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Maxi ThermoFoodPro Superchef

Maxi ThermoFoodPro Superchef

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No service. Gave up and bought a different brand that I am really happy with. Returned the unit for repair and had it sent back unrepaired. Rang and complained so was sent a new base unit that my bowl wouldn't fit and tripped my RCD switch. Rang and complained again and got sent a new bowl which did not stop my RCD fro, tripping.l Worked OK for a while but food burnt very easily. Was not easy to put the whisking gadget onto the chopping blade.

Date PurchasedDec 2012

Locking in the bowl

Cannot lock the bowl in unless I remove rubber ring underneath the blade. Is this normal? Can I use the Thermo pro without that rubber ring? I'm afraid it will leak if I use it without this ring. I have tried heaps of times to lock bowl in place with the ring on it but it refuses to lock.

When it works its great....but poor longevity...and now the business has disappeared.

I have enjoyed using my machine, but it broke down once (blade stopped spinning) whilst under warranty - got it fixed with absolutely no problem...used the online request form, got an email back, dropped the machine off and it was sorted in 2 days. Now however, its done it again (same problem)....its out of warranty....and after submitting the online service request form I received an email from them asking me to try a few things on the machine, which I did, and then nothing! they seem to have disappeared. I called the NewWave business - they used be connected somehow, but they did not have any parts left from the old business....so now its waiting for the next hard rubbish collection! would I buy another....I think you can't anymore ....but if I could ....probably not.

Disappointing lack of support.

Just received my Super Chef and it leaks, cannot get in touch with anyone, the email bounced back and the phone number on their support page is not connected. I think it is just a faulty lid but need to get it sorted. Not sure what to do about it. Have left a message on their support page.

When this works, it's awesome. But where is the service??

Mine leaked from the beginning. Reached someone who said they were aware it was an issue. Couldn't get hold of them again - tried website, phone, Facebook. Now it's stopped working completely after a year. Love this machine but useless with no service.

Terrible terrible machine.

I would not recommend this product at all. In the space of two weeks, I have taken mine back three times for a new machine. The first time it was shorting the power in my house, the second time it would not heat at all, and just today I swapped it again, put in some potatoes and water before I could press on I noticed rusty water coming from the bottom of the bowl, it was rusted and I hadn't even used it. Please do not buy this, I will be getting a thermo mix got sure.

Worst. Appliance. Ever

There is a special place in hell reserved for the people who made this product. Every negative review above is true.

Dont Buy

The temperature under speed 3 stopped working within a month of getting it. sent numerous messages to the manufacturer without response. burnt the food. recipes were rubbish. not one of the sauces worked out on the temp/speed combination that was in the book. had to increase the temp and time every time.
it was a high speed blender.

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Will the bowl burn? Like any stainless steel cooking pot, you will experience browning on the base of the bowl. This is normal, however if you are experiencing severe burning you may need to reduce the cooking temperature or cooking time. They all have burned spots in their bowl, depends mostly how high the sugar contents in the food is. Even the Thermo Mix have burnt spot according to a few ladies who own a TM. Cleaning the base of the Thermochef bowl can be achieved by washing with warm soapy water and a scrub brush. For more stubborn browning, pour some white vinegar into the Thermochef bowl and allow to soak for a couple of hours. This will aid in the cleaning process. Removing the blade will also provide easier access for cleaning.

Waste of money

From the start it burnt food, was told it was the jug and had a replacement sent out, still burnt everything. Was told to post it back for repairs, but cost of postage to me is over $50. Decided to just use it for blending and steaming but before long the blades barely turned anymore. I now will have post it back. Don't waste your money on this piece of junk.

Came out of the box defective.

Hi dmco6863, I am searching for a replacement blade/mixing paddle thingy for my friend, and I'm wondering where you would have sent your processor? I hope you can help me, as I can't find any where that stocks replacement parts for the maxi thermofoodpro. Many thanks! LisaHi Lisa, If you visit maxika.com.au/support there is a contact form, that is how I communicated with them.

