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MiniJumbuk Luxus Quilt

MiniJumbuk Luxus Quilt

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Glad I took a punt

After reading all the negative reviews suggesting odour issues, I nearly avoided purchasing this quilt. Luckily a friendly staff member let us smell the product before buying. We did not smell any adverse smells. Likewise, we did not notice any unpleasant smells when we slept with it for the first night. It was extremely effective and keeping us toasty warm. To quote Mr Molly Meldrum, "do yourself a favour and check it out".

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Hi Sandman, We are glad to hear that you haven't had an issue with your new MiniJumbuk quilt and that it is keeping you warm during these cold nights. We understand that some customers are smelling some kind of odour and we are looking into this future. We produce thousands of quilts every week and our total return rate over the past 5 years is less than half of one percent. This indicates that majority of our customers are like yourself and do not find an odour and are happy with their MiniJumbuk product. We hope you enjoy your quilt for many more years. Kind regards, The MiniJumbuk Customer Support Team.

Love my jumbuck

Hi, I have had my king size jumbuk for 20+ years. I love it. Still looks new. Purchased quilts for the kids yesterday. They are airing but to be honest there was hardly any smell. Not sure about these other reviews. Don’t put them in a waterproof quilt protector. Daughter’s 7 year old jumbuk has gone mouldy in it. Trying to work out how to get it out as quilt too much of an investment to just throw away, although the cat loves it. Thank you. Love supporting a great SA company. Pillows are awesome too.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Hi Carol, Thank you for your review, we very much appreciate it. It's great to hear that your investment in a MiniJumbuk quilt is lasting many years. It can be very hard to remove mould once it's set, however Woolmark have a spot clean treatment that may work on your quilt. Solution of one teaspoon of approved wool detergent with one teaspoon of white vinegar and one litre of warm water. Kind regards, The MiniJumbuk Customer Support Team.

Product should be reviewed. Smell is much worse than years ago.

I have owned a mini jumbuk quilt for well over 10 years. The first one did smell when I bought it but it quickly subsided with a bit of airing. I had read lots of reviews before but thought the smell wouldn’t be any worse to last time. I have read that the quilts are treated to protect against dust mites etc.
I’ve had the warm quilt for 6 days, aired it out for 2 and the smell is so intense I feel it’s making me physically unwell. Every time I arrive home from work I can smell the quilt as soon as I walk in the apartment.
You shouldn’t have to wash a new quilt before you use it.
I hope my kitten doesn’t end up getting respiratory issues from the chemical smell.
Not sure I would recommend it as the smell is too intense. As I’m laying in bed typing this my breathing is affected from the chemicals.
I would ring the company but they don’t sound like they really care much. Years of people complaining about the chemical smell and nothing’s changed. What does that say about their commitment to customer satisfaction? It’s a shame because people like myself are willing to pay for one of the most expensive quilts in Australia as long as the product exceeds buyers expectations, which it sadly hasn’t in this case.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
Hi Janelle, We are sorry to hear that your quilt has an odour issue. Our quilts are treated with Ultra-Fresh which helps fight against dust mites. The Ultra-Fresh treatment is odourless and is applied to the wool filling. Please contact our Head Office 1800 088 834 so we can discuss your issue further and help resolve it.Can you please clarify what the strong smell is that many are complaining of? Thank youHi Janelle, We are aware that there has previously been reviews regarding a smell issue, but we are confident that the majority of these customers have contacted our Head Office directly and we have resolved their issue. Without smelling the product ourselves it is hard to determine what the smell is. We monitor our wool process closely to ensure our wool is clean and odourless when creating our wool bedding. Wool is a natural fibre and does absorb surrounding odours, this is why we would suggest airing our products for a couple of hours before use. We produce thousands of quilts every week and our total return rate over the past 5 years is less than half of one percent. This indicates to us that 99.7% of our customers are happy with their MiniJumbuk product. We are passionate about our customer service and want the best outcome for our customers. If anyone has an issue with a MiniJumbuk product please contact us direct at our head office and one of our team will deal with you in person to resolve your issue info@minijumbuk.com.au or call 1800 088 834.


I've purchased the double for my daughter last year and had no problems so I was confident to buy myself one today... BUT oh my lord it stinks like I'm in a sheep shed. Very disappointed!

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Hi, We are sorry to hear your unhappy with your purchase. Please contact our Head Office on 1800 088 834 and we can discuss further to resolve your issue.

Potent Smell

The weight of the quilt, and functionality of it as a quilt, seems like it would be fine. The issue is the smell - it's rather potent, a very chemical type of smell. It's not too strong out of the box, which is deceiving, but once the quilt is out and unfolded, just wow, it really hits you. I've aired it, but when you lie under it, it's almost like you can taste it. Absolutely horrific. Mini Jumbuk, you guys need to fix this asap. What the hell causes this in your manufacturing process/production chain?

