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New Wave Portable Induction Cooker

New Wave Portable Induction Cooker

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Over the Moon with this Little Baby

Thankyou Newwave. All my time is saved with this wonderful unit. Have purchased it couple years ago. Would not be without it in my Catavan. Saves space, cooks extremely fast. Does not get pots and pans hot, only the food. This is so awesome I am recommending it to caravaners, Young family’s with children, oldies saving on power bills.
I am extremely proud to own this unit.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

New wave no longer exists - So no warranty support

I have a Newwave portable induction cooktop which stopped working after 8 months.
My problem is the company does not exist anymore. I have emailed them and phoned them ... no response to
either. The phone number (03) 9553 7211 has an engaged signal constantly, so no luck there.
I would not buy this product as I fear the company no longer exists to support the product.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Excellent Cooktop

Very Fast and Efficient Cooktop. NW 200 induction purchase included an induction friendly wok pan. Appliance will be used when Caravaning. It can be used inside or outside . Quick to heat up and control cooking temperature. I am impressed with the performance so far and it's ability to heat different sizes of saucepans and frypans.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Instant Cooking

After reading numerous reviews I decided on a different brand.The one I purchased was available to inspect and was available locally so as no delay in delivery. The overall concept of a single induction hotplate is fantastic. They are fast, give instant temperature change, maintain a constant temperature, take various sizes of pans and can easily be used indoors or out, just need a power supply. Don't know what I did without one.

Efficient cooking

I purchased a portable NW200 Induction Cooktop while in a rental with a very old, slow ceramic cooktop. The Omega cooktop has 10 heat settings (from 60 degrees to 240 degrees), a timer in five minute intervals and a lock function. It can cope with a saucepan diameter from 12cm to 22cm. It is very fast and efficient and I have been very happy with its performance. The fan in this unit it quieter than in a previous portable unit. It is easy to clean and my purchase came with an induction suitable saucepan.
Quick to heat up, good choice of temperature settings, timer

Hi, Maybe you can help me out. I bought The 5 Star Chef cooker and it has got set functions. The user manual say's to use the Rice setting, (1000watt) for cooking, once it cooks is slows down to 400 watt and then cooks again and keeps doing that. On what setting do I fry my steak, mince etc. According to the info from my frying pans, I have to use medium heat. If I press to Toast button it is on 160 degrees, is that to hot? When I press Stir-Fly is shows 1400 W. What do you think is a medium heat? And when you are simmering food, what setting do you use? I think they could have a better users manual to explain all that. Regards, Anneke.Hi Anneke, Your cooker rice setting sounds like it would cook for a time and then allow it to come off the boil for a time (a bit like a conventional rice cooker) which should work nicely. For your other questions, I have found for frying steak and browning mince - 1400W (140 degrees) to 1500W (160 degrees), fast simmer 1200W (120 degrees), slow simmer 1000W (100 degrees). My cooktop has both Watts and Degrees settings which is useful. I agree that manuals could explain better - it is up to the end user to experiment. Happy cooking.

Questions & Answers

What is the model number please?
1 answer
I have a Phillips induction hot plate. At time of purchase there was not a New Wave available to physically look at.

Can I cook in my camp oven that has a 30cm base diameter?
1 answer
I just try my saucepans and provided they have a flat bottom they work. Camp ovens are great conductors so they should work really well. Leonie

I am looking for a hotplate to cook jams on, I need a high setting to obtain a rolling boil, that stirring will not stop. Will this product do this with a large boiler on it?
1 answer
The highest setting is 2000W or 240 degrees (according to manual), which should be plenty for jam. Hope that helps.


Portable Induction Cooker
Price (RRP)$139.95
Release dateJul 2010

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