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NexGard Chewables Blue (For Dogs 4.1 - 10kg)

NexGard Chewables Blue (For Dogs 4.1 - 10kg)

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I wish I could give it 0 stars!

I'm stating actual facts when I say I gave my Boston Terrier of 8 years of age and healthy, a Nexgard chewable she was put to sleep because of uncontrollable seizures. She started foaming from the mouth, then started to have a couple seizures (she'd never had seizure ever) Took her to the vet after the second seizure. They started her on antiseizure meds. Almost immediately after the start of the first seizure, the seizures got worse to where she was having longer and she was starting to not be able to get her self free from the seizures. At that point the regular vet was useless and she needed a Emergency Veterinarian. She only lasted a short time there with all medications not helping her we could only keep her sedated. Our only option was to end her pain and suffering.

Purchased in February 2018.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects Death
Pet TypeDog

No problems here!

Great product my dog who can and avoids all medicine/ flea treatments are this and wanted more.
Made our life so much easier and no issues with our dog, it was the first time on this product and was great for us.

Purchased in January 2019 for $65.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Pet TypeDog

Nexgard caused seizured

Horrible drug. Gave it to my 7 year healthy pappion off and on for a year. In August of last year he had 2 seizures and I had to start him on phenobarbital twice a day. Horrendous watching my dog seizing. Will never forget it. Have just weaned him off phenobarbital and still no seizures. I am one of the lucky ones in the fact that my dog seems. If you love your dog don't take a chance. This drug can affect any dog at any time. One dose or many it doesn't matter.

Purchased in June 2018 at Vet.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects Short-term illness
Pet TypeDog

Side effects on my cockapoo

The dog is 3 yrs old, always,given nexguard by the vet.
The last 2 months, she would shake, refuse food and water, hide and very lethargic 24 hrs after given the pill.
She is biting her paws and scratching her ears.
The vet has now decided to stop giving it to her.
Hopefully she wont have any long term side effects.
Do not use this product

Purchased in December 2018 at Vet office.

Side Effects Short-term illness
Pet TypeDog

Product doesn’t work.

I have had pets for over 50 years and never had a flea problem. But Vet changed her to Nexgard and now my home is infested with fleas.

All in one!

I give this to my two pugs. Great as an all round prevention. They don't have any trouble swallowing it. I haven't had any trouble thus far.

Unacceptable pet health. .

BEWARE, this poison Nexgard, appears to build up in some dogs bodies.
Proper, independent testing has NOT been done on nexgard, only tests done were by the corporation's scientists!
After the latest dose of nexgard on Jan 8, a new bout of compulsive scratching and itching started again, as with previous doses, leading to more inflamed red hot spots and red inflamed feet. After 2 or3 days I noticed one dog shaking for no apparent reason, then having difficulty walking with a noticably different and awkward gait. A few days later) complete disorientation, eyes madly moving side to side, with an apparent inability to focus, loss of coordination, loss of strength of hind legs, stumbling and then inability to walk and lethargy,
Two maltese shitzu sisters have been on nexgard for 5 or 6 months (doses). Each dose has caused outbreaks of red hot spots on their bodies and limbs, which they constantly chew at, and red inflamed paws, which they constantly lick and chew, and dry flakey skin, which they are also forever always licking.
The point being, that considering this chemical kills ticks and fleas which bite them once, what effect can be expected on dogs from the dog ingesting the chemical repeatedly? Unknown, and Untested!
This could explain reports of dead ticks on dogs 10 months after ceasing using this nerve poison.
Untested! ? What effect then on us dog lovers, people who pat, groom and even sleep with our dogs?

Why would a Vet refuse to consider that the product he sells has caused these problems, and instead diagnose a possible brain infection and prescribe anti biotics and charge $300.?
Is it because if nex gard is the cause there is no remedy?
Idiopathic is a word Doctors and Vets are taught at Uni; it means unknown cause.
Are Drs. and Vets idiopathic?

Nexgard is pure poison!

My dog experienced itching, diarrhoea, lethargy and loss of appetite. Don’t give this to your dogs. Pure poison!! She was so healthy before. Nexgard destroyed her and made her sick.

I give these to my two doggies on the first of each month.

I have two maltese x jack russell dogs 12 months old. They were taking the >4kg tablets when younger as we have a concerning paralysis tick issue. Now big kids, they have been taking the >10kg tablets on the first of each month so I never forget.
I have not seen one tick on my dogs this spring/summer- praise the Lord!
I refuse to give synthetic tick control products, including this one, 5 stars as I believe any chemical(s) that can keep something as aggressively debilitating as paralysis ticks at bay CANNOT be totally benign to our canine friends. Also, the active ingredient apparently is part of the isoxazoline family of chemicals. If you do an online search of the news using the keyword 'isoxazoline' there are quite a few researched pieces that issue warnings on using products that contain these chemicals.
Unfortunately, for me, it is the lesser of two evils as I have had a dog die a cruel death from paralysis tick when I first moved here. I was not as educated on the IMPORTANCE of checking your pet daily. This MUST be done even if your dogs do take NexGard as nothing is 100% perfect.
One of my dogs has had no visible adverse reactions to NexGard tablets but one did vomit over 24 hours after ingesting a chew last month. Was it related? I honestly don't know. But they are generally very happy and healthy to my knowledge.
One last thing, my vet tried to get me to switch to Bravecto, now that the dogs are over 12 months of age, but this apparently is one tablet, to be administered, every 3 months. A chemical that lasts in the dog's body, liver etc. for 3 months must be quite strong I believe. I said no thanks to that. In addition, I thought I would forget a tablet once every few months then just having to remember to give one to each pet on the 1st of each month.

