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New Wave Thermochef Natura NW-100

New Wave Thermochef Natura NW-100

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Don't buy. No customer service. Plagued with problems.

Don't buy. No customer service. Plagued with problems. We have had it for a few years and used it as a blender. Had it repaired a couple of times but has reached a stage where we can no longer contact anyone at customer support.

Purchased in October 2012 for $800.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Don't bother. Works 20% of the time...

Yes it is relatively cheap compared to some of the other similar machines on the market but it often doesn't work or stop 15 seconds into using it.

I try and use it to cook porridge in the morning and can be quite frustrating to add all the ingredients to the bowl, add the cooking settings only to have it suddenly stop 15 secs later and then have to transfer all the mixture to a pot and cook on the stove.

Would not recommend

Purchased in July 2016 at Kogan.com for $450.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Don't expect any decent customer service

This appliance was fine.... when it worked. About 6 months in, it started giving and error message and blowing my fuses every time I tried to use the jug.
Contacted thermochef and got the reply that it was probably the thermostat in the jug, but they didn't have a replacement. I asked for a solution....no reply....ever. It's now an expensive set of scales!
Would not buy again and would not recommend

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Best Boat Anchor

Such a waste of money. So happy it eventually died! Will make a great boat anchor. Worst appliance to ever enter my kitchen. It only makes gravy and mushy foods. Most expensive way to make playdough! Need the strength of 10 men to remove the jug from the contraption. So NOISY and heavy! Cant come up with anything nice to say about it. Don't waste your money on it.
Now Im stuck with a cupboard full of Thermochef specific recipe books, extra jugs and accessories. Email me if you want to buy them off me for a song!

Date PurchasedDec 2014

best ever

Great price, easy to use, easy to clean. I did not want to spend a fortune on something may never use, the price of this one was good and it has the same warranty as the more expensive one, I could buy 9 of these, I don't think I will ever buy the expensive one, this one does it all,

Date PurchasedJul 2017

An $800 ornament on my benchtop

Really enjoyed using my TC when I purchased it 3 1/2 years ago - for 6 months, I started getting error messages and sent it back 3 times for repair after then. Something to do with the heat sensor. It stopped working again when out of warranty (2 years) and when ownership changed hands (New owners made it even harder to get my TC repaired and someone on the phone there suggested to me that my jugs were faulty) but I realise now that the machine actually has an intermittent fault _ it seems some of the wiring is not making contact. However if you jiggle it around it sometimes works. Trouble is, I know if I send it to them (out of warranty) they won't find a fault and it will cost me even more money.

Date PurchasedOct 2013

I have owned my thermo chef for 7years. Only problem I have had which NWKA replaced within a couple

When I first got my machine it was hard taking the blade out, but overtime it became easier. It does everything a thermo mix does. I like it better because the scales are on the side, less chance of putting in the wrong amount of ingredients. Sometimes food sticks but its trial and error but easy to clean. I also bought an extra jug.

Date PurchasedJan 2010

Great for about 2 years then things went terribly bad

Worked well for a couple of years, then for no apparent reason an error came up that was not able to be erased. It appears that hese are a throw away item. At $800 we expected a bit more. Wish we had purchased the Thermomix (although we couldnt justify the cost).

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Horrendous Customer Service, 4 months and they STILL HAVE MY MACHINE

First of all, I loved this machine when I received it in April 2016. It was great, sometimes burnt a little on the bottom, but overall pretty good. I also used it side by side with a Thermomix and although clearly not the same quality, for the price it held up well. Until June when it started malfunctioning.
the store I bought it from got me to get in contact with [name removed] at NWKA. After taking 3 weeks to get hold of him, we arranged to have the machine returned and fixed. It was returned mid July and eventually received back almost 5 weeks later. With a faulty scale! Long story short, it eventually got returned again in November 2016. It's now mid February and still no machine... or contact from [name removed] at Newwave Kitchen Appliances. He's not responding to emails or phone calls. Furious doesn't even begin to describe my frustration level!
My advice, DON'T DO IT!

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Good alternative to Thermomix

Bought this unit for approx. $600 at David Jones over 2 years ago and to date have found it quite reasonable.
We hadn't used it for the first 18 months much, but since then used it extensively to make purees, soups, steamed vegies, etc. easily about 4-5 times a week.

The Thermomix recipes can be largely adapted, plus there is another book (Thermostruck) that you can get at BigW etc.
We also bought the international recipe pack extra cards which you but in the binder folder, which I think you can still buy online or at MatchBox

In terms of service - while we found it initially hard to get support - no response from the web form on the nwka website and the phone number had changed too.
However eventually got onto the present owner / manager Marco, who has been great in resolving problems - especially even the unit has been out of warranty for some time.

- Had issues with base unit and LCD screen unreadable - was replaced totally
- At same time replaced jug for which handle for jug had come loose at top, plus quickly repaired existing one
- When we dropped the above off at the NWKA office, they weren't there at the per-arranged time (in Moorabbin), however left at another factory next door and he personally delivered it to us a couple days later (we are in Melb metro)
- Issues with steamer not fitting the replacement base (as has a larger "tooth"), replaced that a few weeks after as well for free including postage

Of course, there are limitations compared to the Thermomix, such as no reverse function and doesn’t have the finish, but remember this unit is 1/3rd the price as well.
One of the concerns we had when buying the Thermomix would be if we would get the value from it and not just had it sitting in the corner gathering dust.

