. I ask if I could leave it at the front desk as it was full, she said yes. On the way out the manager was at the front desk and I asked if I could please get my coffee? and he told me he threw it in the bin! I wasn't happy!
Secondly I was told by the manager while my kids were eating lunch which I made them that you can't bring food from home... I was so shocked to think not everyone can spend money on their high pricing junk food!

For this reason I will now only attend Mighty Jungle in Morley as I have never had a issue.

Running a professional business myself I always do the extra and look after my customers for repetitive business NOT take advantage of the loyal paying customers...

Lollipops Playland castle hill

I recently attended a birthday party at Lollipops Play land Castel hill. The place is very old dilapidated and needs to be shut down. It is dangerous and the staff are teenagers with no qualifications. There are no adults managing the place. My daughter took a fall in the party room where the floor was slippery and wet. The host didn't care about the safety of children. After my daughter was hurt and crying she came up to us and said sorry you are hurt but did you have fun. I am disgusted at this place. It should be shut down now.

Held Captive

I was waiting to leave with my 7 month and 4 year old Grandsons and was told that I could not leave without a ticket....what I was stealing these kids??? Half an hour after emptying baby bag, etc.. the twit let us out I even said i will call the police and he said do what you have to. Lost the dummy and had an unhappy baby went back and he slowly went back and said no can't find. Never going back again its a shame there aren't more Chipmonks around. NannaTracey from Greenmount.

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