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Moccona Hazelnut Flavour Infused

Moccona Hazelnut Flavour Infused

3.9 from 11 reviews

Not my taste

Not sure if this was brought out as a competitor to Nescafe Hazlenut sachet...I thought it may have been. That's why I tried it, since I liked the Nescafe brew a lot.
Sorely disappointed by the Moccona brew. I could not drink it.
The only way I can use up the jar is to take 1/2 a teaspoon of the Moccona Hazelnut and 1/2 teaspoon of Moccona Kenya (which I like) and 1/2 teaspoon of Cadbury Hot Chocolate!! Otherwise neither my wife nor I can even drink a mouthful of the Moccona Hazelnut coffee.

Best flavour ever

Best coffee flavour ever- I can’t even think about it drinking coffee without this flavour

Not overly sweet.

I like this one a lot better than the caramel flavor. Its best for those who like a bit of sweetness in the coffee.

Strange flavour.

I am a big fan of Moccona since past one year. I loved their caramel and indulgence flavours. However, recently I bought this Hazelnut flavour infused one and that turned out to be a big disappointment. It just doesn't taste like coffee at all.

Love love love this coffee

The only downside is the jar is too small. Both my partner and I have converted to drinking this hazelnut deliciousness every morning and evening.. The aroma is the best to help bring on good vibes for the rest of the day. Someone noted the smell disappears after a week well our jar doesn't lady that long to find out. Gets costly if more than one coffee drinker in the house so a bigger jar would be awesome but till then worth it till I run out of money lol

do you love Bueno? Delicious yum yum yum

From the moment you first open the jar the room is filled with the delicious aroma of hazelnuts. Nice smooth and creamy flavour. Aroma fades slightlying over first week. Still delectable a month later with only a hint of hazelnuts but enough to satisfy your chocolate needs. Not the best for a good kick start in the morning. Best for a break and relax the aroma doesn't get you motivated more restful. Yum yum yum

This what I have been looking for!

Tried different brands hazelnut coffee with huge disappointment outcome. Moccona is outstanding for those who are obsessed with hazelnut like me! I can enjoy café coffee at home every morning before going to work.

A perfect guilt-free treat!

I bought a jar of this yesterday and am already obsessed! The smell is to die for and the hazelnut flavouring is very subtle, makes the perfect treat for any time of the day. The best thing I've spent money on this week!

OMG I loooove it!

Just bought it on sale at woolies for $7 (95g).
So, had it for two days and have already drunk 1/4....
omn nom nom

A sad imitation

Let me state at the outset that my instant coffee of choice IS Moccona - the Exotic blend. However, this one is a huge disappointment. Being a lover of the occasional hazelnut latte I thought Moccona's recent release might be worth trying. However, I find it to be a somewhat bitter, artificial and unsatisfying imitation of the real thing. Even more disappointing was Moccona's response when I asked for a refund in the absence of any other way of sampling their product - no, we don't give refunds! So buyer beware, you just have to hope you're going to like their new products because even if you are a loyal long-time consumer, that counts for nothing when you try something new they've produced. Anyway, take it from someone who did plunk down the ready cash to try this - if you like hazelnut flavoured coffees, you won't enjoy this. Stick to the real thing when you visit a coffee shop for real coffee.
The idea
The flavour was artificial and unlike the real hazelnut coffee you will buy at your favourite roastery

To die for, a credit to Moccona.

Indulgence in a jar, this brings the cafe to home with an indulgent hazelnut coffee made in an instant. Tastes as good as cafe hazelnut coffee I have previously bought from places like Starbucks and Gloria Jean without the price tag. This one is a credit to Moccona and would be happy to purchase and recommend in the future to anyone who likes their coffee with a shot of Hazelnut.
Tastes real. Well balanced taste.
Bigger jar would be great.

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