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Latest review: I'm not sure what it is I'm doing.. but taking oxyshred really hurt my stomach and it's doing the same for my boyfriend. I had oxyshred for about 4 months now and I stopped drinking it... it's been

Naturopathica FatBlaster MAX

Latest review: I have just started this product today Definitely feel something strong happening! Had two in the morning and then two before lunch . I walked about 7 kms this morning so tired from that but was able

MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore

Latest review: Great product, I found my results really jumped when I started combing the product with Bodies 2 Evny Ultimate BCAA, I found myself dehydrating during my workouts with just using Hydroxycut. Then

Musashi Fat Metaboliser + with Carnitine

Latest review: I have seen a few reviews on here talking about how they haven't lost weight using this product. The name of objective of the product is ultimately to lose fat but is important that the consumer does

Naturopathica FatBlaster

Latest review: It taste like shet... bloody horrible makes me gag! But I have to use it al coz I don’t like to waste anything, but wil definitely not buy it again! Just can’t describe the taste.. definitely don

Nature's Way Metabolift Fat Burner Triple Action with Green Tea

Latest review: The tablets are huge and they burn your throat. Learned that the closer you take them to your mean I don’t feel sick. So instead of 30 minutes they say I take them 5 minutes. Haven’t noticed a dif

Naturopathica FatBlaster FatMagnet

Latest review: This product does not work. You are better off exercising and eating well rather than spending money on FatBlaster. There are no evidence to support that chitosan and psyllium husk works in the dose

Nakdnu 360 Fat Burning Protein

Latest review: This is hands down the best protein I've ever had, it smells amazing and doesn't taste overly sweet like other brands! All natural too so love it! I've bought it twice already and their customer

Dymatize Liquid Ampd

Latest review: i have tried some of the top recommended fat burners/performance enhancers and not alot have been successful. If some have worked they havent worked for even the recommended cycle. This product is

Wrap Yourself Slim Spa Clay Mini Body Wrap Kit

Latest review: The European Dry Mineral Clay Complete Home Body Wrap Kit is simply a flawless product. It is one of the many products I have tried to enhance the richness of my skin, and is something that I will

Body Science Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Latest review: Ya Abu Clever this is very good the best Number 1 if you try it you will love it it is really really really an amazing product I love everything about amazing I say absolutely do try you will notice

Wrap Yourself Slim European Dry Mineral Clay Complete Home Body Wrap Kit

Latest review: I have used a lot of different products in the past to improve my figure; many of which have achieved very poor results. This Wrap Yourself Slim product, however, is a remarkably effective product. I

Wrap Yourself Slim Mens Complete Contour Body Wrap Kit

Latest review: I bought this kit because I was feeling a bit out of shape and with summer already here I hadn't done anything about it. I'd almost got to the point where I was avoiding going to the beach, and I was

Nutrients Direct ND Hydroxyshred

Latest review: Easy to mix. Not over sweet. And the recovery was felt after the training session. It also held up the hunger feelings so the thought of eating was considerably

Maxine's Burn Thermogenic Protein

Latest review: Happy with product overall, nice chocolate flavour, with not as many carbs and sugars as some others contain. Price ok, packaging is overkill, GREAT big tub doesn't fit in my little shelves, upon

Musashi L-Carnitine

Latest review: Since i have been taking it i believe my energy levels have deffinatly increased so i know i will continue taking it. It does exacly what it says it does on the packaging, isnt a gimic in my own

Blooms Melt

Latest review: I have lost just about 5 kg in the last month of my baby weight. You must take this with food though or the chilli in it does give you an upset tummy. I really like it that you can take it just

Biotest Hot-Rox

Latest review: My review is based on the extreme variation of this product. This product was awesome, too bad it's no longer on the market in Australia. If you want this item you'll have to purchase it online

Platinum Labs Awaken

Latest review: Usually use C4 pre workout but got this product as part of a bundle deal. Tastes ok, have the berry blast flavour. Hard to tell whether it is any better than C4 but good for what it is

Nature's Way Daily Multivitamin Plus Spirulina

Latest review: It does NOT have Spirulina anymore...and that is why I was purchasing it....plus good size caplets....now says with Antioxidants.....it was also a really good price and I like Natures Way

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