Date PurchasedJun 2018
Hi, We are sorry to hear you are not happy with your purchase. Please contact our Head Office on 1800 088 834 as we would love to resolve this issue. Kind regards, The MiniJumbuk Customer Support TeamHonestly? Reading these reviews it appears that this chemical smell has been present in your products since at least 2012. You clearly seem to be in denial about the smell and have done nothing about it in at least 6 years. So regardless of the customer service you may offer after the customer has purchased the item, you should have fixed this a long time ago and not need to address this particular odour issue after the fact. As this appears to be your go to approach, and it's really not an approach I'm willing to support, I refuse to give you further chances to fix this - you've already had 6 years to address this problem, and you haven't - that's really not a good thing, and it demonstrates that you don't listen to consumer feedback. You're setting a rather low standard for yourself, and considering your product is higher end, and not budget department store level, you need to step up your game. As it is now, you're driving customers to your competitors, and amazingly, you seem totally fine with that! As for me, I'm content to just not do any more business with you.We are sorry to hear you have an issue with your MiniJumbuk quilt. At MiniJumbuk we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and we are sorry to hear you have had a negative experience. Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your problem 1800 088 8341 or info@minijumbuk.com.au. Should we find the quilt to be faulty in any way we will happily replace it and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks, The MiniJumbuk Customer Support Team.

Warmest of warm; saved loads on our heating bill

We bought a Queen size quilt for winter, we have never slept better, with just this quilt (the extra warm model) we can have a flannel sheet and sleep through minus temperatures without a worry. We just bought another one for our son. A great Australian made product too, a rarity these days. Not sure what people are saying about a smell, maybe a bad batch? We have two and no issue. I guess you don't get a smell when the competitors are making their quilts from plastic!!!

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Hi Kieran, Thank you for your review. It is great to hear that you are enjoying your new quilt during our cold winters. Kind regards, The MiniJumbuk Customer Support Team.

No odour, but a bit warm

I have purchased two MiniJumbuks in the last two years. Neither had any kind of odour problem.
However, I'm a VERY warm sleeper and I'm not sure they work for me. I first bought the 'Cool' one (equivalent to two layers of wool). I could only use it on the coldest of Melbourne nights (below 8 degrees) as it was too hot. So I recently purchased the 'Ultralight', which is meant to be the equivalent of one layer of wool/cotton blend. Unfortunately, it is still too hot. It's about 12 degrees at night here now, and I still find it too stuffy. It doesn't seem to breath. That might just be me, rather than the product - menopause!! The only thing that works is a sheet, with a wool blanket on top.
However, I thought I'd let people know that there has definitely been no problems with smell.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Smell is awful

After paying a pretty penny for this Australian king wool Donah l am so disappointed. It smells so bad that my sanctuary has now become infiltrated by this horrible smell. I have aired it for weeks but nothing has helped. Smells like wet dog..

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Hi, We are sorry to hear you are not happy with your purchase. Please contact our Head Office on 1800 088 834 as we would love to resolve this issue. Kind regards, The MiniJumbuk Customer Support Team


My initial quilt stunk. The Customer Support Team were very helpful and apologetic of the smell of my first quilt. They have replaced it and guess what? This one does NOT stink. So I'm happy with that. Perhaps just a bad batch which I received. Quickly picked up and quickly replaced by MiniJumbuk. If you are purchasing the product in store make sure you open it up and smell it. If you are buying directly from the company just tell them to open it up and smell it and make sure it does not have a foul smell. Looking forward to getting cosey with the quilt!

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Should've read the reviews

It stinks!!! Are these people normal selling smelly quilts like this? Would they allow their kids to sleep in a quilt that smells like homeless people? Calling customer service as soon as Monday comes!

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hi, We are sorry to hear you are not happy with your purchase. Please contact our Head Office on 1800 088 834 and we are happy to discuss your issue with our product. Kind regards, The MiniJumbuk Customer Support Team

Excellent product. Definitely improved sleeps.

Initially a bit hesitate about the smell due to many reviews. Happily report it is non noticeable at all. Both my wife and I love it. Should've got it 10 years ago!

