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Mastercard Cash Passport

Mastercard Cash Passport

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Do not get this card

This is the worst customer service ever. So I have this card which I have used on previous trips (Europe and NZ), and it worked OK, not super cheap but ok. I recently logged in to my account and moved the 5 euro that was left on it over to jp¥ and the site let me, was happy to show balances etc. I then used the bpay code to chuck $500AU into the card, as part of my budget for my trip to Japan in November (which takes three business days) I checked the account just now, two weeks later as I was about to move more money into the account, but there was no more money in there than last time? Looked over the card (which i didn't need to do the bpay or other infor) and realised it expired at the end of April and can't be used to purchase or put money in. (however there was no indication -that i understood as the card being expired- this was the case on the website when I logged in. If I look at the cards it says (active) below it, there is also an option to deactivate it.) I called them, spent hours on hold, finally someone answered and just said "hello, hello, are you there, I will have to end the call" and hung up on me (the people I called from my phone before and after could hear me fine) so I called back and after a long time on the phone I was cut off again without someone even fake answering this time. I have called my bank and they have opened an enquiry to the bpay, but is 14/15 days before that goes through and then the refund process doesn't sound easy or even guaranteed, as the person on the other end has to release the funds.

CurrencyAUD, EUR, JPY and NZD

Worst card ever!

Had trouble using card in Holland as you have to use their pin and when prompted habit enters my regular pin and you get locked out.
Card is very hard to read numbers in sunlight as it is only printed not embossed. Tried 3 times to get password reset and their email never got through, and phone reps did not help. After a long wait got transferred to supervisor and phone went dead. Worst card ever! Vey hard to use for the small fee difference from regular card.

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Inconsistent at best

I travelled to Europe for a month. I never knew when my card would be accepted, at atms or when using EFTPOS so as a result when I did find an atm that would accept it I had to withdraw now cash than I would ideally like to carry.

One evening I was stuck in Madrid with no money and tried five different ATMs that all rejected the card. Could not reach customer service and still have not received a reply to the email enquiry I sent. I had to walk into the restaurant and ask to pay before I ate in case the card wouldn't work. Embarrassing but at least I didn't go hungry

I really wish I had read the reviews before getting this card

CurrencyEUR and SGD
Competitive Exchange Rate No

Awful service!

I had a simple question, could I go to a bank in a foreign country and withdraw cash against this card as I am travelling for 5 months. Taking cash is risky and ATM fees can add up over time. Called 3 times and did not get an informed answer. Problem is if you travel with this card and then it does not work for you, well you are stuck in a foreign country with no money. Then I was given a # which says it is out of service.


Lucky I had bad customer services

It was great to know before heading overseas to find they have the worst customers service ever, before finding out the hard way overseas as I was told they would call me back with transfers & pin & logon Issues in 24 hours to 48 hours and still waiting lol, so straight away I had more professional help from ING direct with superior support from them as totally explains how there orange everyday card works without the big fees while traveling oversea. So I will let my own bank company Suncorp know who recommend the MasterCard cash passport this is the worst company I have come across in a while.

This card stinks!!

I have been travelling over a week and I haven't been able to touch my money. It has the pin rejected in all shops and atms. I have sent 12 emails with no response, no return phone calls. Mind you I can't always get the Internet. What am I supposed to do??? I am overseas. My son tried also to ring them from home (australia) but we can't talk to a human. It is all a recording.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Only good if you don't have any issues

Will not help you via email if you are overseas. There is no free call number so you need to ring +44 which is costly so generally not worth it. Not a good system.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Shocking. Fraudulent fees. Avoid.

I used the card successfully, although exchange rates meant it was probably not a good deal. But, like other reviewers, left balance on card for next trip, in line with advice from Cash passport (no inactivity fee). That advice is still published on the card's page. But they've been deducting monthly 'non-use card fees' contrary to their own advice, so my balance has virtually disappeared. Also, I'm unable to find information about how to close the account to avoid a further debt for not using the card. There are much better options for accessing money in different countries.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Fees for everything and nothing

- There's a fee for loading money, and a bad exchange rate that's basically another fee
- There's a fee for not spending money
- There's a fee for withdrawing money by ATM
- There's a fee for transferring money out of the account
- There's a fee for exchanging currencies
- There's a fee for when they charge you a fee in AUD for not spending money and you don't have any AUD left in the account because of the fees they charge you for not spending money

CurrencyAUD, EUR, GBP and USD
Competitive Exchange Rate No

Can't use online features and terrible customer service

Apparently no New Zealanders can register this card online at the moment but they didn't tell me that when i got the card. Technical support hasn't even respond to their own call center to tell them what was going on over a week later of me lodging my first service ticket with them. 3 weeks later i still can't register to use the online features and the service desk still hasn't heard from their technical center about when the issue will be resolved or if they are even looking at it. I have wasted hours trying to resolve this with via their call center.

