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Pretty good trustworthy product

I wanted to try one and have experimented with other cup brands and I really believe that lunette is superior. Their cup is the right size without being painful and the silicon is flexible. Only downside with all of the cups is that I was hopeful that I could depend just on the cup for my entire month (I.e without panty liners) but I find that despite knowing how to use it there is still a bit of leakage but no more than a tampon. I much prefer them to tampons now. But still have to use panty liners. Also cleaning them is a bit of a nuisance. But overall better product than tampons.

Purchased in July 2016.

Buy it! Don’t hesitate!

I initially wanted to purchase a menstural cup for environmental reasons but have been so impressed with the practicalities and cleanliness of using it. I did some research and settled on the lunette brand due to reviews commenting that this brand was easier to remove than others because of the matte finish and grip. Despite having had 2 children, I opted for size 1 because I only ever have one day during my cycle that is quite heavy. I was also concerned as to whether the larger cup might be more uncomfortable. Size 1 has been perfect for me. When I received it, it took a month before I had the courage to try it, but I needn’t have worried. I was surprised how easy it was as to insert and remove. It has made my cycles mess free (no more stained towels or underwear or smelly bins of used tampons). I wish these were around when I was in my teens/twenties. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch to a menstural cup, don’t hesitate! Research what brand/size might work for you and you’ll never look back!

Absolutely love!

When inserted correctly I cant feel the cup and don't even really know I have my period. It's clean, economical and environmentally friendly. I don't even have to worry about leaks. I always disliked using pads and tampons and now I have found the perfect solution. I will never go back and will teach my girls about using them. Initially the first few times the insertion and removal can be tricky and I had to trim the stem as it was uncomfortable but now its very easy and I'm so happy I have found this. I think every woman needs one!!


After always having issues with tampons absorbing liquid every time I went to the bathroom, I had enough and wanted to find a more durable option. I absolutely love the Lunette diva cup!! I honestly forget I am even on my period when using it. I never feel it, never have any leaks and can keep it in for up to 12 hours! So easy to wash/wipe between use and can continuously last with just a boil each month. It’s comfortable even after the first use, and you learn your way around inserting/removing super quickly. You can literally do anything with it in. I’m obsessed and will never go back to anything else. A massive bonus is the one off cost to purchase and then regularly purchasing cleaning items.

Game. Changer. No word of a lie

OMG. Brilliant..... i cant believe I waited so long.
Initially, i was hesitant in getting a menstrual cup (MC). What if it doesn't work? What if it's uncomfortable? They are expensive afterall...

A girlfriend kept telling me how brilliant they were so I got over my objections and decided to give it a shot. I have a daughter. One day she will need to know her options so that persuaded me.

Did some research. Read some reviews. Decided on Lunette mainly for the matt finish and short stem. Got the model 2 as I've had 2 bubbas.

From the first moment I tried it I knew. Game changer. A little tricky at first and initially I did feel like it was going to vacuum my cervix out of my body but I figured it out.

Easy to clean. Matte finish makes inserting and removing easier. I like that I can understand my flow a lot better and no skin reactions due to fabrics, fragrances etc

Do yourself and the environment a favour!

Love love love

I’ve been using my cup for 3 cycles now, working great! I love that my bins are free of pads/tampons at the end of the cycle! I’ve handmade some cloth pads just for a peace of mind and they’ve never been stained (I’ve never had a leakage).
I did my homework, to be honest, I watched so many videos on YouTube to make sure I was getting the cup that was right for me. I asked Lunette before purchasing about the right size and they answered promptly.
I’m super happy with my cup! I got the clear one and after the first cycle it was a bit less clear, but I’ve put it in the sun for an hour and went back to its original colour.
Do your research and check the best ways to put it in and remove it.. it’s actually pretty easy with the fantastic grip it has :)

Absolutely thrilled

FINALLY, thanks at my sister's suggestion, I got myself a menstrual cup. Can't say exactly why I chose the Lunette but it seems to suit me just fine. I have only been using it for a few days and it has worked very well for me.
* Very comfortable - when inserted correctly
* No leaks (have had my 2 heaviest days and the Lunette coped fine)
* Easy to remove - when I got my technique right. This can be a bit daunting the first time as you tend to tense up.
* None so far. I did experience some minor cramping but I sometimes get dull cramps on my heaviest days so I don't think the Lunette was to blame for those.