Date PurchasedMay 2017

terrible smell

I bought the mini jumbuk for my four year old daughter and was so happy to get it at Myer on sale. I was especially pleased to be buying Austrlalian made and from an Australian company.
When I brought it home and took it out I was suprised it had a bad smell - it was a cross between a chemical and a smelly wet sheep. I aired it for two days but the smell didnt go. I then rang the company who were pretty nonchalant and their only suggestion was to air it out or to wash it. I had it in my spare room for a week and the smell was still there. I wasnt prepared to risk washing it because I knew this would mean I wouldnt be able to return it to Myer. In the end I took it back. What a disappointment. I remember reading that good quality wool quilts have the wool washed before its used. Obviously this company does not do this. And they dont seem to care either way.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Very very happy

Purchased a new quilt for Canberra winters. I'm really happy with my quilt, light in weight but very warm. Have had no problems with any bad odours. Love it

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Too hot

I bought a king size jumbuck quilt and it sits in the cupboard. If I use it, even in winter, I get so hot and sweaty and get nightmares. I spent a premium on this quilt as I wanted something 100% for the very reason that I didn't want to get too hot. I already have a wool quilt on our bed and it can be used all year round, but it getting old so I bought the jumbuck as a replacement. I still have my old quilt on the bed and trying to find another brand of wool quilts that actually acts like a wool quilt, not a polyester one... just saying.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Bad smell

I purchased this quilt for my daughter last year from Adairs and it smells terribly even after all this time. I'm glad I have read these reviews & found that this is not normal or acceptable for a product particularly of this expense. Every time I walk in her room that yucky smell just hits me.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Great product

I’ve owned 3 pure wool Mini Jumbuck quilts for many years and while they are very well made, warm and comfortable, the cleaning – manufacturers recommend only dry cleaning – costs about $50 each which over the years has really mounted up.

As they are so old, I thought I’d try washing one on a COLD cycle at the launderette. Bingo – perfect result for $6.

I’m not recommending doing this with a brand new quilt, as I may just have struck lucky. My quilt was so old it really didn’t matter, however, I will certainly do it again.

Date PurchasedOct 2000

Best Purchase I ever made

Purchased the Luxus queen size doona in early 2007 as a birthday present for myself. After about 4 months washed it by hand in the bath tub put it over the clothes line to dry and came up as good as new and i got to cuddle up to a brand new doona all over again. I have continued the same pattern for the last 9 and half years. After the first 2 years i purchased the matching under blanket and then the wool/cotton covered latex pillows. Now I wash them all at least twice a year and have fresh clean new pillows, doona and under blanket with only the cost of water and detergent. To me it makes sence to get a high quality product once that you can easily look after at home and will last. The only thing that has failed is the writting has come off the care instructions, but after almost 10 years and 25-30 washes no big surprise.

Date PurchasedMar 2007

long lasting quality product and wonderful customer service

I purchased two single quilts 6 years ago (2010) & they are still in use today. Initially they both had an odour, one quilt much worse than the other. I aired both quilts outside for about 4 hours. One quilt was fine and went straight on the bed, the second quilt retained an odor after 3 days of airing. I rang the company and had no problems with having the quilt replaced with a new one, which was delivered by a company rep to my door within a week. This quilt also had an odor which went after airing. Both the quilts have been in use for 6 years, & are still in good condition. I regularly air the quilts in fine weather (for hygiene) and have them cleaned once or twice a year. I would purchase this product and deal with this company again, the customer service was excellent and the quality & durability of the quilts has proven to be worth the cost. I have no affiliation with any companies handling or selling this product, or know any person involved. This product was worth the extra cost and the customer service was wonderful.

Date PurchasedMar 2010

Good product but the smell is really an issue

The smell was terrible when I just opened the box and did not go away even after airing for a few days. I had to washed it with detergent and the smell had finally gone. A bit worried if the detergent might be too strong to harm the wool.
A apart from requiring a lot of work to get rid of the smell, the quilt is nice, soft, comfortable and breathable. Not warm enough in cold winter and require an extra layer. However can be used until mid-summer without sweating.
I would rate 5 and recommend to friends if there is no smell. One of my friend bought one recently and the issue of smell was not improved. Just realized that there is so much complain about the smell over years and very disappointed that the company did not thing for it.
Hope the company can consider doing something to remove the chemical smell before selling them.

