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MiniJumbuk Luxus Underlay

MiniJumbuk Luxus Underlay

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Well made and fits perfectly. The quality is excellent! Snug for winter. Cool in Summer. I already have a queen size which I have had for 3 years and is still perfect!

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Best thing I have purchased all year.

This is a dream to sleep on. It is just so sumptuous and decadent. I rarely use an electric blanket anymore, and if I do, it is only to warm up the bed, not to sleep with it on. If you have body aches and pains, they are gone when you wake up. And if I wake in the night, I just lie there thinking how wonderful it feels. It really is the best thing I have bought all year.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Very glad to hear that you are enjoying your new mattress topper and it is making a difference to your sleep.

Absoutely love this Wool Underlay

This wool underlay is the best wool underlay we've ever had. We have had 3 other cheaper wool underlays. This one cost a lot more than the others but is definitely worth every cent. Some of the cheaper wool underlays tend to wrinkle on the bed and you can't seem to get them to flatten out properly again....so your bed always looks wrinkled even after you've just made it. Some of the cheaper ones don't always stay in place, even with a full elasticated skirt. This Mini Jumbuk wool underlay is double sided with a quilted cotton surface on the reverse side for summer. The wool side is very thick, warm & ever so soft. The underlay is quite thick & firmly woven so does not wrinkle up. It also seems to stay in place. We would highly recommend this product - especially when you can buy it 40% off RRP as we did! We are also very happy to support an Australia made product. We expect we will have this wool underlay for many years, whereas the last cheap one we purchased we threw away after 1 year!

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Hi, Thank you for the review. We are glad to hear that you are happy with the product and now have a wonderful wool underlay to sleep with. Thanks, The MiniJumbuk Customer Support Team.

Great doonas and underlay

I've come to have look at what people are saying about minijumbuk, as I am thinking of getting a new underlay (just because I'm getting a new mattress and think it would be nice to have all new). I've had mine (second form top of the range at the time) for 10 years, and I have to say it is terrific and wouldn't go to any other brand

But honestly, I gave it a wash in a commercial/big capacity front loader at the laundromat (two runs, second without wool wash i.e. just water) and hostly it came up beaut. It looks different (like how a sheep looks when it gets wet), but the pile is fluffy and soft. For $15 at the laundromat and a good drying out on a couple of hot days, I feel I have a new underlay. Going to test it out on the new mattress (which is a bit harder than I'd sleep on without an underlay - really want to keep the underlay) and if I need to, I will get a new underlay. I hope the new underlays don't have the smell people are talking about - that's disappointing.

I did replace my doona a year ago. Again, it was 10 years old (top of the range at the time) and I thought why not get a new doona, and keep the old one for a spare for visitors. It was washed twice in the 10 years - a small amount of shrinkage (about 5 cm overall - which is nothing). Given I really wanted warmth as I was moving to a home without heating, I ended up going for one of the cheapest but warmest rating - I don't need to wash it. I've been sleeping under it for a year, an no regrets. There is a slight chemical smell if i stick my nose right into it and sniff hard (and the same with the 10 y o doona) but it doesn't bother me as I can't smell it when I sleep and I've had no adverse health effects. And if it means bugs aren't growing in the wool because of the treatment, then great. My bedroom can get down to 12 degrees in winter, and I am a very cold sleeper, so I just throw on one or two pure mohair throws (light but warm) on top and I'm as toasty as can be.

Until 10 years ago, I was feather donnas all the way since early childhood - that's decades. I would not go back after sleeping between wool. I just love it. It is such a wonderful natural fibre.

I just thought I'd throw in my two cents worth as I really value these online forums for getting people's honest feedback about products before I decide on what to buy. And for Minijumbuk, keep endeavouring to bring us a quality product across a price range.

Questions & Answers

We need an underlay to make the mattress on our van cooler Can you advise
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There seem to be quite a few different models/numbers etc around - is there a simple grading system to use when trying to choose one? Thanks
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Hi Dioni01, It all depends on what you want to achieve from your MiniJumbuk mattress topper. Here is a Knowledge Bank article with some additional information regarding our mattress topper range - https://www.minijumbuk.com.au/knowledge-bank/crafted-australia/introducing-our-best-range-yet. We've designed our wool mattress toppers to suit everyone from single layer mattress toppers for pillow top or luxury latex and foam mattresses, through to our multi layer mattress toppers that help give more cushioning comfort and support for firm or poor mattresses. If you require additional information please contact our head office on 1800 088 834. Kind regards, The MiniJumbuk Customer Support Team

Hi, i am wondering which is better - the minijumbuk gold wool reversible underlay (harris scarfe) or the luxury plus+ (myers etc)? I see there are more layers in one and maybe thicker gsm fleece-style wool on the other but they are similar in price ... why would i choose one over the other? Thanks!
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What type material is your bed? What body type are you? The gold underlay is the old product, wool fleece with cotton backing. The Luxury + is a new product with more cotton fill as opposed to just a sheet backing and a new airlight wool technology (slightly better temp regulator in summer but worse humidity regulator) it has some polyester fill to keep it lofted, which may put you off... tbh, i have a polyfoam mattress and the gold wasnt comfortable on it. The silver underlay was incredibly comfortable and lasted 4 years till it got flat. Left it in the sun for three days and it is better. not quite fully new but better.


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