Probably in hindsight, we may have got the ThermoMix, but then also have seen the various issues in the media and ACCC complaints with this i.e. scalding / burns, requiring new seals, poor customer service with forcing consumers to sign non-disclosure agreements etc., so in two minds there too.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

useless, waste of money

This was the biggest waste of money. It spent more time in error mode than actually doing anything. I threw it away and upgraded to a thermomix and havent looked back. It was sent back for repairs numerous times within 6 months and still couldnt do basic functions without bringing up error after error

Poor value - doesnt last

We bought a thermochef to replace a blender which had lasted for decades, and after 'investing' $800 in a thermochef (which we only used on occasions - no more than once a week) the metal spindle has broken and there is no way of getting it fixed. We bother replacing a with a new one - may as well buy something cheap if its only going to last a couple of years.

A '1' is too good, don't waste your money on a cheap alternative

Bought this from Kogan. No instructions came with it so had no idea how to use it. Had to search the net for how to use this machine. First and only time I used it, I made a lovely Chinese chicken dish and great steamed rice but the bowl/jug does not now come off from the base. Rang Kogan who said to ring someone else who said to ring a mobile number of the person who owns the New Wave products. Rang mobile 4 times, last time got a lady who had nothing to do with New Wave. In the meantime, food is now putrid in the bottom of the jug, can't wash since can't get base wet. Under warantee but no one is accepting responsibility for replacement. Everyone can't figure out why jug can't be removed, neither can I.


I use my Thermo Chef three to four times a week. I cook the same recipes that are created for the thermomix. Thermo chef doesn't have the reverse function. However the recipes are easy to made without the reverse or using a butterfly clip. Not as good as a Thermomix, however for the price difference it is worth it & does the job.

Doesn't Last

I have had my ThermoChef for a few years now and at first i loved it and was glad i didn't buy a Thermomix as the ThermoChef did everything the Thermomix did and didn't cost an arm and leg. As time has gone on it doesn't do things as well. I bought a second jug so I had one for cooking with and the other for food processing. One night a blade broke in the new jug and then a few weeks later the other one blade broke too whilst making risotto.. now i just want to throw the machine at a wall, Kinda wish i had just saved that $800 and put it toward the thermomix now. :(

Mastered my Thermochef - Finally!


I wanted to write this because I recently bought a thermochef in april and have been very frustrated with it. I checked everywhere online to find some kind of resource that will help me but could not find it. Thus, I am writing this in the hope that it will help people who is looking for the answers I am looking for. Like how come my thermochef burns? How come everything I cook turns into mush. And when it burns, I spent so much time cleaning it. It was a nightmare. So here is what I have discovered and let me share with you the tricks on how to get your thermochef to work to your advantage.

Firstly, it does burn but it will not burn your food. To not let it burn, do not add sugar. Add only at the last minute. To clean a burnt thermochef, simply tilt it over and press the black rubbery thing and it the blade will come out and you can clean it quite simply with a hard sponge.

For not turning food into mush, do not cook chicken breast. It will turn into mush when you turn the speed onto 1, even for 5 minutes of cooking. So if you like boneless, buy chicken drumstick and cut the meat at least 2 inches long. This way, it wont turn to mush. Same for all other meat.

Hope this has helped.

If you are looking for ways to eat healthily and slim down at the same time, check my blog. [link removed] for more info


Had my thermochef for 2 years. First one the motor blew when grating cheese so they replaced it. My second one will not steam. It keeps stopping for no reason. Mine was a gift otherwise I would've gone straight for the thermomix as my sisters have it and I absolutely love it. USELESS!!!!!

Waste of money

I purchased my thermochef a little under a year ago. The first was one was faulty - the weighing function didn't work. Sent it back (I had to pay for a courier), it came back with the weighing function working but the keypad was misaligned and some of the buttons didn't work. So I sent it back and requested a replacement (no shipping fee that time). After almost a year of use, even on low speed settings, there is a burning motor smell when I use it, liquids splash out of the top at less than medium speed (splashes out between the gap in the measuring cup and lid), and the blades don't seem sharp enough as even after blending for 4 minutes on low to medium, I still have chunks in my smoothies. For the amount of money I paid for this machine, this is not acceptable.

An Amazing Appliances

This appliance is the dream for all mom out there for those who do not have so much time to cook, but have lots of ideas, This is perhaps one of the few 3 layer steaming performance that result in great output, i remember cooking that beef stroganoff Which was a delight for the whole family. The appliances also makes perfect dough, And this is a great combination with our pizza maker.

When grinding meat this appliances is amazing i could not believe how quickly the machine chew and shredded the pork we placed in there.

all in all this appliances Does what it is advertised for and is definitely worth the cost, and The Thermochef works brilliantly in junction with the other appliances such as the 6 in 1 / 5 in 1as well as the pizza oven.

I would definitely recommend buying a Thermochef.
The Limitless potential of recipe variety. fairly simple to use.
When grinding the noise can be loud. Sometimes cleaning can be anoying.

Great time saver with plenty of untility

After a bit of learning and adjusting our recipes we were able to finally get a hang of this thing. There is a bit of learning involved but that goes with all ThermoChef style cookers as our friends with a ThermoMix had to go through the same growing pains.

Our kids love the recipes and its so much easier than having to chop and sautee everything in a sauce pan. Just throw the majority of your ingredients in and let the ThermoChef work its magic (with the occasional check up on how the food is going).

I couldn't imagine going back to cooking the old stone aged way as this makes things so much easier. We now only have to clean one pot and the the included recipe book gives you a bit to choose from. We're now having tasty foods that we'd never before cooked.
Quick and easy. Has the many benefits of a blender, while being able to cook quick and easy meals.
No reverse motor feature, but I havent really needed one. Also, the jug cannot be submerged into water as I've previously damaged the heating element in my bowl.

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New Wave Thermochef Natura NW-100
CategoryAll-In-One Kitchen Appliances
Price (RRP)$779
Motor Power550
Release dateOct 2011

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