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Makita LS1040

Makita LS1040

4.3 from 9 reviews

Really good saw for the money

Very easy to use even for someone with no real skills like me. Makes all my previous mitres & cuts (before buying this saw) look quite bad.
No adjustment needed out of the box, plugged it in and started cutting.
Clamp system is good, nice positive stops on the angle adjustments.
Soft start would be nice but can live without that.
Standard blade is quite wide & coarse but done a nice job on hardwood so far with little splintering, will change to a thinner higher tooth count blade once this one starts to wear.
Stores away in a compact space on a shelf & light enough to pull out & use without any hassle.
Wish I'd bought this a few years ago.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Missing safety switch

Two days of use and the button for the safety switch fell out!
The Makita LS1017 sliding compound saw has the same design.
Both models on display in my local Bunnings were also missing these bottoms so obviously poor design.
This design defect is disappointing for a $400 product. Shame!

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Wished I had bought this years ago

I was putting up a wall. Had a cheap Ryobi that died, the wife said get a new one, read some reviews, spoke to some friends, bit the bullet and bought it. Words fail me, the cuts were perfect. Put up architraves around 3 windows that afternoon. So pleased! Makita makes great tools, dependable, rugged and do the job. I am no brilliant carpenter but the Makita drop saw makes building so easy.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Good value for DIY user

Very happy with this saw, the laser helps greatly with cutting where you want to cut and I saved my self a lot of money on the one job I initially purchased this saw for. My confidence has grown as a result and the saw will see more use which will again see me save even more money, and so on! Very happy with this purchase so far. A portable saw stand would be nice to have, but not necessary for infrequent use.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Great accuracy, effortless to use.

I rely on a mitre saw for rail-stile joinery in furniture making. So having a flat and square face on the end of a trimmed piece of timber is essential to keeping things straight and twist-free when gluing up. This is the first saw I've owned which does just that. Despite the large 10 inch blade, there is virtually no wobble (side-to-side movement) of the arm relative to the table. This means that the end face is not only square, but flat too, not rounded off at the edges. The mitre angles are all correct (for once). The method of adjusting mitre angles, by depressing the thumb lever, is very easy and quick. Even the kerf plate is at the same height as the table, not 1-2mm lower as I've previously experienced on other saws.

I miss having a laser sight, but have soon got used to it. I wasn't sure about the vertical handle, but once again it's easy to get used to, especially for ambidextrous use. Either the blade is sharper than I'm used to, or the motor more powerful, because it cuts through even hardwood effortlessly. There is so much torque that the arm "kicks" when turned on, something to be wary of. Why they don't use soft starts is beyond me.... The mechanism to swing the blade guard is also internal, not external, so there is less chance of it getting gunked up and jammed.

I've managed to fit this onto a 450mm wide bench too, which butts up against a wall. This side constraint was one of my main concerns with upgrading to a 10 inch saw but there is no problem with mitreing or bevelling, although attaching a vacuum hose is out of the question.

My only problem was that the hold-down clamp didn't come down far enough to clamp 19mm thick timber, which I would have thought would be a common size. So I had to make a wooden plug which screwed onto the hold-down washer to extend its reach.

In general, this is a very well designed and built machine which, without making any adjustments whatsoever, produced a high degree of accuracy straight out of the box.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

A good tool from my experience.

Borrowed a mate's to use it on some fixes I had to do around the house, it worked a treat. Makes a jigsaw look like a pair of scissors, my jigsaw anyway, and everything is cut smoothly and directly.
Bought one and haven't looked back since, a bit pricey but definitely worth it.
Reliable, Time efficient (get work done quicker)
Bit Loud, Scary if you've never used saws before but it has a guard.

where is my button ?

enjoying my new purchase from total tools...
1 month old.....my button in the hand piece/trigger for safety start...has taken off.
where has it gone ?
made in china makita....says it all !
where do i get the button /release pin from.
no back up service.....


Safety start pin pops off and disappears....goes back to china an you can't use the saw....

Cuts wood good

This was purchased because I was sick of using a hand saw. I wanted a quality product that would last.
Makes my wife impressed when I build stuff now, my home renos don't look like homer simpson's spice rack.
Is very loud and can be scary if you're not used to power tools

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My thumb was nearly amputated by one of these saws looking 4 aus standard or faults can anyone point me in the right direction


I considered all the compound saws on the market ranging from your 99 dollars bunnigns special through to the 2000 dollar rippers. I made a decision to go for the makita at $899. I'm glad I did cos it's been great. Go the Makita!
Without a doubt one of the best compound mitres saws on the market today. The angles are precise and the quality of the build is fantastic. The blade that comes standard is sharp and stays sharp for a long time.
Nothing apart from the high price of them. They do hold their value well though

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How to cut 45 degree inclined, the saw is not entering the basement canal
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