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Maxwell & Williams Cashmere

Maxwell & Williams Cashmere

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Cashmere double dinnerset has completely deglazed on certain plates and bowls, pattern has all but disappeared. I too have had recurring lip irritation which GP initially thought was skin cancer! Chuck this stuff out! What a waste of hundreds of $$$

Never again

I was washing a plate from their Kimono range which snapped in my hand and sliced down into my thumb joint which needed medical treatment. Proper sensation has still not returned after six months. I noticed some plates look like they've had cracks and have been repaired. Tonight i have discovered another bowl that is still together but has a huge crack. Very dangerous. If this was as an elderly person with thin skin i believe the injury would have been much worse.

Would not recommend as true fine china should stand up to the test of time

I purchased the cashmere 'Petal Pastiche' as it was such a pretty dinner set & is considered fine bone china. My previous dinner set was Mikassa which I had for 28 years used as my everyday & good dinner set. I only purchased another fine bone dinner set as after 28 years I wanted a change not due to marks, chips, fading as it was still in excellent condition. However the Cashmere dinner set has been terribly disappointing as many pieces no longer have a shine and black cutlery marks are now the new feature of this 12 piece place setting. I can't comprehend how this can be considered fine bone China? We have had this dinner set less than 5 years & looking to discard & purchase another Mikassa setting as at least we can trust in the quality of this Japanese manufacturer - very disappointed by this product.

Disappointed yest again!

This is the second Maxwell Williams dinner service I have bought, and I decided to buy the more expensive Cashmere range, I had the basic range previously. After just a few months I have stains and streaks on most of my plates.
I will return these to Myer, but not sure what to buy that is better quality? Any suggestions??

Serious health concern

Just like all the other reviews below - glaze washing off my cashmere dinner set. It became chalky and porous. My main concern is that my family have been digesting the glaze ! Glaze can contain dangerous chemicals such as lead.
I had a sore throat and neck for a period of time. The doctor tested me for everything from thyroid to tonsillitis but couldn’t find the cause. I changed every brand of tea , toothpaste, sugar etc to try to find the cause. In the end I realised the glaze problem on the mugs could be a factor in my health issue. I stopped using the mugs and dinner set and my throat got better !
I spoke to Myers and they happily refunded my 12 piece setting - regardless of the fact that I have had it for more than 2 years. I think this product should be recalled due to health concerns. I would never buy anything from Maxwell and Williams again. I have kept a piece of the China to be tested incase anyone in my family have any long term issues from this. Very concerning !

Love this item

Great dishes. Light weight and strong. Very happy with the quality and will buy them again. Wash up perfectly and slim line . Great item highly recommended for everyday use

Not a durable product

I bought two dinner sets 3 years ago. Sadly the glaze is very cracked on at least half of the set.. I'm unwilling to replace the pieces with more MW/Cashmere and feel like I need to start again! Very disappointing.


13 March 2018

I bought two M&W Charming dinner sets as well as a few extra pieces...eight each of noodle bowls, sweet dishes and entree plates. I am a bit disappointed that the entree plates are noticeably a different colour.

I am also disappointed that I couldn't get extra entree and sweet plates to make 12 settings...I didn't think they'd be discontinued so quickly.

My product is standing the test of time...to date: two breaks, one chip, no scratches, no crazing...I got it November 2015.

Sadly had to return - glaze is the problem.

In late November 2017 we purchased (from Myer) two M&W "Cashmere" 18-piece dinner sets (dinner plates, side plates and soup/coupe bowls), plus an extra 12 entree plates, 12 cereal bowls, 8 cups and saucers and 6 conical coffee mugs (total >$600). This was to be our new everyday better-quality dishes. Previously we had used white Johnson's Bros. settings which have lasted us 20 years but we could no longer buy extra or replacement pieces so we decided to go the whole hog and buy the Cashmere dinnerware, the benefit being extra pieces can be purchased separate in case of breakages (or extras for parties etc).
After just 6 weeks of gentle use, the glaze on every piece we used had deteriorated to a patchy, dull, "squeaky" and streaky finish. They were unbearable to touch; a sensation like scraping your nails down a blackboard from just handling the dishes. And the sound/feeling of using cutlery on it was also terrible. Given that 20 years of dishwasher-ing our Johnson Bros set had not degraded it's glazing one bit, we knew it was not anything we were doing incorrectly.
I contacted M&W on their website, described the problem and was advised to return the dishes to Myer. I packaged everything up, returned it to Myer and immediately received a refund.
I was told that M&W had had a 'bad batch' sometime in the last year, and other people had had the same issue. The sales lady however also mentioned she had been using a set of Cashmere dinnerware for 23 years with no problems at all. So I guess we were unlucky!
My search for a good quality, properly glazed everyday white dinner service continues :-(. I thought I'd found a suitable alternative with the Alex Liddy dinnerware but have just read similar bad glazing reports!

