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NexGard Chewables Green (For Dogs 10.1 - 24kg)

NexGard Chewables Green (For Dogs 10.1 - 24kg)

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These reviews are a little ridiculous, I give this to my Luna and it works amazing. No fleas No ticks just as it should be. No reactions she enjoy eating it, she thinks it’s a treat so it must taste good. I really don’t know what you people think all dogs and humans have reactions to certain medications, some just don’t mix well with others, some get side effects on ANY medication dog, cat, human. And your all saying it’s “poison” well it is killing fleas and ticks anything that is killing fleas and ticks is poison. Didn’t your vet warn you of the potential side effects? Did you read the paper in the box with the side effects on it? There’s one with every prescription. I have a positive experience and so does my Luna who isn’t getting serious tick diseases or scratching till she bleeds because of fleas.

Purchased in June 2019 at Chewy for $47.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects None
Pet TypeDog

My dog extremely Sick after first time

Within 2 weeks after giving my schauezner she started throwing up, having seizures, not eating..Very lethargic, and spotting blood..This dog was completely healthy until i gave her nextgard...Im very scared Im going lose her..Its totally poisoned her

Purchased in April 2019 for $50.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects Long-term illness
Pet TypeDog

My 4 months old puppy is having a neurological reaction!!!

My vet recommended Nexgard for a preventative for my 4 months old American Bully mix. After a few days I started noticing he was really clumsy. He went into his kennel and started trying to catch his balance and was stumbling over his toy. He finally fell on his side. It was super bizarre to me. After that I noticed he was having horrible diarrhea. His hind legs are super weak he’s having a hard time getting into a standing position. He’s been hiding in my room, laying down all day long. I can hardly get him to stand up and walk. He keeps tilting his head to one side. He walks like he’s drunk and staggers around. It’s extremely scary to see him acting this way. He was a totally normal energetic puppy running and playing just a week and a half ago. To now extremely lethargic. Luckily he still has some spunk in him and wants to play when he sees another dog. But he just falls over. He still has his appetite and will gobble down his food. So I’m hopeful that he will recover. I have an appointment with the vet tomorrow morning. I’ll update when I can.

Purchased in April 2019.

Side Effects Personality change
Pet TypeDog

Love it

Works great, never had a problem with fleas or ticks and it's easy to get dogs to eat, because I guess it must taste good. Only product I use now

Purchased in April 2019 at Vet Net Supplies for $98.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects None
Pet TypeDog

Nexgard killed my dog

I had a normal healthy dog until I switched to nexgard last spring. He went downhill from there & passed away in Dec. He turned into a dog I didn’t know. Seizures, mean to the point he bit me, constant pain.
Protect your babies.
Do not use this poison!!!!

Purchased in March 2018 at Vet for $100.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects Death
Pet TypeDog

Affecting my dogs balance & hind legs

Since using Nexgard my border collie is having difficulties with her hind legs & has starting falling over.
I wish I had read these comments prior to use.
Please do not give this to your precious babies

Purchased in March 2019 for $65.00.

Pet TypeDog


Gave my 3 year old Bichon X 1/2 a 10-25kg chewable tablet (my dog weighs 10.1kgs approx) and the other 1/2 to my other dog Maltese X (also weights just over 10kgs)..within 24 hours my Bichon had a seizure, then another one 24 hours later and has since had 4 more seizures roughly 1 week apart...lasting approx 1-2 mins...extremely distressing to watch..looses control of bowel and bladder and foams at mouth, who was otherwise a very healthy fit dog. My Maltese 3years old) experienced blood in his stool approx 1 week after the dose and was lethargic and not well off his food for a few days. This product is extremely toxic and should be banned and the pharmaceutical company held accountable for negligence. I am going to have to take my dog to Specialist to get a CT Scan to find out the damage? l feel this product should be immediately banned! My poor Charlie.. l am hoping this poison will eventually run its course and not cause life long seizures but am told but my Vet that it may have triggered something that will continue? PLEASE DONT USE THIS PRODUCT ON YOUR BELOVED PET!

Purchased in January 2019 at Budget Pet Products for $60.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects Long-term illness
Pet TypeDog

NexGard is POISON

My stupid vet gave my Aussie who’s 8 months one chewy tablet last Thursday and in less than 24 she started vomiting and lathargic. This is pure poison please do not allow your vet to give to your pets.

Purchased in February 2019 for $55.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects Short-term illness
Pet TypeDog

DON'T USE Nexgard chewables

My dog suffered notable hives, and vomiting, 5 months after her first chew, so after 5 chews. I changed her diet. My vet said Nexgard chewables were safer, less toxic than the topical. Therefore, I didn't consider them the problem. I reduced her dose to every other month to be cautious. When hives and vomiting returned, w/a strange cough, I ceased using Nexgard. It was too late. She had developed an inoperable heart tumor, after 7 chews, or 9 months. She died 2 months after diagnosis from heart failure, caused by the rapidly growing tumor. Flea and tick medication is for topical use only.

Works great

I don’t know why everyone is complaining. All flea and tick treatments are poison, because they kill fleas and ticks. My dog is 11kg and has no problem eating these, and has no reaction. There is a possibility of a bad reaction with any medication, so why this one is getting so much slack, I don’t know. But it works perfectly for my dog

Caused my border collie to have seizures

15 days after his dose of NexGard, my beautiful two-and-a-half-year-old border collie had a seizure and 9 days later he had a cluster of five, cost us $700 to take him to the emergency hospital, where they put on anti-seizure medicine, and pretty much told us he would be on at the rest of his life. Hopefully, that won't be the case he had a slight seizure the day after the hospital visit, and I took him to our veterinarian who believes, as well as I do, that he was poisoned by NexGard. This stuff should be banned! And just because a dog is fine on it for a month or two doesn't mean it's not going she caused horrible at first effects.