For anyone considering getting one of these, I would suggest that you do your homework because there are so many different types of cup on the market and what works for one person may not be the right choice for another. The Lunette is apparently of medium firmness (meaning the silicone). I got the size 2 as I'm 48, still have relatively heavy periods and have had a child (albeit by caesarian section).

I can also suggest watching this YouTube video which has some excellent tips on using a menstrual cup which would be very useful for "first-timers". It's titled 10 Best Menstrual Cup Hacks.

How you use a menstrual cup (inserting and removing) will definitely affect its performance and they can be a bit tricky to get the hang of but if you persist and find the right cup for you - I think it's well worth the investment.


Bought a Lunette size 2 menstrual cup because I have given birth previously. Tried it out during my cycle and found the cup is too firm and the suction is way too strong and makes it very difficult to remove. Its a great product if you want to have a hard time removing the cup.

I however found my goldilocks cup in the Juju Menstrual Cup size 3. I use Lunette's feelbetter menstrual cup cleanser to sanitize the cup before boiling it for 5 minutes. I also love the Lunette cup wipes. Fantastic brand, their menstrual cup is just not for me.

Pleasantly surprised!

I have been using tampons for years. I have considered purchasing a menstrual cup for some time now due to health, financial and environmental reasons. I finally did some research and decided to purchase the Lunette. Well, what can I say. This cup is fantastic and although I haven't tried others, I have found this one easy to use and clean. I do feel that they need to include some english instructions as I had to do a bit of a google/youtube on how to use it as the brochure included was in a few different languages but unfortunately not english. Nevertheless, I will continue to use this product and am so pleased because environmentally, it's much better and it's definitely better on the hip pocket (those expensive organic tampons!!) Works for me!

Amazing menstrual cup!

I cannot say enough good things about my Lunette menstrual cup. It's soft and easy to insert, but firm enough to open easily when it's inside. I have had no issues with leaking using this cup, it offers me much more protection than pads and tampons. I also have iron deficiency anaemia, and using this cup has given me a much better idea of how much blood I'm losing to tell my doctor. This cup is so comfortable and gives me so much more confidence during my period, I cannot recommend it enough. I will never go back to pads and tampons!

Much better for me than another cup I used.

Whilst I can't use cups on my heaviest days, as I would be emptying every twenty minutes, they are awesome for the other days. For heavy days, I would have to have an enormous 150 m cup! And 250ml for overnight!

Set and forget on a light day, though. I was out for 14 hours yesterday, didn't think about it, fresh clean underwear, no bunchy pads, no dangerous tampons with fiddly strings.

This Lunette brand was better for me for three reasons. The surface is matte and not smooth like the other brand. This means that when I bear down, it moves down more easily. The other brand was so slippery it would take ages to come down, and then when I tried to grip it, it would slip back up too easily. Just that tiny bit of surface friction made a huge difference.

Secondly, the stem. The stem is a bit stiffer, quite flat and has very pronounced grip lines. I could feel it, but it didn't rub unduly. Some people like to cut it shorter, or cut it off, but I quite liked being aware of where the cup was situated, I may shorten it by 5ml or so in future. I really loved it, as I was able to bear down, hold the stem, relax while holding it in position, and then bear down again. This was a godsend to my long nail fingers - I didn't cut my inner self whilst fishing around for the smooth slippy, too flexible stem on the other cup.

Which brings me to the third point - the grip rings on the base. These Lunette grip rings are a joy after the other one. These are big and pronounced and soooo easy to grip. The other smooth cup has useless flat little butterflies, that may as well not be there and useless to long finger-nails me. I fished for ages for that thing, whilst I grabbed and removed the Lunette first time, every time, no troubles!

I really wanted the other Australian product to work for me, but it didn't.

I love that Lunette is made in Finland - I trust their manufacture. I wouldn't be inclined to trust a cup made in China, or some of the other places.

I would trust Australia, Canada, Germany, USA, most of the Scandi countries, such as Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the rest, you get the idea - and UK and France. That's about it.

The other thing was that I found the Lunette wanted to open much more easily than the other brand.

I love that they offer a clear cup - my personal instinct is to avoid dyes, even though they are encapsulated by the silicon and inert. I just have a hunch about that that I'm willing to go with, even though I'm more evidence based in general.

Thumbs up for Lunette.

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