Knife marks and dark stains

Purchased M W Casmere Miami Beach for beach house. In spite of occasional use glaze quality dreadful. Grey knife marks and grey marks on outside of bowl. Not fit for purpose.

Lovely and brand new

I too had a variety of Maxwell and Williams basics that were old and worn.

So I just purchased two "Maxwell & Williams Cashmere Classic 16 Piece Coupe Dinner Set" sets and 8 entree plates. One bowl broken on delivery, being replaced now. Other than that they look great. Based on other reviews here, I will watch their condition over a couple of weeks and I will take photos to track their condition. At the moment I am very happy, they look lovely.

Disappointed with white cashmere china

My White cashmere china has what looks like grey cutlery markings on dinner & bread & butter plates . I do not have any cups/ mugs - fortunately!! Very unsatisfactory product.

cashmere set great

I must be the only one who loves this dinner set,I purchased mine about 8 years ago and it is still shiny,all in tact even after a few bangs and looks brand new,Maybe the quality has changed since then?But i am very happy with my set

Maxwell Williams basic white

Maxwell white classic dinner sets are pathetic, my children gave me 2 four piece setting for Mother's Day last year and now they have chips on nearly every second item as my children are adults there is no reason for the chips and I am very disappointed. My name is Jeannine mansell [private information removed] phone number 0407486973 .


I purchased 2 Cashmere dinner sets as I really liked the style, not on sale either, unfortunately most items have lost their sheen, they have a developed a bluish opal like mark and worst of all they stain, I always rinse before placing in dishwasher, only use liquid, but they still come out stained. The mugs have black marks from stirring with a spoon. I will NEVER purchase a Maxwell and Williams product again.

Very disappointed in the poor quality of this product.

I too purchased 3 sets of white Cashmere fine bone china to replace my 10 year old White Basics set that had served me well but was looking dull and scratched.
I was under the impression that Fine Bone China meant quality and that it would look beautiful for years. I thought that was why they were more expensive than the basics set, being a better quality product. Unfortunately, within a few weeks the dinner plates were becoming dull around the flat rim of the plates, the glazing appeared to be wearing off and they looked terrible. Extremely disappointed! I only wish I had done my research and looked at some reviews prior to purchasing them. The bowls and small plates don't appear to be affected, which would suggest that it is not the dishwasher powder, or method of cleaning them the glaze or finish of the product. I also find that the mugs stain easily and need to be hand-washed to keep them white,
If I knew it was just a once-off dodgy batch of glazing,that M&W were endeavouring to address I would probably buy them again, however it appears widespread and ongoing. How disappointing!

Cashmere dinner sets

A year ago we purchased two full dinner sets to use for every day. The style of plates and cups were so nice, I loved the new look after using my old dinner sets, a German make, for over 20 years within a couple of months the plates mainly became dull stained with streakers. Packed up most of it and managed to replace them with Myers. This happened twice already. We thought Maxwell& Williams would get the message about the poor quality. But no, the third set is behaving the same way, using the best liquid dishwasher. Looks terrible, hate it. Wish this would make a difference. No more M&W!!!

Should have checked review first

Purchased 2 complete sets about 6 months ago. Now about 25% of pieces are crazed or show knife marks (we are a 2-person family so no hard wear). I don't expect refund or return but am very disappointed.

What load of Rubbish

Worst dinner set we have ever used. We purchased two complete sets unfortunately. Glaze is dull and constantly stains and cannot be cleaned properly. Under the glaze there has been crazing and already had one dinner set replaced by Myer (great service by the way) and no thanks to Maxwell and Williams. Clearly they have no interest in customer service....happy to take your cash but not stand by their products. I have a background in commercial kitchen and restaurant operation and this product is not fit for purpose so my recommendation is do not buy it.

Worst Dinnerset ever

Worst dinner set ever.. isn't the cheapest on the market and only a few wash later the glaze is dull and lifeless. Marks are hard to get off and dishwashing leaves it with an very odd feel. DONT BUY this range. In fact I will no buy from this brand again. A dinner set I have had for 20 years was in better shape when compared to this. AVOID!

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I have just purchased a 12 setting Cashmere dinner set. After reading these reviews I'm really disappointed. I destroyed the receipts after purchasing as I never thought I would need them. I have had my last every day dinner set for 45 years (Royal Alma with big family using every day) and apart from a few breakages it never chipped or stained. It was never meant for dishwasher or microwave and has just recently started to craze. I'm now thinking I have done the wrong thing with my purchase of the Cashmere set.
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Mine is from the coloured Enchante range. The yellow and blue pieces have lost their glaze, red and pink pieces still okay ( I purchased a mix of pieces for casual dining) I don’t have white so don’t know if it stands the test of time. I hope this is helpful BabsThank you Suzi K. How disappointing for you! I have never had that happen to any china I have owned! Looks as though I'm going to have to wait and see what happens to my white Cashmere set.

Can you buy side plates to match cashmere floral cups &saucers?
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I believe so. Try Myer they might have stockThank you for your prompt attention to my query