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Medi Pro 2500

Medi Pro 2500

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Great compact does the job head to toe

We got it for our adult son who needs sensory input regularly to make himself calm and it works very well from the pressure applied to all his body parts. Reasonably priced for what it offers.

Quality of life improved.

Was a bit sceptical about spending this type of money on an Internet product; however, I'm so glad we did. The massage chair has improved my day to day quality of life dramatically. At the press of a button I can monitor how hard or soft and what muscles need work. It increases blood flow ,improves circulation and helps me to rejoin my family ,preparing my body for daily activities ,helping my body recover from the day and wind down at night...Not only do I have the opportunity to use the chair regularly, but my husband and Treasures can benefit from the massage chair also. Thanks for the great customer service and swift delivery.


Feel really let down with this purchase. The instructions are not good. There is no ability to save favourite settings. There is not sufficient adjustment in it to be able find a comfortable massage.
The biggest flaw is the unnatural head positions you are put it. Really bad for the cervical spine I have to say.
No money back guarantee and given how much it cost for freight we are stuck with it unfortunately.
save your money up for something better than this!

Best Purchase!

I bought this chair for my husband who regularly suffers from lower back pain and muscle stiffness. He had been asking for a chair for years so after a bit of research I decided to go with the Medipro 2500 and Im happy with our choice.
My husband uses this every night, its simple and effective and fits well with our decor. I use it too and I really like the heating in the back part, big thumbs up!
Great service from Relaxation Station, fast delivery and easy to set up. Definitely recommend it!

This Chair is seriously good for me!

I purchased the Medi Pro 2500 massage chair in January. I suffer from fluid retention, joint restriction and back problems. The chair has bought me enormous relief and I use it daily. I have found it very simple to use and especially love the heating in the back rest. Thanks for giving me some much needed relief and pleasure Medi Pro 2500! I feel like a new me!!


Biggest problem is the instruction manual in the worst example of "Chinglish" I've ever seen!!l No one in my family can understand it - even gave it to an electrical engineer and he couldn't make sense of it either. I bought this online as a gift for my partner and he hates it because the leg and arm features sqeeze so tightly that they are painful. If we'd tried it before buying we'd have rejected it. Guess you only get what you pay for. On the plus side it does give a great back massage.

Great value, great product

Looked online for 2 weeks to purchase a chair for my husband and I before Christmas. After extensive research I called Relaxation Station and they were very helpful and honest with all of our questions. They helped clear the confusion we had when looking online comparing all the different massage chairs and suppliers out there. Delivery only took 3 days and the driver was very helpful. We are wrapped with our Medi Pro 2500, using it daily. It was increased the visits from our friends and family, they all want one.

Home massage at your convenience

After using various massage chairs at shopping centres, we saw a flyer advertising them for home purchase and use. Various companies do these chairs but the advertised company was Relaxation Station based in Melbourne. Their website showed several versions of massage chairs at prices ranging from about $1,600.00 on special up to several thousand dollars. We checked out the website first http://www.relaxationstation.com.au/ then decided to go with the mid range 'Medi Pro 2500' which included foot, arm and shoulder massages plus multiple massage types, intensities, heat and vibration that can be set.

The chair was ordered online on a Sunday night. The website reckons around 7 days delivery for Perth. It arrived on the Tuesday morning in a huge box delivered to our home by Toll the following week - 8 days.
We had to take it out of the box to get it through the single front door but it probably fits through a sliding door in the box. The chair has wheels at the back for movement. A very small amount of assembly was required to put the shoulder sections on to the chair and connect the air hoses.

The first week we had a problem with the foot massager not going back into the rest position. We contacted the company by email and they said it would be sorted asap, meanwhile we could keep using the chair. They arranged to post the part directly to our home. It arrived about a week later. By email we were told we could either do it ourselves as it was a straight part replacement or a service man would come to fit it. Hubby had it in within half an hour and 3 months later it is still going strong.

We are both 55+ with various bad backs, aches and pains. The daily massage is fabulous. The motor is so quiet we have positioned it in front of the TV. We used to visit a local massage place most weeks and have saved all that money. Plus there have been a lot less physio visits. The chair has practically paid for itself.
The only bad point is that the massage is set to 15 minutes and cannot be changed - i.e made longer.

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Update - two years on and it is still working like a dream. The chair squeaks a bit but there do not seem to be any points where you can oil it. Other than that we use it about 4 times a day. One of the best things we ever bought.

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where can I try a medipro 2500?
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Hi Fran, contact Relaxation Station on 1300 88 6547. https://www.relaxationstation.com.au/ They are excellent to deal with.


Medi Pro 2500
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