I hope this review is helpful for you.

Not effective against ticks

I gave my 18 month old fox terrier a chewable 3 days before going bush. She came back covered in ticks

NexGard Killed my Pet

Well, I lost my "Little Man Gizz" at 0400 this morning. He was 18 years old n Sept; We shared the same birthday and I'd had him since he was 3 months old.

3 weeks ago, I gave him NexStar Flea med and it put him into heart failure within 2 hours; breathing problems; lathergic; and his bowels stopped working. Finally on Friday, he ate his last meal then on Sat he stopped drinking. Pease don't give ur pets NexStar Flea Med! My other little dog started having seizures after he got his flea med.

Excessive packaging

What’s with the over the top packaging for one puppy tablet
Come on you guys get your act together a box big enough for 20 tablets

Freaking out

My cocker spaniel is now having seizures, tremors and some vomiting. Is this a death sentence or have any dogs recovered after discontinuing the Nexgard? I am totally freaking out.

Don't chance it!

I've gotten the chewable for my pug (15lb) and he had never had any problems before I had given him this product. He doesn't have any fleas yet he scratches himself to death! He has scabs all over and missing fur from constantly chewing and scratching himself. We even took him to the vet, the vet said he just had a flea allergy. She prescribed him an allergy pill and it didn't work AT ALL. Not too long ago we brought in another dog. He's a beagle mix (36lb) he had some fleas on him but never really scratched that often so I gave him one for his size and now he is also scratching and chewing himself to death. They can barely sit still. Although they haven't lost their appetite its worse than just leaving them with fleas. My pug also gets diarrhea from time to time and that has never happened before. Just give your pet a flea and tick treatment bath instead of this.

No problems so far

I decided to write a review after reading so many negative ones, guessing that the people who tend to write reviews in this case have had bad experiences.

We've just moved to the Northern Rivers area on the east coast of Australia, an area very prone to tick infestation. Previously from Sydney, I've only ever had to give my miniature 10 year old poodle an occasional flea treatment (Comfortis). My wake up call was coming up here for a visit three months ago and finding my friends' household in an uproar - they'd been looking after their neighbour's dog which had been bitten by a tick and had developed paralysis overnight. They were very lucky they caught it in time (the dog dragged itself up the stairs to their bedroom) and the treatment was costly at $1400 - not that anyone cared about the vet bill, the main thing was that the dog was saved. My friends blamed themselves for taking her to the beach, the owners blamed themselves for not dosing her that month (it was off season for ticks and they wanted to give her a break from the medication).

I took the lesson to heart, went straight to the vet and dosed my dog. No adverse effects noticed at all. Three months later and we've now been living up here ourselves for a month. Yesterday I myself was bitten by a tick and had to go to the hospital to have it removed, and I'm hoping that is going to be the end of it (ie no long term allergies). My dog is fine. If he's been bitten by a tick during our time here, he is not showing any effects from it.

My point is, in a high risk tick area, it is NOT worth gambling with the health of your fur baby. He's been on the Nexgard for three months now (I only give it to him with food to mitigate any potential stomach upsets) and he's shown no adverse effects at all. I'll continue to monitor him and update this review at a later date. There is a risk involved with giving your dog any sort of medication, and it's something I've largely managed to avoid for ten whole years, but for me now, the risk is very much worth it.

Please find alternatives.

When Nexgard first came out I knew it would only be a matter of time before these reviews would pop up all over the internet. It's all poison. I'd rather my dogs have fleas than feed them poison. We manage other ways. They get fleas but we bathe regularly and wash bedding weekly. We use alternative ways to control fleas. We treat our yard with diatomaceous earth. For the love of your pet find alternatives!

Eye ulcers

He has almost lost his eyesight due to ulcers. He had to have extremely expensive eye surgery and lost part of his sight and has the beginnings of one in his other eye. The vet said she sees more and more of this because of this evil medicine. He has suffered so much

Terrible product

I gave my three dogs their past weekend the 8th of September within four hours of giving them the chewable they all began with projectile stools that were black vomiting blood frothing from the mouth a trip to the emergency clinic it was . Till today sept 13 they are still with watery stools with blood in it no further vomiting worst product my dogs almost died

Terrible....Fleas, fleas and more fleas

My poor Shih-poo has more fleas on her than ever. Thought this stuff was supposed to kill them. Fleas freak me out. My vet will be getting contacted about this terrible product. Here I thought she had allergies and figured out tonight it is fleas...grrr

Did not get rid of fleas.

We tried NexGard chewables because my scottish terrior had a bad reaction to the Seresto collar. He took it two weeks ago. He has more fleas now than ever before. I won't use it again. I might try the topical treatment next. Wish it had worked.

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Questions & Answers

I have several boxes of the up to 10kg nexgard and have a 40kg dog. Can i give her 3 of the 10kg chewables? I have them from my dog that passed away and hate for then to go to waste...they arent cheap.
1 answer
It is based on weight, so shouldn't be a problem. You can check on each different box the ingredients amount relate to the weight range of the dog. They are too expensive.

My 9 month pup was treated today and just committed and acts tired, how long do the side effect last?
No answers

Tonight i gave my 10 lb min pin his dose and then my 50 lb boxer his dose and my min pin snatched up my boxers also. So he had 2 doses. Should I be worried?
1 answer
No it will be, ok,my pit gets little. Sores on between toes, let me no if u need advice, but I brake them into too half's sir ho it works for a month. Very exspencive$for 3 save till summer, but it did grate flee treat house to or it comes back egg's. They were everywhere, in a week u treat home ,raid I spent alot, bombs too,105 lab pit bull its TV he weather. To warm


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