Do not buy this product

I urged you not to buy this product - Only used it twice and the heating side of it will not work. It does not get hot at all. I tried to phone the number in the booklet - Not taking calls - sent 3 emails or emails on Facebook - no reply - There is no after sales service - No one answers you emails - You got no where to go when this products fails and take it from me - It fails big time
inexpensive - but its a very dear blender - cos mine has not heating
does not heat anything


I have had this processor for 12 months & the base of the blade is now corroded & doesn't' seal properly resulting in food leaking out all over the bench.It has been impossible to find any service backup to have this replaced. A 2 year warranty is meaningless if there is nowhere to get the machine fixed . Initially I was very happy but not any more
worked well initially

I got a machine that does not heat - no where to take it - want refund or replacementIronic! Mine used to burn everything until it decided to break completely.

The ThermoFoodPro Superchef is hands down the best kitchen appliance we have ever bought

Could not be happier! :) :) Glad didn't buy the $2000 version... would use this at least once every single day without fail. It has revolutionised the way I cook. I make just about everything in it. Juices, nut butter, dips, soups, main meals. And still haven't used the steamer and basket yet nor tried making bread or cakes...
The recipe book is large and easy to read and follow. The Superchef is easy to clean; the meals are now even healthier as you can make practically anything from scratch.
The only very minor issue I would say is the size of it; as I usually cook enough for about 6 meals at once. (we usualy freeze some) The Superchef which is the same size as the thermomix would make about enough for 3 meals. This is being REALLY picky tho!

Went to my local good guys and they don't sell them anymore said they had quite a very back so was disappointedTarget sells a similar version also for around the same price. You really have to be quick as they sell out very quickly after they restock them. A friend of ours would phone them regularly to pinpoint when the next ones were to be delivered to the store. This one apparantly is just as good and looks exactly the same as the one we bought. Also Kambos' has one that costs about $800.I just googled it; apparently you can still buy online through The Good Guys. It would be well worth investigating whether some stores have them on their shelves as it is nice to check it out in person.

Absolute value for money - loving it.

Like most reviewers I can't afford a $2K Thermomix so thought to give SuperChef ago. What can I say, it is the most used kitchen appliance that I am worried it is way overused. My goal is to stay away from processed and pre-made food packed with preservatives & additives and I'm achieving that. I now, make my own bread using organic products eg. quinoa, My family now only eat home made ice-creams, sorbets, custards, biscuits, cupcakes where I get to alter recipes and hide good stuff in it for my kids. I've made beautiful topping for my steamed veges. I've cooked soups, fritters, risotto, dips eg. pesto, hummus. I've even done demos for my friends like those thermomix ladies do, for a fun get together & was able to pull it off. BTW: I am a mother of 2, I work in an office 4 days a week & teach 4 fitness classes at night p/week. So this machine has allowed me to cook and prepare food I wouldn't have time for. I paid $299 delivered when there was a Maxi special online through Groupon. I sure think this is 10x worth every cent I paid.
Makes everything Thermomix can make. $300 vs Thermomix $2K, so much savings..
Nothing wrong. This does not have in-built weighing scale like thermomix but it is $1700 cheaper so I'll just used my own weighing scale - thanks

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Don't worry about not having integrated scales- just been using thermomix for past 3 weeks-the scales are totally unreliable, keep resetting and inaccurate, much better just to use jug on top of digital scales

Not worth it

I just returned my 2nd machine in 6months (for a refund!). The first one just stopped working a week after I bought it so returned it for a new one, while making a smoothie this morning the second one made some weird noise and then the blades stopped spinning.

I used it everyday mainly to make smoothies so I think its worth spending the money and getting the real deal or a top quality blender. It leaked at the base of the blade constantly on both the 1st & 2nd appliances. This made lots of mess all over the bench, base unit and around the outer part of the blade piece. This area on the unit and jug is very finicky to clean, mine started to smell even after regular scrubs.

