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Mastercard Cash Passport

Mastercard Cash Passport

1.2 from 55 reviews

Don't use Cashpassport

Cashpassport is a totally impossible to operate and their complaint service over a disputed claim is terrible they offered no satisfaction. I have now lost over $2,000.00. I would never use this card again.


DO NOT USE - so bad!

Let me load my money on an expired card (that they did not inform me about), then did not return funds before I went travelling. Despite many follow ups, still did not have it fixed. The worst! Save yourself the anxiety!

Do Not Use

Will never, ever use again. We were having difficulties loading our card and decided to call customer service to see if they could help us. After explaining the situation and what was showing on our end the lady RUDELY says it is not a problem on our end and hangs up on us.

I have NEVER, EVER experienced this kind of service in my life and i am appalled.

Will NOT recommend.


Don't go near this if you can avoid it

The extremely poor exchange rate effectively doubled the cost of using this card compared to my regular credit card with its international transaction fees. The only possible advantage I can see is access to cash. So beware - potentially very expensive.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Card had expired, but still let me load money

I loaded euros onto my card, to use in Europe. (I had used the card in pervious years) I tried to use the card in Berlin, over Easter, only to discover my card had expired. I expected with an expired card I would get an alert when reloading money, but no, account is active. You can put money on, but can't get it out! Lengthy expensive phone call to try & sort it out - have to wait 4hrs for e-mail & then find a western union try & get limited money, because they will not give you all of it. And they are converting from US$$ to Euro, even though that is what is on there! Will be cancelling acct as soon as I get home!!

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Very expensive money management

using my cash passport mastercard for online purchases was very simple, however managing the card was impossible as they did not show fees, in transactions report, no statement or balance could be found online during the first month, unshown fees were charged for every single transaction, making it uneconomical for small amounts, as far as I can tell I have lost about $50 out of $290 in fees, so do your research, these fees appear to be available but extremely difficult to find

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Total gyp which will eat up your money.

this card was pushed onto me by my local bank, who had presumably been told to do so. The exchange rate is ABYSMAL. You will lose LOTS of money using this card. And it doesn't even work in so many places/ATMs. London underground and buses wouldn't accept it, but they did accept my trusty NZ bank debit card immediately. I will reiterate the major drawback with Cash Passport is its the terrible exchange rate. You will lose lots of money for no benefit. DO NOT USE IT.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

This is a terrible product

I made the big mistake of buying a Cash Passport for my travels. It was as an emergency card in case I had problems with my Virgin Velocity card ( which works very well and the fees are lower). Unfortunately an ATM took the Virgin card so I was stuck with the Cash passport. For no apparent reason it only works in some ATMs (as opposed to the Virgin card). The Cash Passport takes three days to load by Bpay. When I phoned to ask why an ATM had the message there were no funds even though my on-line statement said I had $1,000 in there, I was put through the mill by the person on the end of the phone who spoke unintelligible English and treated me like I am a criminal. All I wanted know is where MY money was. Stay away there are many better products than this.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

These cards a HUGE and expensive SCAM

Mexico trip. Converted $900 CAD into MXN. C$18 of fees to open card, less than competitive conversion rate. All told, I was gouged C$130, four cash withdrawals over 5 days.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Beware. Steer clear of this VERY EXPENSIVE CARD. I was badly burnt.

Obtained this card without looking at these reviews.. Bad mistake.
Was quite happy to use this to travel O/S until time came to move unused money back to my original account.
There was a hit of 10% to the US$ to A$ exchange rate. Official rate on the day ~ 0.71. I was given 0.78.
So instead of close to A$9500, I got A$8700.
Using this card cost me A$800. (plus) I don't think 10% is reasonable after all the other costs that go with this card
The "support" at the call centre in Manila tried to explain to me this was because of the "spread" on the day ...
The spread was 5% when I bought the US$, but 10% to get back out... Some spread.
Good for MasterCard in the short term.
Bendigo Bank recommended this product to me so I am going to have a go at them too.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Deceptive conduct, conceal pertinent conditions.

This product will not let you reload more than once in a 24 hour period. Try, and they will block you.

**This fact is concealed from the customer and NOT included in their PDS.**

So when you blow the budget like you do sometimes on holiday, you are SOL unless you have another payment method about your person.

