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Munchkin Nappy Disposal System

Munchkin Nappy Disposal System

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Too expensive

Great product but the bags are too expensive. Babies use a lot of nappies and you go through the bags so quickly. Yes it stops the smell with any number 2. But not worth it in my opinion. I ended up baging them in scented bags and straight in the large council bins.

Handy for a new Mum

This product is fantastic for a newborn who needs so many nappy changes a day as I am sure most mums don’t want to be going out to the bin every 10 mins to dispose of wet nappies. I found once my children were bigger the scent buster didn’t really work well. And it was becoming harder to find a refill.

Ok but has drawbacks

A nappy bin is great to have in the nusery but mine has stopped dispensing the bicarb soda (compartment is full) and the bag refills just got a lot more expensive. No blue bags just new orange ones. So I'm Not sure if I would buy this nappy bin again.

Very good system, bags are hard to come by and expensive

We bought this for our first child and it was fantastic as we bought a whole lot of bags to go with it.
Now we have started using it again and run out of bags we just can't seem to get them anywhere as they have changed the design.

Not sure if you can still get the old design, but I would recommend you try the new one as it does work if you can get the bags.

A must have

This is so easy to use and a must have item. As baby is on our room the change table is in there too. I have not been able to smell one thing! Easy to change the liner and it lasts nearly a week. We bought liners in bulk so we didn't run out.

Average, design could be more user friendly.

The bin contains the smell well - if you buy the bags which quickly add up to way more than the bin cost. About $2.50/bag!
Closing the lid is noisy and it slams. The worst part is the door is flimsy and if you over fill the bin bag (to make it worth your while) it gets stuck when you try to remove it because the bin is round & the door is narrow.
otherwise it is a handy item & keeps my pets out of it!

Love it :)

I put off buying a proper nappy bin, but now that I am expecting for the second time (and extremely sensitive to smells at the moment!) We bought the munchkin. It is great and we can highly recommend. PS my intro number is KT1JSX229 if you'd like to claim more bags online

Very Happy With This Product

A friend said that this was one of the best nappy bins going around. Me being a first time mum and her a mum of 3 I took her word for it.
I have nothing to compare it too but we are very happy with it. It holds the smell of nappies really well and I like that as you close the lid of the bin the bag twists closed to keep the smell in. It holds a lot of nappies and I can never smell a thing.
My only complaint is that they have been out of stock of the refills bags for nearly 3 months!! Which means for my 6 months old half the time we havn't been able to use it which as frustrating. The refills bags when I could purchase them are also quiet expensive. However if it keeps the smell away I don't mind paying that bit extra for the bags.
I would recommend this nappy bin :)

Contains smells well when the lid closes properly

This bin has a small foot print, holds lots of nappies and contains the smell well.
However we find it really difficult to close the lid. It seems to get stuck while twisting the bag.
The bags are expensive although I have found slightly cheaper bags on amazon.
It is great that you can refill the odour control pod with bi carb soda rather than buying expensive replacement pods.
Holds lots of nappies, contains smells
Lid doesn't close smoothly

Great disposal bin - really traps the smell inside!

I bought this great bin from Baby Bunting a few months ago and we love it. I wish I had bought it when my twins were first born (it would have saved a lot of gagging!!!).

Easy to use. Well priced. Bags are easily to install and hold a good amount of nappies.
Ease of use and price
I'm having trouble buying refill bags at the moment as local baby stores are out of stock!

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Do you wanna try that compatible bag?

Very Happy on Munchkin nappy disposal bin.

Very satisfied with our Munchkin nappy bin. My daughter is 20 months old and we have been using the bin since her birth. No odour whatsoever and very easy to switch bags over. The only complaint I have is that the refills are somewhat expensive in Target it is around $2 per bag which can hold about 20 nappies, but fortunately I am able to source very cheap compatible bags with only $0.9~$1 per bag. Very happy on this product.
No smell and really easy to use.

Which compatible bags do you use Amanda?I'd be interested to know that also if you don't mind Amanda?The brand is not Munchkin but 100% compatible with Munchkin Nappy Disposal Tub. Just send me your address to amanda.wu@stornet.com.au I will post a free sample to you and let me know if you are happy with this bag. If yes ,I will place an order to vendor then free shipping to your home.

Did not deliver - disappointed.