The product is pretty good overall and it does everything it claims to do, rice takes considerably longer than the receipe states but you can makes some delicious and healthy dishes with minimum effort. Maybe it just isn't the best quality and for $460 I was expecting it to last at least the two year warranty.
Affordable, does everything it claims, quick healthy food options
I had two attempts at this appliance but both were returned, not the best quality, ended up getting refund.

Took double the time it says to cook vegies in steamerWhere did you return it to ???? I cannot get any answers from any site

Fantastic machine

I bought one of these just before Christmas but only got to play with it the other day - we made raspberry ice-cream, chocolate muffins and spaghetti bolognaise all came out beautifully. I have noticed that there is some leakage from the metal jug though and I've phone the company today and left a message so hopefully they get back to me on Monday.
good price

So far so good!

Well, I received it for Xmas got to open it earlier so I could have a play :) made tomato soup in 15 mins , was a delight . Made chicken pate , fantastic, just made my killer Hotcakes in it to make sure I can use it for my recipes as well, and they were the fluffiest I've ever made , cream was perfect .
The spatula is shredded in one go , but meh ! So what ,Ill use mine instead. Now, the reason I bought one , is because the lady at thermomix wouldn't allow me to buy one yesterday unless I had a home demo, which is a tad hard ATM, so , I decided to get this, had never seen one till yesterday, but for what we paid for it, thought it was a good intro to seeing whether I'd actually use it enough to warrant paying $2000 for a thermomix.
Yes, it has burnt the bum a tad, but that may be due to my not having the exact liquid required, so I'm going with that ATM, but seriously , I love it . Would highly recommend it and think we should get together and submit our recipes that have been great etc.

hi everyone just started using my thermo super chef decided to cook the fish and rice as described in the book (as you do when things are new) 15mins and the fish is still raw and the rice isnt cooked either wil try another 1 minutes any suggestions Like I said followed everything from the book?Bought mine today - couldn't wait to use it. Butter chicken was soooo delicious!!! Okay so only 1/1 so far but very happy!! Ask me next week! MI have found with steaming fish if I raise the temp 110 and start with boiling water and increasing the time to 25 minutes it works.. No complaints about the machine just the timing.. still looking for a garlic sauce recipe all suggestions welcome..

How can this rate 4.3 when Bellini rates 3.7 They are the same machine

This same machine is sold at Target, cuurently on special for $299.
I bought one today that did not work at all.
The build quality is rubbish, sparks and popping as soon as it was turned on
See my full review under Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master
Certainly dont pay almost twice the price at good guys.
My recommendation dont buy one at all.
I am not selling thermomix, while i think they are a good machine they are far too expensive for any kitchen appliance

Hi Dairn9, I don't quite understand. Can you explain why you said this machine is the same as the Bellini Intelli? But it says here its a Superchef Thermo Food Pro, whereas there's another separate review for the Bellini Intelli KM. Funnily, they are both sold in Target! Are they exactly the same products, just marketed differently, or really just different products? I thought some people commented in the Bellini KM page that the Bellini was not bad, and better than they expected. Let me know what you think! :)They are exactly the same with different branding and this one is a couple of hundred dollars dearer.

Burnt rice

I purchased one of these yesterday,and took it back today,my rice burnt badly on my first cook at the heat settings in the cook book,tried to adjust but of course it takes twice as long,and still not cooked properly,thank you good guys for taking back,for the price you should be able to cook as instructed without having to change anything.

Burnt the first time I used it and hard to get all burn mark of the jug!

I have used this for a while now. It did burn the first time I used it but mark has worn off now. I have made soup, pasta sauce, custards-I love the machine now. Rice can burn very easily-I am told that the trick is not to add the sugar until the end.Did you have to adjust the temperature at all?I didn't use any sugar,and the burn mark was really bad.I had to wash jug before I could continue.I reall do want one but not game enough to try another.I think for the money and all the reviews I have read, since I can't afford a Thermomix, I'm going with the Bellini.

