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MDC Off Road Deluxe V3

MDC Off Road Deluxe V3

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Excellent value for money and performance.

We brought this camper new when BCF had them, 2013. We got the off road delux V3 as weknew that we'd be taking it off road from town to time and because at $5000 including the extras, mattress, kitchen, tool boxes and water tank, it was ahead deal to beat. We have taken it out a few times to the Noosa north shore, camping in some typical qld weather, IE, roasting hot then blowing a gale then raining hard enough to peel the paint off the car. During these storms it held up perfectly. We have used it for a few week long trips to forests and beach sites and then took it on a 2 month trip down the east coast to Tasmania via the blue mtns and bits of the Vic Alps. Again during this trip it held up perfectly, including the strongest winds I've ever experienced one day/night. During this time it didn't budge or leak at all. Since living in Tasmania it's had a few outings but also spent a long (too long) time sat in the driveway. While sitting there it hasn't rusted or shown any signs of faults at all. I'm planning on cleaning out the water tank tomorrow and getting it trip ready for next week. I don't foresee any issues at all.
If I had to complain about something it'd be the time time takes to set up the awning. Although this isn't due to MDC but rather the awning design in general. I'm planning on ditching a lot of the poles next set up and relying on the 3 end verticals and 4 guy ropes.
I would recommend anyone to try one of these campers and would definitely buy another one if this was stolen.
It tows like it wasn't there behind my Navara and fully loaded on the trip south, including having two heavy fishing kayaks on top, you'd forget you had it behind you. The brakes work well and so far I haven't had to do anything to it.
I did chose to upgrade the water pump out of preference but this wasn't due to any faults in the original unit.

Bought a second hand one - love it!!

We bought a 2014 V3 sexond hand for $4K from an old couple. Came with the awning and heaps of poles, pegs, etc. We love it, the trailer is gal dipped and hasn't fallen apart. I expected being chinese that it would disintegrate in the driveway (i can re weld if need be), anyway, i have added a battery, mains power, solar setup. It tows easily behind a santa fe 2.2 diesel, brakes evenly, and handles well. Can't complain about it.

For the price how can you lose

No leaksthrough the canvas and we have sat in tropical storms for 2 weeks. Easy as crap to put up and take down. Have used rear room and front awning, no problems. No dust intrusion, anywhere. Stable as in any weather. Tows behind my Patrol like it isn't there, brakes as straight as a die.have removed the jerrican and gas tank carrier. Have done a lot of far west QLD to the gulf off road about 12000 k not a worry. Wish it had come with a jack. Wife likes the bed set up. Good ventilation. Kitchen set up is crap, we have reworked it, not a lot of money to fix, but just annoying.

Not for Aussie condtions

Hi Celticgirl, We researched MDC, driving many k's just to view there stairwell models. Could not go around corner to see them assembled, that got me thinking, So went another day, had a good look at the welding, lousy tacked no running welds. Ask BCF why they stopped selling these trailers. Also we have seen with the wrong annex supplied (front instead of rear), then on our last trip, we saw 3 broken units in back loading semi trailers to Brisbane, the big logo spray painted over roughly. A guy 6 streets away took over a year to sell his one use camper trailer, it leaked & if you received the DVD on the trip to the cape, sorry, these were made by another company for them. We brought a Rob Moore Jimboomba Offroad & have done about 14,000k's in 3 years without a hiccup. The Chinese are rough & ready & now into caravans, be warned.
regards, Old John.

Worst Decision Ever

Having bought a V3 camper, secondhand, and supposedly still under warranty, with the optional independent suspension, it appears the optional suspension is somewhat of an after thought. The tent (which is obviously designed for the standard suspension) is now about about 100mm too short. Now, when erected there is a large fold or crease across the zippers on both doors, this renders the whole unit pretty much unusable. MDC response to this problem is to replace the tent at my expense. Well done MDC. Never again!

Good bang for buck.

Purchased the V4 model in November, with larger tent at Camping show on Sunshine Coast. So we had the opportunity to research a lot of Camper Trailers. So far very happy with the MDC camper. First setup took well over an hour - HOWEVER I have put this down to a few things 1) forgot to take the pole instructions 2) I added the annexe roof and tropical roof on which now stays on permanently and packs away. 3) It was 41 degrees that day!!!

I timed my second solo setup ,and with a routine in place have got a full setup including annex roof (minus walls and floor) with a cold drink in hand within 30 minutes. With the missus helping it would easily be under a half hour setup. Solo pack up - wheels rolling in about 30 minutes. Plenty of room inside for my 2 kids to sleep and luggage etc without being cramped. Plenty of ventilation with large windows. Tool box at front has plenty of space. I did have a broken toolbox handle within the first 6 weeks, however the company got back to me within 24 hours (during holiday period) and booked in for repair under warranty without hassle, so good customer service here.

