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Lux Pure Soap Flakes

Lux Pure Soap Flakes

4.1 from 19 reviews

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Smells amazing, comforting and clean

I have used these soap flakes on all of our wasn't but in particular baby clothes and bedding. It cleans the clothes very well and leaves them smelling nice and fresh. I have allergies to alternate brands and this product is great for my sensitive skin as well as my baby's skin. Highly recommend.

Purchased in July 2019 at Winc Online store for $10.39.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

My favourite

I blend flakes to powder and just dissolve tsp as needed. Very economical and I love it. I use it for all my washing and have used for over a year. No allergic reaction, doesn't clog machine and I do cold wash.

Purchased in February 2015 at Countdown Kerikeri.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Easy way to dissolve Lux Flakes

Started using this about 3 months ago - but like many found the dissolving part annoying and slightly dangerous. I had to carry the cup of boiling solution from the kitchen to the laundry. Now I make up the dry mix as recommended on the Lux packet and keep it in the kitchen. I also have a camping type thermocup with lid and handle (easily sourced from a camp shop if you haven't already got a spare one). One teaspoon of mixture in the thermocup, pour on the boiling water and stir until dissolved. Put the lid on the cup, walk to the laundry, pour in and away you go. Much safer than carrying an open cup. Clean washing on one teaspoon of the mixture.

Not too bad

Bought this lux soap flakes to try something new
Placed the powder into the washing machine like would with any other washing powder or liquid and it just lathered up like there was no tomorrow. Did an alright job at cleaning the clothes and leaves the clothes soft; however, has a weird milky smell about it

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The smell is similar to baby powder. Think this powder is meant for soaking clothes in a bucket of water - it says on the side to add baking soda and eucalyptus oil if want to use the powder to wash clothes and / or, linen in the washing machine

Perfect for whites and colours

Whites come out perfect and colours are enhanced. The smell is clean and refreshing. I highly recommend using this product. I was surprised at how my clothes come out so clean and fresh and perfect without scrubbing.

Leather lover's

Lux flakes good for your leather lounges mix into a paste then like the karate kid wax on then wax off you will be surprised .keep water to a minimum

Great for babies

Was recommended this product by my Mum and a friend. We have always dissolved powders when doing laundry so that wasn't as issue for me. I have eczema so was concerned my daughter may have it too (she does). We had no issues or any reactions to Lux, but only stopped using it because of the cost.

Awesome but tedious

My little one has always had sensitive skin and this has been perfect for him! At first it was so hard dissolve it but good thing I read up on review and got some tips! Just perfect!

Can't live without it

This is the best product if you have eczema or dermatitis. We cannot used detergent of any kind, in soaps or cleaners and this product I swear by. It's a bit of a pain to dissolve but it leaves the clothes soft and clean without the harsh chemicals. Can't recommend it enough

Front loader use for Lux and love it

For those who can't be bothered pouring boiling water in with Lux soap flakes to dissolve it first this is how I combat that...if you can be bothered, but well worth it. If you have a food processor, pour a cup or two of the flakes in there and ground it up to an almost powder like texture. Voila! Don't have to dissolve it now. I also make it with a cup of ground lux flakes, a cp of powdered washing soda and a few drops of essential oils during the 'mixing in food processor' stage, namely eucalyptus and tea tree or lemon essential oil. Use one tablespoon per wash, goes a very long long way. Also another recipe for soaking whites etc...but that's another story;)

Hate this product

My sister in law gave me a couple boxes she had leftover from her little ones.

Dissolving it is a hassle and sometimes the soap clumps together if it's not dissolved enough and sticks to everything!

Had to re-wash a couple loads because there was clumps of soap on the clothes and in the washing machine!

I definitely wouldnt buy this product. Waste of money, time and effort.

Love this product

I have a front loader and make my own laundry powder. I just wizz the soap flakes in a grinder first so they dissolve easier in the machine.
The recipe I make is 1 cup borax, 1 cup washing soda and 1/2 cup ground lux flakes. Every load only uses max 2 tablespoons and the batch lasts us (family of four) about 3 weeks.

Lux flakes wool wash

I hand spin wool, and have done for 30 odd years. I wash all my raw fleece, and any hand-washing (silks and delicates) or woolen items and jumpers in a mix of Lux flakes with a dash of eucalyptus oil. These are the ingredients of any pre-made wool-wash products, anyway. I use about half a cup of Lux flakes in a standard laundry tub of warm water, I don't pre-dissolve them, just swish them around a bit until they dissolve, then add the eucalyptus, then the woolies. I usually make two rinse baths, and then it's done. Perfect.

