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My Secret Fling

My Secret Fling

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PURCHase of credits

I purchased credits this morning . The reply I got said try again . I did and to no avail. I checked my bank and had to transfer money into an account to purchase some credits .I re applied to purchase some credits . The same answer I got , please re apply . I did and inthe end I reapplied FOUR TIMES . the credits were fully paid for and no credits were given to my online acc. I ONLY WANTED ONE LOT OF CREDITS FOR 55.99 DOLLARS . I need a refund for THREE lots of credits and I want my credits that I paid for .

big ripoff

The site looks good, the women some very sexy but seem to want it so bad but when a hundred emails from different ones looked too good to be true. A couple said they were staying at my local hotel and they looked hot then realized my local was a real dive full of druggos, drunks etc, why would someone so good looking be there. Not one is real, the site full of lies, only good for looking at nude women but don't expect anymore than looking, A total scam

One big con!!!!

The site looks great, the woman look real, until you start to converse with them, they keep you hanging, promise you that they are real, and not fake like many are, promise to meet soon but something in their schedule suddenly pops up and cant make it, but have every trick to keep you there, ask for a photo not on their profile, oh dear someone broke my camera, or site wont upload. Its one big scam, I have been chatting to someone called [name removed], assured me I was the one, wanted to live with me even, but cant get her schedule to work. Hate to think how much she has taken me for, but very good at its job. Only advice, stay well clear of this scam.

Fraud & total scam -dont be fooled

Hey I was initially excited when I saw this site and the girls looking for fun. Then I saw the reviews and was cautious and never paid a cent. No I don't answer but still get saucy message from all (so called) types of girls wanting fun. When I don't answer they get angry. It is not real and all fake.
Is this a normal reply for a girl wanting you : ''I think it is really nasty of you! How the hell can you act in this way? I really wonder what the hell is wrong with you? Why are you not getting back to me?

Take care and don't pay.

Total scam

A site designed to make money for the owners at your expense. Dont even think of spending money there as its total fabrication

Operated out of the Phillipines HONEY

Serious scam !

Very talented typeset . They tell you what you want to hear

Ask them about local knowledge and it’s very avasive ( stuff any bimbo would know )

Mysecretfling not a fake but just does what the terms and conditions promise

To all complainers,
1. Please read the Terms and Conditions of this site which say among other conditions:
5.2. mysecretfling.com has entertainment as its goal, it is explicitly not the purpose of mysecretfling.com to establish dates or meetings in person.
2. They do what they say as per above 5.2. That is not a scam.
They are guilty of misleading customers until they read 5.2, but don;t winge if you don;t read the Terms and Conditions , the small print Ignorance does not legally count.

let down really looking for someone

Hi for Gods sake most of us on these meeting are fair dinkum looking for a mate. When you seem to be going OK than BAM. Thanks My Secret Fling. Please be a honest site. Thanks.

A Huge Scam....Don't waste your money

I made contact with ladies on this site who lived in my area and when asked to chat at name how many hotels/motels in the area they were stumped. People wanting to catch up for the night who lived in Darwin and Perth....I've sent details to Australian Federal Police.

Don't even waste your time with this site..

It's all fake, none of these girls are genuine people they are bots profiles because someone is operating it all & making out they are the girls i have texts my phone number to test if they ring but all i got was excuses after excuses. if it was real, they wouldn't be playing stupid games to get me to spend more oh by the way there's no Refund on anything your a member with here so don't waste your money it because they'll take every dollar spent. I am not very happy with this site and now i am very wary of any dating sites..

Waist of time it’s a money maker 2.66 a message

You give them your number they are so keen to tell u how they need you then they continue u text on the site so they can charge u 2.66 a message it’s fake don’t waist your time

This site, over 300 women wanting me to reply in just two days. My own comments about myself in my p

Some of the women looked genuine. The site was quick to sign up. Kept appearing in my searches, just like most we are inquisitive.

Complete Con. A Rip off.

I joined up membership with MySecretFling over 12 months ago. At first I believed that the women on this site were real. But I found it hard to believe the amount of mail that I was being constantly bombarded with. I have spent over $5,000 on my credit card and I was sucked in.
The chat is very convincing and this site has made me feel depressed and frustrated after chatting with so many women. BUT I did not get to meet one single person in real life. NOT ONE person would commit to meeting me in over 12 months. The people who reply to your messages are extremely clever intended ending a message with a question to entice you to DO sprend more credits. I have NO DOUBT that if there are any real women on this site. It is incredibly hard to tell.

total scam

unverified profiles / 95%+ are bots (fake profile, fake photo, enticing message) - trying to engage in expensive conversation
few offered to spend time in my local hotel - there are no hotels in the suburb I live
only advantage is to read how artful is the composing staff in inventing miriads of profiles with very large variety of lust adventures

Prize example of the art of "Teasing"

The sign up is easier than Centrelink I would like to know how they get the photo's of all the ladies when the personality portrayed is obviously not coupled. Is it possible that some innocent lady is unaware that her photo is being used. I found a photo of MY DAUGHTER being used on a similar site and I am in the process of taking legal action in that respect. I looked at this site 3 years ago and again just recently. All the same old photos were still displayed with the same titles and profile headings, personal details and likes and dislikes. If the process was genuine surely some of the ladies at least would have found themselves a partner in those THREE years. The trouble with the internet is that there is just NO accountability!!!

Don't Get Sucked In!!!

Enticing to join, easy to sign up and then...you are bombarded with so many offers you have to be a complete idiot not to realize its a scam.


Sign up was easy, they want money so its so easy a 6 yr old could register, doubt do this, register as living at Chain of ponds SA (nothing there bar a dam) watch how many live there and how many stay at local motels.

This method works if you put any locality with no shops, (farming country) trust me its a scam of the highest order and SHOULD be removed and the creators charged with fraud!!!!

it's perfect

very good was to easy to sign in this site .hzhzhhxhxbxbcbvbbzjb yshhsbsbdbd bxhhhxvv have hbsbhgvzb bbvx xxbbbbx xbxhh yzgzgz hzhzhgxg

MySecretFling = bogus!

the site itself is well done - but it is full - absolutely full of crap! Fake profiles galore, I doubt there are any real women on here at all!

Worst dating site ever

Don't do it , all they want is money, won't contact you outside of the site, total rip off, save your time and money

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Are u able to chat & send pics free to other ppl
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This site is a complete scam at the highest level. You get 250 messages saying they are from your area. None of them are willing to meet up always some sort of excuses and they want to stay on the site to waste more credits and your time. Don’t waste your money on credit it is a complete scam to the highest degree.
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I paid fourty dollars for premium package last Friday and still can't use it it still keeps telling me that I need to buy credits when I shouldn't need to so can you fix the problem soon as possible please
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just to take your money and give you nothing most girls are just put there by them they dont really exist

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