Very Good Appliance, Almost Perfect

I bought this at the Good Guys after reading tens of reviews about the Thermomix, Superchef and the Bellini. I wasn't going to spend $ 2000 on a Thermomix ("Tell 'em they're dreaming") and wasn't too sure about the Bellini given the recall Target had on those. So I contacted the Superchef people directly on Facebook to ask a few questions about the differences between these brands which they answered openly and honestly. That convinced me to go and get one. I've had the Superchef for more than a month now and I can feel I can give an informed review.

Positives: Superchef does what it says it does: basically everything. It's powerful. We use it daily to cook, knead pizza and bread dough, steam, chop, sautee', make sauces, cocktails, desserts. In short, we love it. I've used heaps of recipes found on the Internet that were written for the Thermomix and had no problems changing from weights to quantities.

Negatives: spatula went after one day, it got cut everywhere, obviously the material it's made of is not strong enough for the blades. I asked for a replacement in an email which was sent quickly enough. The second one is slowly getting damaged too, so we now use it only for scraping the sides of the bowl and use a wood spatula for the bottom near the blades. Also bear in mind that some cooking times in the recipe book are wrong, so you might want to test some recipes before inviting friends over (it mainly needs more time cooking than what it's reported, otherwise some food comes out too liquid).

In conclusion, I think the Superchef would be absolutely perfect if it had a reverse function, scales and a stronger spatula. Nonetheless, I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to others.
It really does everything - It costs a fraction of the price compared to TM.
Spatula not strong enough - Some recipes are wrong.

I bought the Bellini but not many recipes included - is there any chance I could get a copy of the Superchef recipe book? It seems you can get a copy through the Maxi website but you have to give a product code. I have the Thermomix Basics cookbook (170 pages) scanned that I would be happy to give in return. The more recipes the better, I think :) Bellini have a face book page and there is also a bellini addicts Facebook page both get new recipes dailySuperChef has a great Facebook page. Search for superchef or use the url facebook dot com / maxikitchenappliances New recipes all the time, and an active community

ThermoFoodPro as good as Thermomix

I decided to write this review, as I could only find one other when I wanted to purchase this item, and that review told me nothing, so I took a chance and am glad I did. This is a great machine, the only thing I can see that it doesn't do that Thermomix does, is weigh the ingredients as you add them, and that isn't a problem if you have kitchen scales, and I assume any regular cook has. A set of $30 scales saves you about $1100. I have only had my machine about four weeks, and so far, have made biscuits, bread, pizza bases, sauces, breadcrumbs, minced meat, chopped onions and garlic, whipped cream, fantastic pumpkin soup, and steamed rice. Yep I can hear you now, you don't need this to make all that, but consider this, you just chuck it all in and it does the rest, chops, it blends it stirs, it folds, and in a lot of cases cooks it, and then keeps it warm. You set the various speeds, the temperature and the time, and it does the rest, fantastic. Oh and the instruction manual, 144 pages, has 150 recipes in it, showing you how to make everything, with all settings. Never thought I would, but I use it everyday, and we eat better now than ever. It makes it fun to cook. I bought it at The Goodguys, who are the sole distributors right now, $475. It's also a piece of cake to clean.:)
Everything, and it's cheap for what it does
Haven't found anything yet, it's just great.

Hi, can you please tell me if it mills very well. I am on a property and want to be able to make own flour from our sorghum seeds. I saw a demo where the thermomix did this and it was impressive!It does mill well. I haven't done grain, but I have milled white sugar into icing sugar, just as fast as the ThermyThanks!! Think I will get one ths weekend!

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How do you contact this company I need to order a butterfly paddle
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why does my machine leak out the bottom. I found oil underneath the machine when I was cleaning it
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What is error 03?
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Maxi ThermoFoodPro Superchef
Price (RRP)$449
Max Capacity2
Motor Power500
Release dateApr 2012

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