Date PurchasedOct 2014

Brilliant customer service from Minijumbuk team

I recently purchased two Supa King quilts by MiniJumbuk (one Gold for winter and one Silver for summer). I was alarmed to find that both had an appalling toxic chemical smell that simply would not go away after the recommended airing period. I have always purchased Minijumbuk quilts before and never experienced anything like this. I hopped on line to see if there was any info about this and was dismayed to see that there had been several complaints about this problem and apparently no easy resolution. Hoping that airing the quilts for an extended period of time might help I hung both outside (under cover) for several days. On about the third or fourth day the smell was still evident so I put in a request for contact and advice on the Minijumbuk website. I got an automatic reply that said I would be contacted in 3-5 days. Not happy with that I phoned them direct and said I didn't want to wait so long for a reply given the problem (and the expense) of the quilts. The team member there read my email while I was on the phone and advised me that she had absolutely no idea what the smell could be but if it hadn't gone away in the 3-4 days the quilts had been outside airing then it seemed reasonable to assume the smell wouldn't be going away. Her advice was that if I didn't want a full refund, and didn't want them to be replaced with existing stock, I should return them and ask HS to return the quilts to Minijumbuk so they could both be replaced with new ones direct from Minijumbuk Only downside, she said, was that it could take a few days to sort out. If Harris Scsrfe had any concerns about this, she said, they could get in touch with her direct and she would sort it out. The following weekend the quilts went back to Harris Scarfe and they returned them to Minijumbuk (along with another one that had been purchased the same day as mine and had the same problem ). A week and a half later my two replacement quilts arrived and because the weather was so cold I had no choice but to put one straight on the bed without the recommeded 2 hrs of airing. Not a problem at all, quilts are absolutely perfect. Absolutely brilliant customer service from Minijumbuk.

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Hi Rae, We are sorry to hear you weren't happy with your original purchase. We are glad to hear that the problem has been resolved and you are happy with your new quilts. Thanks, The MiniJumbuk Customer Support Team.

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Questions & Answers

Hi Does a a 'king single' quilt size exist?
1 answer
Hi Lisa, Unfortunately we do not make king single quilts, we only make this size in mattress toppers. We would suggest fitting a king single bed with a double size quilt. Kind regards, The MiniJumbuk Customer Support Team.

I want to buy a MiniJumbuk but after reading the reviews not sure. Obviously there is a problem with the smell and this is not just a batch issue as the problem has been reported since 2013 until present. For what I can see the response from the company is to contact customer support but no info as what the real issue is... I will be buying online so no chance to 'smell before you buy' Any info would be highly appreciated?
2 answers
Hi Darleen There's no doubt there has been a problem with the issue of the smell of the quilts at various times. I had purchased two Supa King quilts which I believe were from different batches and both had the problem of the offensive smell that would not dissipate no matter how long they were aired for. In the end I contacted the Minijumbuk Customer Service team direct who were very happy for me to return them to Harris Scarfe (where I purchased them from) for either replacement or refund. I chose to have them replaced because Minijumbuk were absolutely confident that the replacements would not have this problem. I have purchased Minijumbuk quilts over the years and never had this problem before so was happy to give it a try. Both quilts were replaced, both were absolutely perfect and I'm really happy with the result. With regard to smelling them first, in my experience it wasn't until I had fully unpacked the quilts that the smell became apparent after about 10 minutes so smelling them first in the box in the shop wouldn't have made the extent of the problem obvious. If you are buying them online and are concerned about this potential problem I would get in touch with the Minijumbuk Customer Service team first to see what options would be available to you if there is a problem. I just phoned and spoke to a couple members of their team as we were sorting out the problem I was having and found they were very helpful and friendly and happy to sort the problem out to my satisfaction. Best customer service I have had in a while. RaeDarleen I can confirm the company stand by their products but are in denial about the problem. Although I was able to return my quilt to Harris Scarfe I was too wary to take another as having smelt the smell and not being given an explanation as to the cause was not interested. The staff at Harris Scarfe encouraged me to smell a fresh quilt in the box but like I said once you have smelt the smell it is hard to disassociate from it. The staff at Harris Scarfe tried to assure me the smell is regular sheep smell [Lanolin] but as a lanolin user I can attest it is not at all the same smell I have questioned. The smell is very much a reminder of a product called Phenyle which is an olden day but still available product for cleaning/disinfecting and I believe after doing some research as to the chemicals used to treat the wool that it is likely a very similar product.

Hi guys! I just bought the Minijumbuk Luxus, I just need clarification with usage. The sales rep told me that this blanket will keep me cool in the summer (This is the first time I've had to buy a quilt) could someone please confirm this? In winter i know this will get me warm but I sweat and overheat in summer
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In summer we have the cool cotton side facing up, and in winter the cosy wool side faces up ... Still very happy with this underlay year round. Thank you :)Hi Deb, Please confirm your product, is it a Luxus Quilt or Underlay? Where was the product purchased? Our Luxus quilt is part of our winter range and is roughly a 2 1/2 - 3 blanket warmth. Our Luxus underlay is one of our reversible products and can be reversed to the cotton side for the warm summer month. Kind regards, The MiniJumbuk Customer Support Team.It's the luxus King quilt, this is the first time I've had to purchase a quilt (nan is usually the one that buys them all) so I'm not too sure 2 1/2 - 3 quilt warmth is. I generally heat up pretty quick so I'm hoping that it won't be a sauna in winter


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