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Nexba Natural Cola

Nexba Natural Cola

4.1 from 25 reviews



Eloise V.

Eloise V.Hobart, TAS

Why are people saying this is good?


This is mostly for nexba kumbucha, did they have to put sweetners in that? Honestly, kumbucha doesn't even need sugar... I hate the tast of sweeteners in general so pretty much all of nexbas drinks are a big no for me. Just saying... Not everything needs to have sweetners in it...


JoanneSouth East Queensland, QLD

Where has my favourite drink gone??


I have looked in every Coles and Woolworths. Nexba Cola is no longer sold there. The Nexba site proclaims it is Sold Out. Help me please. Has it been discontinued?

Purchased at Woolworths.


ChristineGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Life Saver for my autistic grandson.


My autistic grandson was addicted to drinking Coke and the quantity he consumed daily became a big problem. I was thrilled to eventually come across the Nexba range at the supermarket (albeit stacked high on the top shelf) and after introducing this excellent product as an alternative to Coke, I am super happy to say, we have broken the cycle. He prefers the Raspberry and actually loves the Pineapple. His unhealthy consumption of sugar filled soft drink is no longer a problem. I just wish the Pineapple was sold in the larger bottles.

Purchased in November 2018 at Woolworths for $2.50.

Robert I.

Robert I.South East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

Awesome alternative!


I was hooked on drinking normal soda for years and now i have found a light, and healthier choice to drink now a days! I recommend nexba to avid soda drinkers for a healthier alternative!!

Purchased in June 2019.


nick_taylor27South East Queensland, QLD

  • 5 reviews

You had me at hello !!


What an awesome product to bring to the market. Me and my wife are both hooked on it. I prefer the natural cola taste !!


RoxyMGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 12 reviews

Tasty, innovative product


I love Nexba! It’s a great, tasty product that’s all natural. Love the fact it’s sugar free and they use stevia instead of anything artificial. The best flavours are the Watermelon, Lime & Cucumber, and the Cola. Love this product!

Paula Adams

Paula AdamsSydney Surrounds, NSW

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I was really cross when Coca Cola stopped manufacturing their stevia sweetened coke. Nexba is a great substitute & I can once again enjoy a guilt free mixer with my scotch! My only critique is that it’s a tad too sweet but hey, I’m still very happy. Also enjoyed the other flavours of fizzy drinks.



  • 14 reviews

The best softdrink on market


I love everything about this drink, it has a great taste (Cola is our favourite) no sugar, no chemical sweeteners,
nothing nasty or horrible. You can sit down and drink a bottle without any guilty feelings because this is the most healthiest soft drink you can buy. We drink this often and every member of my household loves it, I just wish it was a little cheaper but despite this I still buy this before every other brand.



  • 2 reviews

Best organic cola I have tasted


Love this stuff! So sweet, not bitter. Love the fact there is 0 sugar and can still taste soooo good!

Loved the Cola


Loved the flavor of the cola, kind of a cinnamon top note and not cloyingly sweet like Coke and Pepsi. Love that it's sugar free and the combination of stevia and erythritol give it a nice sweetness without the chemical taste of artificial sweeteners.

Jay A


  • 3 reviews
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I’m hooked !!!!!


5 stars !!!! The best I’ve ever had
Bring out more favours
I buy every week ) cola or lemon depending if there’s raspberry available I love them too
Nexba is the best drink !!!!!!!!



  • 2 reviews

The cola didn't work for me


Whilst I really enjoyed the lemon and found it very refreshing, the cola didn't do it for me at all. It tasted quite medicinal to me. The hipsters might say that is the authentic taste and I guess you might get used to it but I'll probably stick with my other sugar-free colas. But I will buy the lemon again.

Certainly not Cola


The taste was pretty ordinary. Had a similar taste to flat beer. No way you could call it a cola.

Waiting years for this!!


The only thing I would like you to consider is putting a lot more fizz in the cola. The lemon is great and so much more fizzy. I have bought the cola from two different stores now and both taste a bit flat.



  • 2 reviews

Great to have the option


They're expensive but it's great to at least have the option of naturally sugar free fizzy drinks that actually taste good. The cola and orange are the best by far.

I'm hooked!


Taste took me a few mouthfuls to get used to it. But you know what? The health benefits outweigh that small issue by far. Actually I prefer this drink over ALL others now. And low calorie too. You've won me over

Candy flavoured but very chemical tasting


It has a distinct gummy cola flavour so it’s ok if you’re into that sort of thing. Has a strange bitter aftertaste. Coke No Sugar is much, much better



  • 4 reviews

Not bad not amazing


Tried these on a whim,most sugar free soft drinks are usually terrible but these are ok.
It's definitely not a Coke or Pepsi flavour,more like those gummy cola bottle lollies.
A mellow taste and not as sweet

Chris B.

Chris B.Hunter Region, NSW

  • 10 reviews

At last - actual natural product, just read the label


I saw this at Coles & got a pack of Cola & Raspberry. My kids love sugary drinks which I'm trying to ween them off, I thought they would hate these but thought it was worth a try. They actually loved them & I just hope that these young blokes can keep going as it is a quality product that doesn't have things that would clean your toilet. I think the negative reviews may be from people who have become inured to sugar or chemicals



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Horrible Flavour


Bought a 4 pack of glass bottles from Coles, chilled them in the fridge.

Unfortunately the flavour is like the old Schweppes Cola from the 80's (and of course that was so bad it was discontinued).

Bit of a weird undertone of road tar.

Shan't be buying again.

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Sharon B.

Sharon B.asked

Where can I buy cola in nsw

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Sharon B.

Sharon B.asked

Why can I not buy it any more

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Has Nexba gone out of business??
Not selling through Coles or Woolies anymore, not returning phone calls, same message says our business hours are 9-5pm you have called outside of these times..."
Incredibly disappointing if they have gone out of business and even poorer if they haven't as they don't bother to return customer calls.

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