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Latest review: I have been using Moxie products for the lat 7 years and sometimes tried other products but always come back to their pads. They are packed nicely and in luxury form and have the best quality, there

Juju Menstrual Cup
Latest review: Firstly about Menstrual Cups Australia Online - they deserve a mention about how quickly they sent the cups to me. I was impressed by their service and ease of the transaction. Now onto the cups

Latest review: I wanted to try one and have experimented with other cup brands and I really believe that lunette is superior. Their cup is the right size without being painful and the silicon is flexible. Only

Tulip Menstrual Cup
Latest review: After reading bad reviews which lead me to have concerns regarding the quality and safety of the product. As well as wondering if I would actually recieve my order at all, I can say I have finally

Carefree FLEXIA
Latest review: No problems inserting tampons for a change! What a relief these tampons are, no more crouching in the confined spaces of a toilet to insert! I am IN LOVE with how easy these are to use, no leaks, the

Tampax Regular / Super
Latest review: These are awful! The applicator doesn't fully insert them so they end up half out? Plus they dont stay in. They start to slide out after a few hours. The cotton material doesnt seem to have any

Latest review: Waste of money! Breaks apart and sheds leaving fibres behind. How is that safe??! Will never buy again and go back to using the regular brand of tampons!!!! Waste waste waste of

Libra Girl Applicator
Latest review: I have only used these once and when I put it in the blue applicator part had stayed in with the tampon! I had worn it for two hours and not realised!! I will NEVER purchase this product

TOM Organic Regular Tampons
Latest review: I had originally used just the average cheap tampons but these are amazing. I also find that they are more comfortable to insert which is always a plus. I have officially made a permanent switch.

U by Kotex Super
Latest review: Great! Exactly what you want from a tampon. No issues with them whatsoever. The little box is a bit hard to open though, but once you get at the product inside, all

The Keeper Menstrual Cup
Latest review: One product will last me 10 years, has in fact lasted me a lot longer than the 10 years. So very easy to use and over the years I would have saved hundreds even thousands of dollars, including the

U by Kotex Regular
Latest review: I used these as my first tampons, and they were so comfortable and reliable! They're easy to insert, and easy to remove. I found no problems at all using these. It helps that they're so slim

Tampax Pearl Unscented
Latest review: After visiting the USA for 2 years, I had grown very attached to tampax pearl tampons, so when I got back to AUS I was very frustrated I had not been ale to find them anywhere. After recently

U by Kotex Mini
Latest review: these are great tampons! they absorb quite bait they have the AWSOME last line of defence which was really smart idea.they come in cute boxes that fix in your bag and are super tiny! they are

The Diva Cup Model 1
Latest review: I’ve been using menstrual cups for over 10 years so I thought I’d try the Diva Cup. It didn’t work for me. There was always leakage,I found it harder to insert than other brands and always felt uncom

Libra Regular / Super
Latest review: I have been using Libra tampons over the past couple of years and I have started to realise that the tampons have become more “fragile” you might say as I feel they’re more bendable and fray/separate

Carefree Standard
Latest review: These tampons come in nice packaging and easy to use, absorb well but once you open them and pull the string, the back of it usually fluffs up, not as easy and smooth to insert as the pro comfort

Tampax Compak
Latest review: i bought one super but that turns so horrible omg i have a bad experience . i had used tempax pearl super before which was perfect but this blue one is not a good choice for

Carefree Designs Slim Mini
Latest review: The size is very small and the silk covering (or whatever they call it) makes it really easy to insert and take out. So that's the good part. The worrying part is the fluffy bits around where the

Latest review: Been using them for a number of months now. They functioned just like any other tampons. Plus it is fully sterilised compared to other tampons out there. They stay in as they should, absorb as they

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