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NexGard Chewables Red (For Dogs 25 - 50kg)

NexGard Chewables Red (For Dogs 25 - 50kg)

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My dog had liver issues after taking this.

on the very first day i gave it the dog stopped eating and then she was not active for days. She never was normal after that and she passed away after few months.

Purchased in January 2019 for $28.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects Death
Pet TypeDog

Killed 2 of my dogs - avoid at all cost

I have owned Boxers for a combined 25 years with no neurological issues; until I administered NexGard. 6-months after taking NexGard they started having seizures which led to their passing.

Purchased in April 2018.

Side Effects Death
Pet TypeDog

Warning; Don’t Trust This Product

I have been dealing with what I thought was food and or pollen allergies with my 18 month old Bernese mountain dog since she was *6 months old. I’ve modified her diet a number of times, yet the itching and periodic diarrhea continued to some degree.

Over the past few months Mojo developed some skin sores from scratching and was recently put on an antibiotic and steroid treatment, which seemed to help.

I was in Florida for the winter and was delayed 10 days from giving her the nexgard. As soon as we got home I gave her the monthly dose and immediately noticed the itching elevated, followed by diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting and unfocused stares. I realized this was her 3rd dose of the nexgard (RED). The vet increased her dosage based on her weight of 82 pounds and it’s been over this time frame that all her symptoms seem to have elevated.

A few days ago all the pieces fell into place, I realized that all the symptoms she’s had over the past year elevated within 3 days of taking this medication and the timeline was usually 2-5 days that the symptoms escalated. Some months were worse than others but all the symptoms were there, in varying forms. Another thing that is important to note is I’ve stayed in touch with her breeder and none of the other litter had these “food allergies”. I’ve since confirmed that 3 of the 5 puppies are NOT on nexgard but another flea treatment. (5th puppy is unknown).

Once I suspected the nexgard, I began researching and am horrified by how many folks have complained about this product, some even suspect it’s killed there pet!! The FDA has put out a few warnings, with the most recent on 9/2018. The more Ive research, the more horrified I’ve become.

I’m embarrassed that I did not make the connection of the nexgard before now, you can imagine how terrible it feels to know that I’ve been inadvertently poisoning my animal. :(

I do not do ‘reviews or comments” often but it is my sincere hope that I can save another poor animal and family member from going through this process. If you have a dog that is having ‘health issues’ and you’re giving them nexgard, consider the This May be the issue! What I’ve learned over the past few days is the active ingredient is a pesticide that goes into the animals bloodstream when the fleas/ticks bite, it kills them. How can a pesticide in the bloodstream NOT be harmful?! I trusted my vet and all the times I’ve taken her to him for her itching this was never a consideration? And I never thought to questioned that this (relatively) new product was safe.

* she been on nexgard since she was 4 months old, and I pray that the damage is not a lasting one. Stay tuned...and be aware of this product!

Purchased in October 2017.

Side Effects Long-term illness
Pet TypeDog

Dangerous product, do not use

Used Nexgard on my whippet. She had a terrible reaction. Became lethargic, wouldnt eat or drink. Took her to vet.. she had autoimmune. We have had to have her on medication, monitored carefully by the vet and it is SCARY!! Do not use this product.
Research on line,, you will find many people who have similar stories about horrible reactions in their dogs.

Purchased in September 2018 for $25.00.

Side Effects Long-term illness
Pet TypeDog

Total Poison

Used this product for about 7 months. It was great at killing fleas and ticks. Unfortunately it also killed my dog. What they don’t tell you is that the neurological chemicals that kill the fleas and ticks builds up in the dogs body resulting in a terrible neurological death for your pet. I gave it 1 star because 0 was not an option.

Purchased in September 2018 for $134.00.

Side Effects Death

No problems

I have 5 huskies I order out of the UK I have not had any problems with Nexgard since they been on it

I guess it works but i am worried

After reading these reviews I am worried about the cumulative effects this poison may have on my very healthy dog. We live in the #1 tick hotspot of Australia (Sydney's Northern Beaches), and we've already had a cat die due to paralysis tick, and nurtured another through (he's currently down again with 2nd tick of the season). My dog hasn't yet had a tick on him, although he did transfer one to me one day. He wanders through the garden and has remained tick free all year. Is this due to the product? Or due to his breed - Rhodesian Ridgebacks are supposed to be more robust when it comes to ticks. Either way I am concerned about using this product non-stop so will halt using it at the end of summer. I also use homeopathic remedy in the water bowl of my pets (ixodes and ledum) which may or may not be helpful, but at least aren't poisons.

I have stopped giving this to my dog!

I haven't had a dog for a while and was told by the local pet shop that Nexgard was a good product. I noticed every time after I gave it to my dog she would vomit and scratch her skin and ears for days. I decided to do some research as I had a gut feeling that it was the Nexgard. After researching Nexgard on the internet I found hundreds of people in the same boat with their dogs having reactions to the product. I have stopped using the product.

Doesn't Work - My Dog Still Got a Tick Born Disease

My dog has been on this flea and tick treatment since a puppy (October 2018) and was recommended by my vet at his first puppy visit. I assumed it was doing the trick as I did not see fleas or ticks on him so I continued to use it for the last year and have NEVER MISSED A DOSE (NOT EVEN BY A DAY). My dog just had is one-year exam at the vets and after getting his bloodwork back they determined that he has Anaplasmosis (a tickborne disease). I spent hundreds of dollars buying this preventative only for it to not work. Not worth the money in my opinion as I still spent hundreds of dollars treating the Anaplasmosis.

