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Scamming match, nothing else

There are more scammers on this site than real people. There would be 1 in 100 who may be genuine, and then their membership has expired and they do not use the site any more but they still keep them on there.

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Rip off!

over charged me, tried to contact them to correct it, no luck - said they didn't know me, put in a fraud claim on my card & suddenly they knew who I was & my bank declined the fraud claim, tried to contact them again & same damn issues! DON'T JOIN, IT'S A SCAM RIP OFF - GO TO THE PUB & DO IT THE OLD FASHIONED WAY

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No paid membership, then No authentication that you have responses mentioned in their masthead!

Outstandingly handsome American men appearing on the Australian site. I had specified wanting to meet people from Melbourne.
Match.com don't allow you to see if a genuine message exists with notification in your mailbox and Teasers that a number have viewed you.

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Don't.pay for this site.

I.thoughr because you had to.pay it would be a good.site. N9thing but scammers on there. Each one I called.out and they blocked me. I.was looking.for.a.partner..Not a.single valid match. I actually.paid for a reverse search on an.image and.it.was.some.guy.living in Germany
It a a scam don't get caught.like .I.did.

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After much research I ended up on match my first paying site to be extremely disappointed not much activity at all. I wouldn’t recommend this site have deactivated before my due date

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Don't go there it's full of fake profiles

I am 59 year old man and was repeatedly contacted by pretty computer generated women of a very young age some in their 20's it only took me a short time to realize this site is a scam, there is no support don"t go there is my advice .'

Fraudulent card charges...no support from Match

I was charged $52 on my credit card by Match with a US phone number in the reference. When I contacted the US number they referred me to the International number. The International number only allows for a message, the phone is not manned. I then received an email from Match saying they could not identify my charges. Match also put the transaction through as a "signature purchase" which seems unrealistic for an internet site (where did someone go to sign?). It seems Match may be part of the problem and maybe complicit in this fraud.

Nothing but scammers

I have been on the site just a couple of days and every single contact has been a scammer.
Their questions are computer generated and I answer each question with 'scammer' but the computer generated questions come for awhile. One actually answered me back and said 'your a big fat scammer for calling me that'. I just said boo hoo and get lost.
Not one person that has contacted me has been a real person.

January 7th 2019 Update: One week on still nothing but scammers

I joined Match.com just over a week ago and have not been contacted by one real person.
They have changed where they live as now they claim to live in Australia but have exactly the same itinerary of questions. I have been reporting them to Match.com. I would like a refund but Match.com is not contactable via email.

Money grabbing automated site !!

While I was free member, everyday I received emails about interests by pretty members. They also offered discounts ( but want commitment for 6 month). Once I became member the emails stopped. No interests no messages anymore. Except occasional email again to buy free message replies to free members

37 blocked scammers in under 7 days

I joined last Saturday as a one month paid member. Thus far I have blocked/reported 37 members who are scammers. It is a disgrace. I have emailed once and was told that i had emailed the wrong COUNTRY however it is the same bloody company. I have received a run around. I have been on quite a few sites over the last 12 months and this is one of the worst for contact BY NO ONE REAL. Buyer beware

Totally fraudulent.. spot the fake widowers

I logged on on the weekend and performed a fairly specific search, and hey presto, up popped three identical looking gorgeous men, all widowers, all roughly the same age with similar stories, but in different cities. One of them happened to like me, and when I started a conversation he, and all his lookalikes mysteriously disappeared ( you have to purchase a subscription to start a conversation). So I’ve just repeated that search and it’s amazing how many vaguely presentable men, with professional looking photos all have similar stories. Interestingly, they claim to have graduate degrees, or at least degrees, but they are fairly inarticulate and have trouble finding the capital I on their keyboard. They are also surprisingly short and unspecific about their partners. Thanks match.com I’ve got screenshots of all of these. Time to stop the fake profiles. Don’t bother logging in if you want to find a real person. Waste of time and money.

Absolute scam

I wish i had of read the reviews before i subscribed as after reading a lot of them below I know i wouldn't have signed up. Like the others... it appears a lot of profiles are fake, come from international locations and tbh.... some very attractive ladies who also don't seem to match their ages. I have been on less than a week and have already unsubscribed.
Anyway... do yourself a favour, don't subscribe and use that $100 to go out for dinner with a bottle of wine with yr best friend.... u never know, you may end up meeting someone. Far better than using this site.

Shock!!!! All scammers!!!! most widowers!!! please ladys not in to Match.com this site!!!

I was amused to get so many similar emails from "widowers" who had lost their dearly beloved wife in accidents or though cancer. Profiles claiming to be from men living in Sydney who seemed to have no idea about the geography of Sydney. Emails with stories of loneliness and need asking for my email address.
I found out how to cancel my membership (not easy but doable) and left the site. Do not give them any of your money. It is a very expensive time waster!

Full Of Scammers

Unfortunately I joined this dating site and paid good money. Within the first 4 days I received several emails from attractive looking men, 2 from Sydney and 2 from USA. Ladies if these low lives don't want to communicate from the site or ask for your direct phone number or email address they are scamming!!!
Report it immediately and block them. I would have appreciated some feed back that the scum have been found and dealt with. I guess what they do is just put another false identity up so be aware!!!!!
Don't bother using this site.