I wouldn't recommend this card if you expect even a basic level of technical support for when things go wrong. Seems like there are systemic issues within the cash passport company to have this level of disfunction and poor communication.


I'd give it zero stars if that were an option

Travelled from Australia to NZ. Added funds once, but ran out (transaction history absolutely useless). Tried to add again 5 times, rejected each time- when I got through to the info line the second time I was told I'd 'exceeded my threshold' (not that she could explain what that meant) and that I would have to go to a branch or wait 24 hours to add funds. Not impressed! It's nearly midnight on a Saturday and I fly out Monday morning after 5 hours driving tomorrow. The solution was to just 'use my debit card' which I'll get hammered on fees on. Will never use this again, and will make sure I let everyone I know that as well


No transparency and the 'Fine Print' no help with a Multi-currency Cash Passport Card

I believed I had approximately USD100 left on a card I opened in 2016. I understood the card didn't require updating and, because a charge of $10 applies to close the card, I decided to wait until I next needed it. That happens to be this year, 3 years later. I logged in to check my balance and find that I've been regularly charged a $4 fee (monthly), so the balance - which should have been AUD119.54 as at 2018, is now AUD71.54. Importantly, I was not aware of this practice of siphoning off cardholders funds and everywhere I've tried to find the 'Fine Print' to see how I missed it, I'm taken to the Platinum card details. Every query about the Multi-currency Card is "answered" by the Platinum card and this is completely misleading.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Horrendous treatment! Holding my money hostage! Stay away!

I was traveling to Europe in June 2019 and would be visiting several countries. I heard about the Mastercard Cash Passport you can purchase through Canada Post and thought it would be a good idea based on what I read. I went to Canada Post on May 7, 2019 and purchased the card and loaded some Euros and Canadian cash on it the same day. I thought I should test it out before I left Canada. I made a purchase at Reitman's (women's clothing store) in Canadian dollars in Canada and the card worked great.

On June 7, 2019 we landed in Greece and I began trying to use my card. I tried to make a purchase in a store and it would not work. In the days following I tried about 6 times to either make a purchase with the card or get cash at ATMs and the message always said "Denied at Source", or something very similar.

WHAT I DID NOT KNOW is that after I activated my card on May 7/19 and made a successful purchase in Canada on May 21/19, Cash Passport decided to deactivate my card and start an investigation. Investigating what? nobody knows!

I called them from Europe and was floored by the horrendous service. Before they would reactivate my card and give me access to my money they would require the following:
- Copy of my Canadian passport and Driver's licence
- Copy of a utility bill with my name and address on it
- Copy of my bank statement with my name and address on it
- Complete explanation as to why I purchased the Mastercard Cash Passport (their words: "What were you planning to do with the card?") -- For this I said, "Well if I buy a coffee pot, it's safe to say I would be making coffee with it. So, you can guess that if I buy a prepaid credit card, I would be using it for shopping and spending money." How ridiculous!!

Any time I asked why I was being investigated and why did they deactivate my card I was told that they cannot provide that info. They'd also say they have a "back office" who wants this information about me. What?! Absolutely unbelievable.

Instead of spending half a day of my vacation trying to gather this info listed above (while in a remote location in southern Greece), I waited until I returned to Canada. On July 2, 2019, I called them again and they went through the same racket of them requiring the above list of info. I escalated this call to a supervisor who repeated the same foolishness and would not tell me why I am being investigated or why they have denied me access to my money to begin with.

So with them holding my money hostage, I had no choice but to gather up all the info they want and email it to them. I did this on July 2, 2019 and now I wait. Will I ever get access to my money? who knows? I do know that my trip to Europe is over, and I will never use Canada Post Mastercard Cash Passport EVER AGAIN!!!! As well , I will be telling every human I encounter about this useless product and their horrendous service.