My only negative feedback I have is ....I have noticed small spots of surface rust around crevices underneath the camper where the trailer frame has been welded to the trailer box, suggesting bare metal where the welds finish. Would like to have seen these areas painted/rust treated a little better after the trailer has been welded together. To be fair, stone chips/exposed metal will happen when going off road, but I would like to see this finished better off the showroom floor. I would suggest that anyone who purchases this model gets under the trailer with some Lanotec or something similar before venturing on sand mud etc ....for piece of mind.

Tows behind our Suzuki GV 2.7 V6 no problems. Plenty of room in the trailer box for all gear. Overall I would say - expect the first setup to be tricky, but once you have your own routine in place, it's a snap to setup. I would highly recommend this trailer to any one on a budget looking for 'bang for your buck'.

Perfect Service

I recently purchased a MDC step through from Steve in Sydney and couldn't be happier with the service I received from them. Addressed every question I had and found them a pleasure to deal with. If your looking for a camper trailer I highly recommend MDC campers.
M Whit

MDC off road trailer worthless

Bought ex demo dont know what to do with it straps holding bag to trailer rotten poles missing after 4 times tryed to get replaced finally wife picked them up and one broken ,cant buy extra room as advertised youd have to be a fool to deal with these people

No way you can put this tent up by yourself.

We have the newest model and there is no way you can put this tent up by yourself. And not to mention how difficult it is to attach the annex. My niece has the older model and yes, it is easy to do by yourself but this one, no way. It is so difficult to construct that it when it rains you will be in trouble, leaks everywhere. Very hard with a young family as you can't take the kids to the park or pool because hubby needs you to put it up. Not fun.

V3 Offroad camper

Bought this camper sight unseen from Bris,, extremely happy ,, basic to set up, 1 man , bout 40 mins to set up,, anyone struggling to put this up should never own a camper to begin with ,
Been on at least a dozen trips with camper friends and loads of kids ,, really put this trailer through its paces,, top product.
Would recommend to anuone
Space ,, being tottaly compact
Was missin a leg handle, but you can wind the legs down with your fingers

Seems good no after sales servicr

After sales service bad thanks [names removed] you did nothing to address my problem but only what suited you enjoy your company growth [names removed] rod many posts on the net address your lack of service I refer to my received email from you if I defame your company you will come after me ?????

Market direct campers

Tbox v3 my camper is not a year old yet. 1 side box strut has broke the lifting struts for lifting the bed/tent has failed. you have to prop the top up with something it has always taken 2 people to lift the top. When the tent is set up it is so hard to access the side boxers. as the canvas cutout covers the corners of the 2boxers. can't enclose the kitchen area under the trailer because of were the spare wheel is mounted on the tail gate pushers the side of the tent out which stops kitchen wall meeting main wall if I don't open the kitchen up than the gas line is to tight this trailer was sold to me as an Austrailian made manufactured trailer with a china made tent it all come from china.it had a bike rack mounting point on the back of the trailer I had independent suspension fitted so the mounting point was taken off the water tank sits at the very back of the trailer I'm worried it will scrap when off road I have fixed to Many things to list I have less than a 100mm when the camper is loaded till the tyres scrap on the guards I was miss lead on the sale of this camper I have been abused by the director of market direct over the phone look long and hard do some research it's hard to by Australian because of the wording and sales
The tent
Bad service bad warranty

Great Camper

We bought out MDC Deluxe V3 late in 2013. We have done a few trips since. Over Christmas drove from the sunshine coast in QLD to Coffs harbour, then inland for a few days. The camper went great. We put it up about 5 or 6 times in 12 days and find it easy to put up and down after a bit of practice. In March this year (2014) we dragged it up to double island point. I was a little worried about towing it in the sand, it weighs about 1000 kg fully loaded. But it towed like a dream, I evan managed to get off the beach in 2wd.

When we bought it we took the 18ft tent because it was the same price as the 12ft, but looking back i would go for the smaller one. The 18ft is huge and its a 2 person job to put up and down...

Since owning it i have added 12v power including a water pump. Well worth doing, and do it your self if you have the know how, it will cost a quarter of the MDC price.

Over all its a great camper.
Its great for the price and seems to be well built.
I have noticed after 2 nights on the beach there is a bit of rust coming through some of the stone chips.

Mdc off road deluxe v3

I find it hard to believe anyone can have so much trouble with their trailers
I purchased mine over twelve months ago. Two days after purchasing we went down the south coast,the first two nights had rain all night and not one drop of water inside
The only problem I had was once I got home after purchasing I saw that the stone guard was bent rang the guys straight away they replace it straight away
Every time I go away I always have some random family wanting to look inside as they are amazed at how much room there is inside
Tent size is excellent tows really well