My Rottweiller survived a paralysis tick as I found it early the vets treated her with a strong does

Kidney Failure after 3 months of treatment, no health concerns prior. She started vomiting and then became lethargic and not eat

Doesn’t work! Waste of money

This is expensive crap that doesn’t work. Both my dogs have ticks on them every time they go out! Looking for a natural antidote now! Don’t waste your time on this poisonous crap.

Can't live without it

My dog is very allergic to fleas. 1st day on this medicine and the fleas are gone. It is amazing!!! Can't say enough good things about it.

Nearly killed my dog

Caused seizures, cost a fortune and months to get him right, also caused his coat to develop grey patches which disappeared once we detoxed him, caused weight loss and sickness.

Not working, my dog got lyme disease


My dog (a husky)was using nextgard she got bitten by a tick and got lyme disease. I spent $1000 dollars in blood works antibiotic and she may have to deal with the lyme for the rest of her life. She is just 6 and she was limping because of lyme.
When I call them to ask for the guarantee they offer me to replace the 6 pills or give me the money I spent for the pills. They know this product doesn't work, they said over the phone that a dog can get infections from the ticks in the 48 hours that it takes for the quimic product to kill the tick.
Do not waste your money, buy any other product.

Oral Pesticides are Poison

Our beautiful 7 1/2 year old boxer, Sophie, had to be euthanized yesterday after suffering from a series of grand mal seizures as a direct result of Nexgard. It was a prolonged, catastrophic neurological event that went on throughout the day and night (even with a continuous IV of anti-seizure medicines). She was blind, lame and barely responsive at the end (20 hours later). She weighed 60 pounds and took the NexGard dose for dogs 60 - 125 pounds approximately 45 minutes before the seizures began. I will never forgive myself for giving her a toxic oral pesticide and not doing my due diligence.

Go to flea and tick treatment

We moved to Nexgard after having issues with another brand. I had read reviews and was hesitant to try it on our Greyhound and our Lab/retriever but as we needed a tick treatment as well as a flea treatment I decided to try the monthly chews. We have been very happy with this product and they dogs have not suffered any bad reactions.

Don't chance it

Our dog went from healthy, active and happy, to dead this summer. The start of symptoms corresponded with giving the NexGard this spring. There's no way to know for sure but if I could turn back time, especially after reading the review on this site, I would never have given this medication. Our wonderful family member's death may have been prevented if I had not given this medicine. I will never chance it again.

Don't do it

My year old pit broke out in sores everywhere. I'm talking from her jaw to her tail. Back, legs chest face everywhere. And guess what still has fleas. It's been a little over a month. My Maltese had no reaction to the med thankfully but now I have vet bills out the $$$. To try and get my pit healthy again and we are still dealing with the sores... she cant stop scratching them, they bleed, puss etc. Terrible I will go back to frontline. It costs bit actually works and isn't slowly killing our animals from the inside out.


I gave nexgaurd to my mini Assie shepherd 10/6/18 at 11:00am at 12:42pm I was getting a phone call at the salon to come home something was wrong. He was fine at 10am running around giving love playing gave this medicine to him and boom he’s in icu at the vet hospital. He couldn’t walk he was having seizures eyes rolling back in his head this medicine is poison. We need it off the market. It’s about the company making money and harming our pets well we wouldn’t give our kids certain meds so we shouldn’t give them to our animals. I’m contacting the company the fda and I’m not stopping till something is done. I have 2 teenage boys and 3 dogs that are my my babies and this medicine will never be used again one them. The dog that it was used on is 1 yr and 4 months. Time for us to protect our fur babies.

Bad for my dog

The pill had him vomiting all the time as soon as he took it, I thought the vomiting would go away but it stayed the same he laid around and didn’t play.the vet charged me 123 dollars to make my baby sick I called them and told them what was going on I wanted a refund, I was told to bring in thepills I had left but no refund..I am afraid they would give it to another unsuspecting owner so I won’t.

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Questions & Answers

Our Standard Poodle doesn't like the NexGard chewable. He loves his HeartGard chewable. He will even sort it out of soft food after I break it into smaller pieces. Is there another flavor available? Any other ideas?
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Can a overdose of nex gard cause paralysis of back legs and constipation.? It's been 10 days and he is barely walking and not going to the bathroom. Please help me. I only blame myself for giving him too much. Heartbreaking and hate myself.
2 answers
I am no veterinarian or expert, but I have read dogs having similar symptoms from Nexgard. All flea treatments have chemicals in them that are potentially harmful to your animal. I opt for natural solutions, although not as effective and more work to maintain a flea free environment my dogs are not eating what I refer to as poison. I'm sorry to hear this has happened to your dog. Please see your veterinarian.Irrespective of your statement about having given your dog "too much"??? These symptoms can also occur if your dog's been bitten by a mildly venomous snake such as a brown grass/tree snake or some of the whip snakes. It's quite common for such an attack not to show up in scans or x rays. One sign you will notice is if your dog frowns a lot as they get bad headaches from snake bite.

Are there any cases of human itching after dog started taking?
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You got to be kidding?!?!


NexGard Chewables Red (For Dogs 25 - 50kg)
Application TypeChewable
Pet TypeDog
Reapplication PeriodMonthly
Minimum Pet Age8 weeks
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