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Microlife AG1-20

Microlife AG1-20

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Hopeless Software and Support

Nowadays the patient to surgery connection is depending on well-functioning software and hardware. Blood-pressure meters are part of the life of patients and medical practitioners and are depending on a well-established blood pressure product that supports the patient. Microlife produces good functioning blood-pressure meters. Unfortunately, the software that comes with the product is hopeless in the establishment of data to the computer. It is outdated and not functioning on modern computers or operating system. It is impossible to establish a correct date for the readings of the blood-pressure of the current year and date as the software changes back to the original factory date settings. I suggest not to purchase the product if you want to use it for data presentation at your GP or for your own computer storage as it will not work correctly. Trying to get technical support from the company is impossible. Best is not to purchase this product and get a more userfriendly product instead.


A fantastic compact and portable manual (aneroid) blood pressure monitor. Features clear sound through the stethoscope which is also included in the pack. Contains a nylon cuff which fits most adults comfortably with an arrow indicator on the cuff to ensure correct placement. A reliable and accurate monitor which would suit any medical professional/customer with blood pressure taking knowledge.
Accurate and professional aneroid blood pressure monitor which is reliable and compact. Features an accurate gauge to 3mmHg, average sized nylon adult cuff, latex bulb with basic air release valve and an indicator needle inside a round glass covered dial. It contains a standard stethoscope and a 1 year warranty. Extra set of ear pieces and 2 diaphragm replacements are included. Everything fits snugly inside a portable nylon carry case.
Requires knowledge on how to read and take blood pressures manually

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Release dateMar 2011

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