FYI-You can also buy the card on line here: https://www.cashpassport.ca/en/ --DON'T DO IT!! HORRIBLE PEOPLE!!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
UPDATE JULY 10, 2019: After submitting the documents above, AND again re-submitting them, plus adding copies of more utility bills, as well as copies of transactions where I loaded funds onto the card on two separate occasions, today, July 10, 2019, I was told they have reactivated my card and I can now access my funds. I only found this out when I was making my usual call to them which I did every other day at least. I logged on, immediately transferred all my currencies to Canadian, went to the nearest ATM and withdrew as much at the ATM would let me. I think there is about $10 CDN still on the card which I will try to spend today. They still refuse to tell me why my card was deactivated or why I was being investigated.


CurrencyCAD, EUR and GBP

Zero customer service response in an emergency

Zero stars. Daughter travelling alone to Europe. Able to load funds onto the card without an issue and check pin number before leaving. No access to card overseas. Five days of calls to try to sort it out but still no response. Can't even transfer the funds back out to bank account. Basically left with no access to her own money.

The absolute worst

Won’t go into all the disastrous details but in a crisis forget it. This card certainly ruined the holiday. Couldn’t rely upon customer service to help out in the event of theft/fraud. In an emergency half a world away from home, it was not the response I needed..

CurrencyEUR and GBP
Competitive Exchange Rate No

Poor Support

While overseas i could not access my money on any ATM. Called the support line (which is expensive to call in the first place) and got not help at all. Was told they would call me or email me and got nothing. Also the fees are horrible. You pay so much to access your money. DO NOT GO WITH THIS PRODUCT!! Bring cash with you next time


No problems in Europe or Southeast Asia

I've used Cash Passport on 2 separate trips to Europe as well as SE Asia. Exchange rates can be average but no problems otherwise. Keep it safe & you'll be fine.

CurrencyEUR, GBP, SGD and THB
Competitive Exchange Rate No

ATM use good but far too costly overall. Better alternatives. Avoid!

In my opinion the only upside of using Cash Passport is the ability to use ATMs in foreign countries. Otherwise it is a rip-off. Paid a fee to receive initial cards, understandably, then charged a decent percentage of initial funds load as an "administrative fee" for doing it in person at BOQ, and on subsequent instant reloads with a debit card. Terms and conditions tout free load and reload but this is not the case unless you are willing to do it online and wait up to 1-3 days depending on your bank to do an ordinary transfer, or 3 days for BPay. When removing funds off Cash Passport back to bank account at home, charged another $10 fee to remove my own funds (which I had already paid fees on for loading/reloads/conversions and initial card purchase) and on top of that they used an USD/AUD exchange rate that was drastically below the actual real rate. That final transaction alone of removing funds off the card at a false exchange rate cost us a few hundred dollars. Altogether we gave away hundreds of dollars in fees, loads and poor currency exchange rates, for a basic service that most of the major banks can offer without all the double dipping and extra expense. Even the app on our phone was buggy and unresponsive on setting up. Simply get a CBA Debit MasterCard savings account or similar and use that where you go overseas, or just use a real credit card on your travels. Talk with your bank about their ordinary options. Cash Passport is way too expensive of an option and there must be much cheaper alternatives. Take the time in advance to find better payment options for your travels so you don't get sucked in by this snake oil platform, doing so will save you a lot of money better spent elsewhere on your travels.

Tried to purchase a flight in Thailand but was declined, we can only assume because we had not exchanged our loaded USD currency into Thai Baht using the app, even though the process should have worked. Payments in USD in Singapore and neighbouring countries worked OK where paying in USD. ATM withdrawals in foreign currencies worked fine too where MasterCard accepted, despite paying a $2.50 USD fee each time.

Ultimately all this information is laid out in the terms and conditions, except for the terrible exchange rate on withdrawal back to your bank account and the poor currency exchange rates overall, so we did have some initial expectations of the charges involved which we were willing to accept. However, how the poor conversion rates on withdrawal and exchange is determined is not specified anywhere and this seems to be where THEY MAKE A LOT OFF YOUR MONEY. No doubt this also encourages people to leave their money on the card after traveling and continue to use it for purchases back at home, instead of converting and withdrawing it.

Despite being quite aware of the terms and conditions, it proved much more costly in practice than expected, mostly due to their very poor, unfair exchange rates that don't even remotely match the real rates. The additional transaction fees and large administrative fee for initial load in person at BOQ was also a decent chunk of lost money. In the end I'm not pointing the finger at Cash Passport 100%, as their terms and conditions are for the most part transparent if you take the time to read and understand them, but we are also annoyed at BOQ who quickly recommended and sold Cash Passport to us in the first place.