Members seem to be all scamming for money and other things

Joined this terrible site tge only email i received were from men pretending to live in NZ and immediately wanting my email address and phone number. They would not answer direct questions. I was lured into one of these at the beginning but with done research found that everything was a liar, they eventually asked for money because of a large contract he had won, and his money was caught up in a bank transfer. But i must have had 15 men contact that were fake profiles. Not one contact was true. Don’t waste your money . i would report the adds. These online dating sites are all a con ladies . Don’t be fooled best to stay single, sain and with your money in the bank.

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sorry after reading back what I wrote I note lots of spelling mistakes. My message was a little unclear. After paying for a membership, I received immediate replies from men with fake profiles, they would immediately want me to go onto a what app phone connection, and email me off the match.com site. I did this the first time, only because the profile seemed earnest. He told me he was about to land a big contract for his business worth a few million, then told me he was in some meeting in respects of this contract and told me where the meeting was , which he claimed in Australia, upon investigation the place did not exist in Australia, he sent me a few photos and they were not the same man, very strange, he then stated he needed to try and get a lab to bridge this new contract, until his guaranteed first payment for the contract. His emails were copy and pasted to me in his first contacts, as when I stopped all communication after I confronted in email everything he was telling me did not stack up, he became abusive. So I cut all contact. Only a month later I get another introduction. on match .com Exactky the same email and message word for word asking for a contact with me. I received about 10 i. total of the same type of email, some would be resent word for word nothing had changed in the text, when you wrote back asking specific questions none would be answered. So many cons in March .com , when you contact them Match.com to report, they are not interested. Again don’t waste your money or sanity.

Watch What You Write

This site will edit the text in your profile (without explanation or any opportunity to discuss) and then post it for the world to see. Anything critical of the site, or any mention of your intent to discontinue your subscription will be deleted. If you replace the text they will delete the entire section and replace it with the words "Profile Not Complete," so you loose your work. For example, these statements will be deleted; "I’ve resolved not to view any more matches or try to contact people on this site," "I've decided to let my subscription expire," " I've had enough of the disillusioning promises." If you query for reviews on this site, you'll find that they've created many fake review sites giving themselves five stars. Examine them carefully and you'll see that there's no opportunity to add your own review to those sites. They are literally advertisements for match.com created to promote the site and disguised as consumer review sites. If you have a brain, this site is not for you.

This site is dangerous

I was amused to get so many similar emails from "widowers" who had lost their dearly beloved wife in accidents or though cancer. Profiles claiming to be from men living in Sydney who seemed to have no idea about the geography of Sydney. Emails with stories of loneliness and need asking for my email address and then the number of SPAM emails I received doubled and tripled and quadrupled overnight. In all I met not one single person in 4 months and received about 1000 emails. I found out how to cancel my membership (not easy but doable) and left the site. Do not give them any of your money. It is a very expensive time waster!


*********BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!!!! I came here to warn people about this site, it is full of scammers not genuine lonely people looking for some contact with someone they might like, A great load of single ladies reside at Abbortsford so many in fact I would not want to live there as it is divorce central! Another thing is they let asian woman pose as Australian woman-attractive girls in remote Oz localities like Bathurst Island and Tennant creek and others in the NT-BEWARE! there is an asian scammer based in Malaysia or simular and they want your hard earned do ray me they are behind the account and pretty lady profile-do not pay any money to these scammers or this site MATCH.COMN they are all thieves and in cahoots, I complained under 2 identities and they removed me both times as not being in the interests of their (scammers) members when I bought up reporting members that appeared fake so they condone this behavior and remove those that bust them. Their so called girls are only after money as this site is and is not concerned with your plight in life or as a lonely single, I did a cashback on my card and advise all that are not satisfied to do the same as quickly as possible!
I would advise all to write a strong protest against these and other sites like Iamnaughty etc, they are thick on the ground and need a strong protest to consumer affairs and the pollies, theft is theft and we would be arrested and given Jail time for less than this thievery, why are they allowed to operate in our great country!

Dodgy site

I don't know how I got onto this site because I was on another site which I was a side kick onto this one. Very dodgy

The WORST online dating site of all time!

The Match.com dating site is fraudulent and full of scammers. It seems to be impossible to cancel a subscription through their online site. I cannot understand how they are legally able to continue.
They constantly supply contact from fake OS scammers, implying that they are from Australia- yes, Abbotsford predominantly.
I am SO annoyed, and suspect that MY details will be abused by the operators of this appalling site.
Give Match a wide berth.

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Questions & Answers

How do I cancel account with match?
1 answer
By following the instructions on the "change/ cancel membership" . Getting there is a bit confusing....

how do I delete my account?
1 answer
Mine was deleted for unknown reasons but I just emailed them a few times to make sure ALL my stuff was gone from their files. customercare@support.match.com

Hello :) Does someone know what is the telephone number for Australian match.com customer care?
3 answers
Hi Lily, There is no phone number you can call. All enquiries are made by email.Try going to site / there probably should be section saying contact us or like the other poster stated you could try contacting them by emailYeh, u can call them but they r in Canada. So make sure u ring them in the morning. Try this:0011-1- 800-926-2824 Match.com phone support

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