The first bin I used did not trap the smell. I thought perhaps it was faulty, but I had exactly the same problem with the second bin I exchanged it for. As more nappies went inside the bin, they gathered at the bottom, which made the door pop open (just 1cm... but it was enough to release that bad nappy smell and stink out the room!) I've used the Tommee Tippee bin for 2 years and found it much more effective for odour control. Was hoping to find a cheaper refill alternative, but at this stage, I think Tommee Tippee is the most effective at trapping smells. Was disappointed that the marketing spin around Munchkin bins did not live up to the hype for me. I returned the second bin & got my money back. Also, the free refills promo has finished.
only need one hand to use
did not trap smell - therefore useless to me!

Not what it looks like in packaging

totally disappointed! I saw great reviews and bought the nappy bin. The product is two-toned, totally different from what it looks like on the packaging. It just looks cheap, on the contrary, it's very expensive!

This is hard to continuously use as the bags are really expensive. there free refill promo is over.

expensive refill bags, free refill bags promo is over, starts to stink after 6 months

Good product, does the job well

I've had the munchkin since my daughter started solids and I have been pleasantly surprised. It will hold around 20 crawler sized nappies and I have not once detected any odour coming from the bin even during very hot weather and when full. The only complaint I have is that the refills are somewhat expensive (around $20 for 10 - so about 10c per nappy), so I only use the munchkin to dispose of dirty nappies, and throw wet ones into regular plastic bags.
No smell and really easy to use.
The refills are a bit expensive.

Free refill offer no longer running

Bought the munchkin based on wonderful reviews and the fact that you can redeem free refills. Got the unit home to find they are no longer running this promotion. I'll be returning the unit in the morning as I would rather a unit with minimal running costs. Shame really because otherwise looks like a great system.

Happy with Munchkin

We are delighted with our Munchkin nappy bin. Our son is 11 months old and we have been using the bin since birth. No odour whatsoever and very easy to switch bags over. It stands neatly in the corner out of the way. It can comfortably hold 15 - 20 nappies. Would definitely recommend!!

Great product, buy from UK online for a better deal

I read heaps of reviews and all roads pointed to Munchkin land. We bought ours from amazon UK and are really impressed with how easy it is to use and how well it contains all smell. We have visited quite a few friends using other bins which has only enforced how happy we are with Munchkin as our choice. Refills are a bit pricey but worth it for how well the whole system works.
Easy of use and ease of changing bags, great ability at stopping smells from nappies.
The price in Australia is a bit of a high

Worth it!

First baby and really happy with the nappy disposal. No smell, easy to use and will definitely recommend it if you are a new parent.
I thought I could just trow nappies in a normal garbage bin but the smell was terrible and also not very hygienic.
Shop around as you can get it cheaper online!
No fuss, easy to use.

Highly recommended for new mums

This nappy bin is excellent. The bags are inserted easily, and when it is full the bin does not close properly so you know when to replace it with a new one. The smell is gone instantly when the bin is shut. Feel free to use this code for a free refill J4T935L48.
Easy to use, effective in minimizing smell
A little pricey (but worth it!)

Love this bin!

This is the perfect solution for dirty nappies. The bag twists as you close the lid so that it locks in any smell - even in a warm room. I also like that I can replace the bicarb myself to save having to buy expensive refills as with other systems. Neat and tidy unit that holds a lot of nappies before having to replace the bag. Great customer service from Munchkin too!
Affordable, one handed operation of lid means that I can still have one hand on bub, use of natural bicarb rather than chemical cassettes.
Quite pricey in Australia but managed to pick one up from the UK with minimal delivery costs.

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Questions & Answers

Just curious as to why the price increase on the munchkin nappy bin liner refills. They were out of stock for some time. I went to Baby Bunting yesterday and they're available again - new packaging / new colour and new price! THEY'VE gone from $19.95 for 10 to $49.95 for 20??? That's steep!
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I am wondering the same thing. Not happy.

Hi, I am starting to get really frustrated, we have the Munchkin Disposal Bin, and we cannot locate any refill bag liners for it, I have just about tried everything, Can you please advise where we can get these from? asap? I can be contacted on Mobile# [contact number removed] Thank you Joanne
2 answers
Hi, I'm not sure where you are but I just bought 2 packs from babyography from warringah mall in sydney. They have a website to so I'm sure u can purchase online if that's not close for you. They had heaps in stock. Hope this helpsThanks Skype to far I'm at Harrington Park. I got some on line eventually they will get delivered to our local Big W and I pick up from there.

The powdery container thing that is attached to the inside section of the lid - should that be changed every now & then? If so where can i buy them from?
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You can just empty the white power out and refil it with bicarb soda :)I put in scented dried flowers.


Nappy Disposal System
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