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Miele H 2261 B / H 2261 BP

Miele H 2261 B / H 2261 BP

H 2261 B and H 2261 BP
3.9 from 7 reviews

Very quiet as a fan force oven

This oven runs very quiet, the pre heating process is very fast. The food that cooked with this oven is very good with even heat from fan forced oven.
The favorite part of this oven is after using the oven, there is a fan function to cool the oven down in a faster rate

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Nice design and good for a couple

Oven is designed really well. It looks great in my kitchen. I am not much of oven user but since I started using it, I am more of learning and enjoying the baking. The food cooked is really tasty too and in not much time.
It's good for a couple, not really big size but for someone like me who doesn't use at all it's really really good. Easy to use and the user guide booklet is very informative.
Miele is the brand that I chose before my house construction. And it lives up to that.
So far happy customer.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Nice to use, slow to cool

Look, it cooks beautifully. One would hope all ovens do that, but appears that this is not always the case. The controls are simple to operate, the finish is nice, it is easy to clean (probably because we don't cook the flesh of animals) and it just works. Only small reservation is that it takes forever to cool down - apparently it's because it doesn't want to let the door get hot so it keeps circulating the fanned air until it cools internally, but it means that the fan is still going ages after the cooking is finished. Miele service is a bit odd - when you ring them, they won't try to diagnose the problem on the phone, but will tell you that they will send a tech to have a look, and if it turns out not to be a fault, they will charge you huge amounts of money. Not my idea of friendly customer service, but maybe that's how they do it in Germany.
It cooks well though.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

this is ok item

I love this brand, but this one is bit too small, is ok for apartments and 2 people to use, is not for big family. and function is good , fan , grill and oven. and it heats up very quickly is simple to operate and this oven is good looking , can use to all kind of dish and dessert , overall I like it

Date PurchasedJan 2010

Miele oven lives up to the reputation

Have just purchased this oven from Harvey Norman (delivered to country area within days), and have put it through its paces with all my Christmas baking and roasting, including fruit and sponge cakes, roast chicken, duck and turkey, vegetables etc. The results to date are perfection, even better than my trusty St George which needed a few too many costly repairs after 18 years. We received the telescopic runners as a bonus (which was good as they cost $350), and purchased the spatter reducing grill tray ($89), which just wiped clean in hot soapy water after doing chops on Fan Grill. We haven't used the pyrolytic function yet, as its surface is very easy to clean so far. I like the controls which are simple are push in to make cleaning easier. It is also possible to remove the 4 glass door fronts to clean them, which some other brands did not offer. The shelf supports come out really easily for cleaning.
The manual gives good information about which functions to use for many types of food, temperatures, and which shelf to use. With the 78 litre oven you can easily fit in a tray of vegies as well as a roast. I am really pleased that I went with Miele and would highly recommend this oven to serious cooks and bakers. Food is moist and delicious right through. I find it very easy to use, with 8 functions virtually the same as my previous oven. I did have to read the manual to work out the timer.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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This is actually modelH 2661BP the current one. Janice.

Splendid unit

I haven't yet tried all the settings but the oven is a little beauty that is simple to operate, heats up very quickly, is relatively intuitive (sometimes using English rather than icons would be useful) and so far is very easy to clean. For the price it would have not been too much to expect a griller tray but c'est la vie. I would like to have seen some energy star rating information to help with the purchase but so far when I check my power consumption it has not been excessive when I have been baking. It is actually more efficient than my old convection microwave.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Now two years in and the oven is still working wonderfully. Easy to clean and cooks very evenly.

Oven that doesn't display the temperature

This oven has a display panel that is a clock but cannot provide the one, essential piece of information needed by any cook - the temperature.
Even my eight old year former Miele oven which I replaced had this feature, but not this new model. Instead you get a poorly designed display panel with two knobs that almost need a magnifying glass to read.
You need to move the temperature dial to a position and wait for a red light to go out once the temperature is reached. You cannot tell the temperature from any distance, instead you need to stoop over the dial and try to pick up the marking alignment.
If you have to change the temperature, you never know the precise temperature at any given time.
It's a bit like a car without a speedometer.
I am told that this 'feature' is not available on this $2500 'entry level' oven. I can buy a $700 oven that tells me the temperature but not on this Miele model.
I find it remarkable that a leading firm thinks such a design feature is acceptable, and I would strongly recommend against purchasing it.

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H 2261 BH 2261 BP
Oven FuelElectricElectric
Number of Functions1010
Price (RRP) $1999$2599

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