Not too sure how good really is... to your expensive washing machine (top loader)...

My mother in law recommend it to wash baby clothes as it's pure soap... If you read the box it says not to use it too often or at least do a regular wash with regular laundry powder and hot water every 10-12 cycles... We bought a new washing machine (top loader) and it says clearly no to use soap flakes. And as some people said, it's quite annoying to have to disolve the flakes first... Looking for alternatives.

Snowfall with Lux Flakes

My oldest child is 36 and the youngest is 18 ,always have loved this product because of family allergies A great product for us .
Each Christmas season I put it to another use taught by my mum. Put a cupful of Lux Flakes into a large bowl or jug. Slowly add water and beating until fluffy and holding shape. Now apply spoonfuls to the end of the branches on your Christmas tree. It will dry out and a little goes a long way.
Always rely on it to not cause problems for delicate skins and I get a Christmas bonus

I Have A Front Loader And I Use Lux Soap Flakes

I love Lux pure soap flakes... I've owned a front loading washing machine for the past 10 months, and I've been using a dedicated front loader washing machine detergent....I've found, no matter how many times I put my clothes through 2 - 3 extra rinse cycles, I can never get the detergent out of my clothes completely... I use a third of the amount of Cold Power Ultra Front Loader, says to use, I also tried using the recommended amount, I was forever trying to figure out the correct ratio, but it made little difference.. I was tired of my sheriden towels feeling like sandpaper, and the same could be said for the flannel sheets... The clothes were unyielding and difficult to iron...

I'd been using Lux for years, but was told not to use it in a front loader... This is a myth... The best way to make sure your machine stays working and in tip top condition is to run a regular detergent through it a once a week to clean the soap away, or just one hot load a week... :-) There's nothing that comes close to how clothes feel when they've been washed with LUX...

I mainly use LUX Soap Flakes in a cold water wash, I just dissolve the required amount in hot water in a jug, then add it to the wash... So simple....I find I don't have to use Fabric Softener when I wash with Lux which is great, as Fabric Softener is just full of chemicals...
I Love Everything About It....
It can be pricey when you are washing for a family of four, who are mud and dirt magnets....

Interesting post " samsonsmum " but now I am unable to find Lux Soap in any shop . I then send mail to manufacturer and was told they no longer made this soap. What else can one replace this LUX soap with ???I bought Lux soap flakes at woolworths today. Pricey but need pure soap to wash curtains. Will post results when I have done the job


We really only used this product because my Mother-in-law recommended it to us but we have found that it's not worth the hassle of dissolving the flakes prewash to save money compared to liquids.
Is another great product for use on baby's clothes or for those with sensitive skin. A little less expensive than some of the sensitive formula liquids.
A bit annoying having to dissolve the flakes before adding to the wash. For the extra effort you might as well pay a bit extra to have a liquid. Tends to gunk up your lint filter and create a lot of scum around the edges of your machine.


I have a front loader and therefore they are useless to me, I don't handwash often but have tried them and prefer to use a cake of laundry soap.
To time consuming with the dissolving and fiddling.
Been used bu all my family for generations and has an excellent reputation
I found the need to dissolve the flakes super annoying, especially as I can't get them all to dossolve they just make clag.
Oily in texture when dissolved.

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I put the flakes into a screw top container, then shake it. If you use warm water it works a treat.


I never thought that handwashing clothes can be so easy until I discovered this product. I highly recommend this to housewives especially those who prefer handwashing sometimes. This is an excellent product.
I use this soap flakes for handwashing clothes...1. It is very gentle to the hands; does not irritate my skin; 2. It is good for sensitive skin thus, there's less possibility of irritation especially on young kids' skin; 3. It lathers a lot which makes washing off dirt easy; 4. A little amount can wash lots of clothes; 5. It is not sticky to the clothes so clothes are clean after just few rinsing; 6. The scent is very gentle. 7. I think the price is reasonable since it is very economical to use- little amount goes a long way.
It is only for top loader machines and hand washing. Hope they can come up with same product that will suit front loaders as well.

Questions & Answers

Why has it now been rebranded and fragrance added? This has been my go-to for no allergy washing for years. Are we to be subjected to more perfumed products when the product has always been safe for allergy sufferers? Not happy. Please explain why?????
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Hello. I would like to know if this product is vegan. Thank you.
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Have you stopped making lux flakes I've been to Woolworths stores and told it's been deleted tried coles and the shelf is empty
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