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Naturopathica FatBlaster FatMagnet

Naturopathica FatBlaster FatMagnet

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Buyer beware

This product does not work. You are better off exercising and eating well rather than spending money on FatBlaster. There are no evidence to support that chitosan and psyllium husk works in the dose they recommended. Studies that looked at psyllium husk used much more dosage than recommended by FatBlaster.

Don't waste your money

My wife and I both took this but didn't work for either of us. We were on a diet and were losing weight anyway and wanted to speed it up a bit. Once we started this, we stopped losing weight and eventually gave up. Know what?, the scale is dropping again.

I think it works but the side effects are horrible

I took 6 tablets a day for the first 2 days. I ha e been exercising for 1 hour a day. Lost 1.5kgs. However the side effects are taking over the better part of me so I will reduce to only 2 tablets before exercise and see what happens. Side effects for me include: mild headaches; dizziness, stomach upsets, loss of energy tiredness and my urine colour has changed to bright yellow with some bad odour. Hope it works by the time I finish all the tablets.

Not good at all

I took the pills everyday and I actually gained 3kg I was 65kg then got up to 67.9kg. I go on the scales and I feel my weight never changes it stayes the same I feel it's not normal for me

This is perfect CNT live with out

I lost 21 kilos and feel awsom fat blaster fat magnets do work wonderful for me I think they are awsome and I been on them 3 months I do my exercise eating well and its been 3 months on the fat blasters they do work

It works

Ive lost 30 kg and i been on for over 3 months .You have to put the hard work in to and i have heaps of energy.So if you want to lose weight give it a go and by they way my wife lost 20 kg.

It is a no

Wasted! Finished 200 tablets and did not even lose a gram of weight! Very disappointed! And i even eat less carb, less fat foods but my weight is still sitting there at the same number :(
I am a mom of two babies so basically i am pretty busy working on them 24/7

Not working at all

Works - if you take more than recommended dose

I tried this product, looking for an easy option. Gotta say it worked...only when I took more than the daily recommended dosage though...and lost 3 kilos rather quickly. Needless to say I went through my supplies far quicker and didn't continue because of the cost. Disappointed the product is so expensive. Agree with others - watch out for feeling dizzy if taking of an empty stomach. Monitor your responses to it and be sensible. I don't necessarily think taking 12 tablets per day is sustainable or recommended over a longer period of time...use your own discretion. Interested to see real reviewers reports as to whether they put on 15kg+ weight loss when they stop taking this product...not sure what happens when you stop taking it. If you really want to try it, definitely shop around for price and wait till it's discounted (eg. Chemist Warehouse).
easy to take, worked but in high doses, gave me lots of energy, lost weight on it (short term only)
had to take higher than recommended dose (safety?) to get it to work. Proves $$ over time. Doesn't change behaviour.

very bad

I gain 3 kilo in 2 weeks with diet , I am not like it
Increase my waist from 92 to 99
Hips from 102 to 105
Feeling dizzy and I can't do anything
So it doesn't work with me
Very expensive
Am very sad
I will try other product from other brand
I gain 3 kilo
Very expensive

This stuff works

I began taking Fatblaster on September 19th. I started off only taking 1 tablet three times a day; I was at 61.5kgs. Inititally it gave me so much energy and I felt great. I then increased my dosage to two tablets three times a day just to see if it would make a difference - and it did. It is now the 25th and today I weigh in at 59.5kg. Talk about fast working. I have noticed that if I take the tablets on an empty stomach they can make me light-headed and jittery, and they also affect my digestion, but these do work.
Fast results
Side effects, expensive over prolonged time

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Did you work out while taking this pill or?

It works

I have lost 15 kilos in five months. Taking 4 tablets before each meal at least 30 min before eating. I also trained myself to eat healthy and not eat after 7 pm. It's not hard at all. I still want to lose another 15 kilos. And I am determined to do it. I also do some sit ups and walking. Without the help of fat magnet I don't think I could have achieved it.
Easy way to lose weight

Response to fatblater tablets

I sarted taking the naturopathica Fat Blaster tablets a couple of days ago. I have allready lost 1 kg in a very short time and am looking thinner. When I started using them I was not fat, I just wanted a fast way to tone up. I have also been feeling very energetic and am sleeping better at night. I seriously reccomend this product to others.
It made me energetic and I am losing weight fast.
Honestly so far, I can't find anything wrong with it XD.

after taking it then having ur meal, how long does it take to workYou took it two days ago from when you first posted this and you claim that it made you looked 'thinner' in those two days of taking it? What a load of crud. Moreover, the only way to actually tone up is my exercising via weights and cardio, not fat reduction tablets or supplements on it's own.

It definitely works

I lost about 3 kg in 3 weeks wiut changing my diet because of fatmagnet. Now I've reduced my caloric intake and only take fatmagnet if I know I'm going to eat something moderate or high fat. I've lost 7 kg now.

I would recommend not taking fatmagnet before nutritious meals because it can inhibit absorption of good fats and omega 3, and some vitamins and minerals, becaust's high fibre. Fibre can bind to vitamins/minerals and make you excrete them.
Actually works, natural ingredients
Expensive, chitosan not suitable for vegetarians/vegans, shouldn't use it at every meal

that is meant to say "I lost about 3 kg in 3 weeks without changing my diet" how long did it take to lose 7kg


I was skeptical, but I lost 22kg's in 5 months. I only took 4-6 tablet's daily to kick start my weight loss. I don't take them every day now, unless I have a bit of a pig out. 100 pack cost around $28AUS off the internet, approx. $9 less than the shop's. For me, they worked, are cheaper and better than other weight loss product's like shakes. I feel more satisfied and less guilty eating real food and not fluid food, etc.
Helped me to lose weight and you can adjust the number you take to complement your daily "fat" consumption.
Tablet's are a little big so ensure you have a drink to swallow them.

I wish I could get that.my relative is using that and now they are so fit and skinny.i couldn't believe my own naked eyes.so I really recommend you to use this product:)after taking it then having ur meal, how long does it take to workI believe they contain psyllium, which I know if you put into yoghurt and other foods helps to fill you up. So the idea in general is that you will want to eat a bit less - this causes gradual weight loss in itself. If you eat a lot of fatty foods, you will go to bathroom later - if that's what you're referring to. You'll also have an uphill battle losing weight, if you don't adjust your diet to that of a healthier one. Everybody knows that the real way to lose weight is to replace the fatty, junk food in your diet and replace it with, say, more vegetable's. A balanced diet is the recommendation on the product packaging. Fat Magnet is only an aid, but in truth, it's mainly the eating healthier that does it. I don't use them anymore as my diet is pretty healthy these days. If I have "feast" one day, it's back to normal healthy food the next. Your body does adjust. So, yes you should start to slowly lose weight after a couple of days, depending how overweight you are AND most important, if you eat healthier every day. It's important to note, they are not a magic pill, if they were, we'd all be able to eat whatever we want, pop one and be skinny! I wish!

Questions & Answers

When is the best time to take the capsule?
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I take the pills everyday and I don't understand why my weight just stays the same? And I do diet and go for walks
2 answers
You should try a jog or on a bycycleIt's your diet/eating plan..... It's doing your movements till you achieve 10,000 steps,...

I want to lose 10kg with pills. I am just wondering does it has any side effects like my my skin bad because i have a allergy? I will be looking forward your reply. Thank you. Grace
1 answer
Hi Grace - I'm not aware of side effects (people react differently to supplements) - maybe try it for a month and see how it goes. Buy the product when it's on special - don't pay full price.


FatBlaster FatMagnet
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