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Miele K 12820 SD

Miele K 12820 SD Questions & Answers

K 12820 SD (White) and K 12820 SD EDT/CS (Stainless Steel)
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I am having trouble with water not draining away through the little drain yet I can't seem to reach anything that may be blocking it...any ideas? Have tried to use a straw.
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Has anyone dropped a shelf? Beware shatters like a crystal glass shards everywhere and NOT SAFETY GLASS found out the hard way 6 cuts on feet from flying shards.
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I had one explode on me when I was washing it.very scary I had no cuts but was very challenging.

My refrigerator is 5y old. I had this kind of noises since the beginning but recently they became much more loud. One noise is kind of LOUD BANG - as if somebody hit the refrigerator body with a hammer. Initially it was not as loud. When I made inquiry with the Miele service they said that it is nothing wrong. Maybe it is not but because it has became rather too loud I am concerned. The other noise that is more noticeable than earlier is the noise as if it was a fluid bubbling into a container. Anybody has any comment on these noises? Should I contact Miele specialists? Joe
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Hi Joe Bubbling is normal, usually the coolant shuffling about. Our has always made some dripping noises et cetera, as the back wall defrosts and water runs down the hole and out to the container on the compressor to evaporate. Usually louder banging sounds are metal pipes expanding and/or contracting slightly. However a really loud bang could indicate an issue. As it would be even past its extended warranty if bought, as long as it's still working, I wouldn't worry. Cheers

Can I stop my door from opening 180 degrees? Thanks!
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Not sure of the technical issue on this, but I should think that if you adjusted your legs underneath just slightly higher on the hinge side, then the door wouldn't swing open so far. You will still need it to open the 180 degrees to take the drawers in and out if needed. Best to give Miele a ring to confirm if you have any issues.

The fridge internal light isn't working. The light bulb is fine since if I turn it off and on again the light will be lit for a while before turning off again. Then when I open the fridge it remains dark. What could be the problem?
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Hi, I have not had this problem. I suggest that you ring the Miele service centre. All major appliance manufacturers will try to trouble shoot problems on the phone/online to save them sending out a repair person at their expense if the appliance is still under warranty. I have had my fridge for nearly 12 months now and the internal light has not been an issue for me. Sorry I can't be more help.This is a Miele warranty issue, you more than likely may not have the LED lights, and at time the bulbs of non-LED lights can unscrew and this may happen. Call Miele first. If under warranty you are fine, if not see if it's LED or regular incandescent. LED will be a bluish whiter light, incandescent will be a yellower light. If it's no longer warrantied, you'll want to get a manual and read on how to change the bulb, should fix your issues either way. CheersI tried changing the lightbulb but it didn't work. Any other ideas?

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