Really bad customer service

I bought a voyager RF The winch was useless the ratchet didn't engage. The legs on the fold down section were only tack welded and broke first use. The gas strut holders under the bed were already bent when I bought it they are too flimsy and have now been replaced. One 12 v socket didn't work on removal the wire was too short and had pulled out. The tent had been assembled wrong and had holes where they shouldn't be and none where they should be . The jockey wheel was loose and I almost ended up with the tow bar sat on my foot ................Everything has been now fixed by me and I think for the cost the trailer is ok but the customer service is non existant and if you are not handy or wanting to do some diy stay away I honestly think MDC has the worst after sales customer service in Australia.
I have emailed them each time I found a problem and never received an answer.
I have removed all advertising from the trailer as its no 33% my build
Not too bad for cost it has some good features just badly finished
Poor Finish , Lack of quality checks, Pathetic customer service

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just used it first time in the rain and it leaked like a sieve Latest update the whole water line has deteriorated and leaks all over tried to replace and two die cast fittings broke rather than undo. Contacted Brisbane MDC via phone text and email despite being totally ignored in text and email I was promised on the phone that they would get me spares and text or email when they were ready to pick up no surprises once again no contact. I keep seeing the constant MDC blurb that they have sold 20000 campers maybe the reason the customer service is so bad is because 90% of those people are trying to contact them to complain

Poor product and post purchase service

Our issue has been that was bought new at camper show. Since then have returned 4 times( some 350km travelled doing this) as they refuse to accept that the warranty should be designed for at least 1 product failure, not 4 consecutive that are all different, relating to assembly, and only discovered when erecting. Poor quality and poor service.
Nothing. Every camping experience has been a let down.
Really unreasonable warranty service with no onus on quality.

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I bought a voyager RF The winch was useless the legs on the fold down section were only tack welded and broke first use the gas strut holders under the bed were bent when I bought it they are too flimsy and have now been replaced. One 12 v socket didn't work on removal the wire was too short and had pulled out. The tent had been assembled wrong and had holes where they should be and none where they should be . The jockey wheel was loose and I almost ended up with the tow bar sat on my foot ................Everything has been now fixed by me and I think for the cost the trailer is ok but the customer service is NON EXISTANT and if you are not handy or wanting to do some diy stay away I honestly think MDC has the worst after sales customer service in Australia

Hope to get my moneys worth

I got an MDC Off Road Deluxewhich had all the basics for a budget camper. Toolbox, water tank, stone guard and kitchen included. The family’s been to a few camping grounds on both coasts and going it to Fraser Island at xmas. With the exchange rate dropping we are very pleased I purchased at a good time because the same model is $500+ more now. Luckily for us all the options included as standard at the time, are now extras, so I believe I got a bargain. Sales staff were very friendly and up-sold me on the fact the deluxe Camper Trailer is built to handle QLD outback conditions. I went on price, and learned afterwards MDC is originally made in china then finished here in the local factory.
when we first got it at an absolute bargain price, my friends told me how nice it looked new
I only found out afterwards that its made in china and was surprised because I intended buying an Australian steel Camper like Dad always raved on about when he was alive

So its a good camper trailer but you are giving it 2 out of 5 stars all because its made in China? Doesn't make sense!The disappointment is that I am stuck with a snap together Chinese trailer. Nikki I was suggested another budget brand, but I got confused because the MDC is similar in name to another highly recommended Camper- which has the authentic Australian Made Trailer certification. MDC advertised as Australia's biggest manufacturer, but was horrified to learn every single piece comes as a kitset including the "trailer tub" in a container from overseas. I had to laugh at myself, because last week in another forum, a manager from MDC said they qualify as a manufacturer due to the fact one MDC model, the On Roader is made here. Unsurprisingly that cheapest MDC model isn’t advertised on the website or in the brochures; or at least not this year while I was looking around. To reassure me the sales staff said "You can go round to our factory to see it built", unfortunately as a female how would I know the difference between MDC assembly and that of a real manufacturer. Bottom line is I gave it a bad rating because of the murky selling of cheapie trailers.Hi, just wondering how did it handle your Fraser Island trip?

Questions & Answers

Looking into purchasing a MDC V-Box T4, second hand. Would like to find out information from anyone that has one or had one, to let me know any issues with this camper? And what the canvas is like? What to look for ? Cheers
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Can you pack up the extra annex woth the walls connected or do you have to dismantal it all
1 answer
Hi Rachel, I guess you can, as from memory MDC uses ripstop fabrics made in China. If you look at the material it has tiny squares or like a cross stitch. This is really light compared to proper canvas made in Australia which is usually much heavier & weighs about 20kgs, so we take it off. The other thing to consider is if you can get it under the trailers fitted cover. regards, Old John.

What's the customer service like. I've just placed a deposit on a trailer
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Couldn't fault it. Handover was great. After sales service great...One of the handle latches broke during xmas period, (could have happened to anyone) I thought that would not hear from them until new years. They responded very quickly and fixed no problems.Once you pay your money forget customer service I have had three yrs worth of problems made worse by the fact that they never answer emails,make promises on the phone that never happened I can honestly say they have THE WORSE customer service I have ever come across if you can get your deposit back do it and look else where


MDC Off Road Deluxe V3
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