Do not believe the marketing, "instant reload", easy travelling rubbish.

Who would have thought I'd be thinking fondly of the good old traveller's cheque.

Just use your regular bank card.

It's cheaper to just withdraw from your own bank account using your visa or MasterCard debit card.
It cost me about $150 to transfer $1000 in to the cash passport account and then a $2.50 ATM withdrawal fee. Where as it cost about $30 to withdraw $500 using my Visa debit card including the withdrawal fees.
Your regular visa or MasterCard debit card will be accepted in the exact same places that the cash passport card is accepted.

The only real benefit to the cash passport card is if you knew the foreign exchange rates were going to drastically change before your trip. But even still you'd want them to be changing pretty significantly to make it worth while.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

BEWARE dont go near this passport.

They set their own exchange rate and when you want to transfer your money back you end up losing hundreds of dollars. They should have criminal charges against them. Stay AWAY

Competitive Exchange Rate No


Highway robbery. My cards were expired but they continued to charge me inactivity fees amounting to hundreds of dollars on EXPIRED cards. Absolutely absurd. Would not recommend and would never use this company again.


Bad exchange rate. Confusing and difficult to get your money back out once you're done travelling. Worse exchange rate once you convert your cash back to AUD. $4 per month non-usage fee. Absolute rubbish.

Absolute rip off

Be warned, they are not even close to their advertised exchange rates. I have just returned from NZ with $1000 NZD left on the card. Today's exchange from NZD is $1 to buy 99 cents Aust.

When I go to transfer the NZD back to my account the rate offered is 86 cents!

When I rang to question the difference all I was told is that currencies fluctuate! The extremely hard to understand call centre person would not or could not explain why the Cashpassport web site exchange rate was so much higher than what I was offered to exchange my money which they skimmed when I first put it in.



This service was terrible, the customer service team have no idea - at one stage i was stuck in the US with over $1000 available fund on my card and they would not let me access it. I had bought a cap for $23 and the souvenir shop had not yet closed out the transaction, so in their wisdom the cash passport staff said they had to hold funds until they were convinced the shop would not charge me any more!! Apparently because the name of the shop had "knights" in it and they thought it was a hotel!! The service staff were incompetent, on 3 seperate occasions they could not even reconcile my card, said they would call me back but never did.

Ridiculous ATM withdraw fees

I got my mastercard cash passport card to go overseas. It worked really well there, had 2 different types of currency, never had any issues making purchases. The problem started when I got back and went to withdraw the unused money, I got charged $43 to withdraw MY money from the ATM! When I rang them up, they said as per T&C, the fee for taking money out from an Australian ATM was 2.95% of the withdrawn amount, whatever the amount you take out, you get charged 2.95%! Total rip off! Their customer service staff didn't seem to care and said they couldn't give me a refund because that was their T & C so nothing they could do. Reading other people's reviews, I know I didn't lose that much, but is not just about the money, is the principle. 2.95% is just ridiculous...

Do no ever use this service


I am stuck in Manila with no money and no food because the cashpassport website that I have been using for weeks now has all of a sudden decided to not allow me to transfer money from my fathers card into my cashpassport account. I have been using this card for the last 3 weeks without any problem, now it states that the card details are incorrect. I assure you that the card details are correct as they are saved into my Samsung pay and I have been using the same details for the last 3 weeks! The website is full of bugs and comes up with internal error messages, if only I could post my screenshots. I also had my father call his bank provider to make sure it wasn't his card and as suspected it was not.
They have no way to reach them by phone in the Philippines, or in fact most countries. You have to call internationally to speak to them which I can't do because I have no access money. You have to email them which takes up to 48 hours, some times they don't even respond. I will never ever use this service ever again. Thank you cash passport I am going to starve to death because of you.

Kind regards,


Ripp off, do not use

Easy to set up, easy to use overseas, exchange rate was ok to change from AUD to NZD, just dont try to get your money back to AUD, 14 cents less than the AUD exchange rate.

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We are going to New Zealand for two weeks. Am I better off using a travel card or just my regular debit card? Dee
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Regular debit card, just let your bank know the dates you'll be away.

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