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Norpro Honey Dispenser

Norpro Honey Dispenser

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A ripoff!

I paid $36 + for this item with free delivery but it is available at Amazon or $12 + with free delivery! Delivery took 14 days. I cannot give any stars. Although the lid mechanism looked like stainless steel it turned out to be very cheap "silver" coated plastic so light that it weighs practically nothing!
P.S. Dec. 20 2015: Despite what I said above, which I have no reason to change, I still feel that this little product does a fantastic job! :-)
The product.
The container and base are glass but what appeared to be stainless steel turned out to be cheap plastic with a silver coating.

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After three years of use I wish to say that I now retract my earlier comments regarding the top/handle/mechanism because each time I use this little item I am surprised by its TOTAL efficiency: it is superbly designed and the "plastic top" is unaffected by daily use over 2½ years. N.B. Just one point, which really is the inherent "fault" of honey, which is that in cold weather honey thickens and this makes pouring slow. To counter this I mix a little - I repeat little - GOOD, FILTERED water into the honey whilst it is in its main container.

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