CurrencyAUD and USD
Competitive Exchange Rate No

Worst customer relations service ever experienced! Never again!

The Cash Passport account which I've had for over 5 years and used on at least three overseas trips is (or was - I've cashed it out after my experience today) linked to a card which expired in October last year. In April I received a promotional email advising me that the card had expired, but inviting me to apply online for the new Platinum Cash Passport. This I did, submitting an application via the link in the email. I also reloaded the account with additional funds, and a few days later converted some of the AUD to GBP. I received confirmation of the reload and conversion. However, I never received any acknowledgement of my new card application. After two weeks passed and with my departure date for the UK getting closer I emailed cardservices_prepaid@mastercard.com on May 9 to ask why I hadn't received a new card, or even an acknowledgement of my application. I received no reply. So on May 24 I again emailed asking what was going on. Today, three days later, I received an almost incomprehensible "cut and paste" reply rambling on about "security issues" and saying that my enquiry had been passed to their "call back" centre as the matter couldn't be handled through email because of "security issues". Shortly afterwards I got a call from a lady who appeared to have no understanding of the situation, even after putting me through all the "security" steps and accessing my account. We went round in circles with her repeating that they couldn't send me a new card because I hadn't loaded and activated it, totally ignoring my protestation that as I hadn't received the card which I'd ordered online a month ago I had no way of knowing that the money I had loaded into my account didn't count! "We can't send you a new card until you load it" was the sum total of the advice she gave, repeatedly. After 20 minutes of this fruitless discussion, I asked to speak to a supervisor. After holding for another 5 minutes, I was put through to a supervisor, who again made me go through all the security questions, accessed my account and basically gave me the same useless run-around. I pointed out that I was leaving for the UK in 2 days so even if we could overcome the ridiculous cart-before-the-horse situation they kept repeating, I wouldn't receive a card before I left. She then suggested that could I get one over the counter at "any" bank. "Any bank?", I enquired. "Yes, ---- oh, except ANZ", was the reply. "And then I can access my existing CP account with it through an ATM overseas?". She volunteered "yes" and suggested Heritage Bank. "And you can definitely confirm that they'll be able to do this all over the counter while I'm there?" "Yes, no problem", was the reply. Without any confidence in the accuracy of what I'd been told, I then rang my nearest Heritage Bank, explained the situation and on being told that they could issue the card, drove 30km to their location. The customer service officer listened patiently while I went through my sorry story and then took me into an office to complete the transaction. Using my expired card and information I was happy to provide she was able to check my CP account, but as I didn't have a bank account with Heritage she'd need to talk to CP's "help" center for the advice on the correct procedure. To cut a very long story short, she was then put through half an hour of precisely the same pointless run-around with a person who clearly had no understanding of the situation, clearly becoming as frustrated and angry as I am. We were offered two possible solutions: I could make a new online application and they would send the card to my address in the UK (again, useless, as I'll be touring), or, I could go to the bank branch where I purchased the original card, 5 years ago. Great, except that it was a branch of another bank, 500km away, which had been closed in a recent round of closures. Obviously, CP's so-called help centre staff can only deal with routine enquiries according to a checklist and are unable or unwilling to refer a "difficult" customer (as obviously that's how I was considered) to a senior person who could actually make a decision or even provide accurate and relevant assistance.

After commencing what should have been a simple online transaction over a month ago and consequently wasting time and money trying to get CP to fulfil the transaction which they invited me to carry out in the first place, I've now cashed out my CP account (minus the "cancellation fee" they charged, adding insult to injury) and hopefully will find a better deal through CBA's Travel Money in time to have a working card before I leave for the UK in a couple of days. I know from previous experience that CBA's Australian-based and English-speaking call centre operators appear to take their job seriously and satisfy my enquiries intelligently, courteously and to my complete satisfaction.


Don't use Cashpassport

Cashpassport is a totally impossible to operate and their complaint service over a disputed claim is terrible they offered no satisfaction. I have now lost over $2,000.00. I would never use this card again.


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forgotten pin number
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We are going to New Zealand for two weeks. Am I better off using a travel card or just my regular debit card? Dee
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Regular debit card, just let your bank know the dates you'll be away.

How can I cancel a cash passport that expired in 2017
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