Made my dog vomit repeatedly

Bought this to try as an alternative to topical treatment but it made my dog very sick with repeated vomiting
Returned rest of pack to vet for refund and they said this was common

This product is terrible

I only treat my 17 month old Border Collie with a NexGard chewable during the tick & flea season. When I give him this product he has diarrhea for about 2 weeks before it clears up - 2 weeks before he is due for another tablet & another cycle of diarrhea. I know this problem is related to the drug as it does not occur during winter when he is not being treated.

Having read a lot of the reviews it appears there is overwhelming evidence that this product has not been through enough stringent testing.

Do not give your dog !!

Gave our 2 pugs Nexgaurd in the afternoon, by 9 our dogs had Diarreha and vomiting. Today one of Pugs is barely waking and very shakey. Not worth it. Absolutely disgusted my local Pet Market has recommended this.


Gave my dog this medicine after my vet no longer sold his normal flea pill which was comfortis and shortly after he had 5 seizures. Horrible! Will never give again.

The Worst! My dogs are both sick from this!

The day I gave my two dogs a pill for their size, they have not stopped having diarrhea and vomiting. It’s been two and a half weeks, and nothing has changed. My dogs don’t even have fleas! The vet insisted I get this pill. They are losing weight and they aren’t as active anymore. I don’t know what to do at this point.

Nexgard should be taken off the market

After using this product off and on for a year My dog developed seizures. My dog had never been sick a day in his life. He had no preexisting medical problems. These meds build up in your dog's system and have horrible side effects. It could take one dose or multiple doses. Your dog is too precious to take a chance with this med.

Wish I had known this before

We have had our dog on nexgard for as long as we could start using it on the weekend our beautiful little boy got a tick we done everything we could to save him but sadly he passed away so what nexgard don't tell you is that towards the end of the month it decreases dramatically and your pet is in danger so now we have a large vet bill and no Douglas (thats was our dogs dog's name)wouldn't recommended it to anyone

Very happy with NexGard Chewables

My 2 year old Dingo cross breed really enjoys her NexGard monthly. She stands on her hind paws in anticipation of that delicious medicated chew. We travel throughout Australia together extensively and have had no problems with Fleas or Ticks the whole time we've used NexGard. I don't understand how other people have had so many problems with this product, as far as I'm concerned it is the best and safest method for controlling fleas and ticks.

Do NOT risk giving this to your dog!

A couple hours after we gave this to our puppy she had a horrible seizure, now I'm reading online that this is a common side effect for other dogs too - but it's not listed as a side effect on the package. Thought it was safe because our vet gave it to us but this stuff is toxic. We'll be lucky if she lives, looks like a lot of other people's dogs have died. I can't believe this is still on the market.

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Questions & Answers

My 9lbs dog ate a nexguard for a 25 lbs dog.. will he be ok?
No answers

I have the 10 lb dose. Can I give my 4 month old, 4 lb puppy half?
4 answers
Hi Sheree, I found your question because I've been searching the same thing. I've read on several pages that the NexGard chews can't be split because the active ingredient is not evenly distributed through it. It's a bummer because it would much cheaper for me to buy the XL dose and split it between my two dogs, than two L doses.I don't see the problem. Each piece wouldn't be made separately, it would come in a premixed sheet and cut to size per weight of dog. They probably don't want people to know you can so people buy more. Big business nowadays.Hi, Lucy, Everyone I know who has multiple dogs buys the biggest Nexgard dosage and then divides it among their dogs. My three dogs weigh a total of 38 kg so I buy the 25-50 kg dosage and use fifth-grade math to figure out how to divide it. My dogs are fine. I agree with Ben that it's the company trying to maximize profit by saying you can't do that. However, after using Nexgard for about two years, I've noticed that two of my dogs are scratching from fleas after 20 days. The third dog I've had for eight months, and he's still fine. So in addition to fleas becoming immune to it, maybe dogs do as well.

Have given new guard a week early by mistake will this harm her?
3 answers
It might cause a buildup of medicine in your dog's system. Nexgard stays in the system for 30 to 45 days. I would keep a close eye on your dog. I would also call the vet and ask about using milk thistle to detox your dog. Most vets also carry Denamarin.I would recommend only giving the nexgard when your dog has fleas and not on a regular basis The problem with this medicine you never know when or if your dog will have a reaction. I used it off and on for a year with my dog before he had his first seizure. I hope your dog is okay but definitely call your vet. Definitely detox your dog with milk thistle or denamarin to be on the safe side. If your vet doesn't know the correct dosage for milk thistle there is a site on facebook. Does bravecto kill dogs that has links to detox your dog.. good luckI agree with Jessica. Call vet ASAP better safe than sorry. Both my dogs had a bad reaction to Nexgaurd with one dose.Can you please tell me the dosage amount and milk thistle product I need to detox for Nexgard for my 7 month old Maltese who weighs 7 1/2 pounds?


NexGard Chewables Green (For Dogs 10.1 - 24kg)
Application TypeChewable
Pet TypeDog
Reapplication PeriodMonthly
Minimum Pet Age8 weeks
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