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NRMA Landlord & Rental Property Insurance

NRMA Landlord & Rental Property Insurance

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your just not covered for that

NRMA has denied my claim on my landlords cover after the renters let their supposed to be "outside only" dog into the property and it has been urinating against the back sliding door

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 months
Claim DateMay 2019
Claim ApprovedNo
if you rent out a good quality house then dont use NRMA if there is going to be a pet they just do not care if the renter breaks the contractHi Chris, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Our insurance policies have defined events and our PDS does outline what is & isn't covered as part of our landlord pack. We are more than happy to follow it up for you - can you please send us a message through Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nrmainsurance/ with your details so we can escalate it & try and help where possible. Just let us know you've come from Product Review. ~Nataliesorry i do not face book and i have not had any joy with the review so i will take my premiums($4862 this year)to another insurer

Landlord insurance a waste of money

Delays and confusion during assessment process. Claim for carpets ruined by tenant has been denied as NRMA say it is ‘tenant neglect’ and not malicious or deliberate damage. Poor communication between NRMA and their outsourced assessor. Property was left untenantable so also dealing with loss of rental. On speaking to other insurers this damage would have been covered under a landlord insurance policy. Needless to say I will be changing insurer

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim DateJune 2019
Claim ApprovedNo
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Hi Mel, thanks for letting us know that you are unhappy with your claims experience and claims decision. If you feel the decision was incorrect you are within your rights to ask the claims manager for a review of this decision. If we can help you escalate this, please PM our Facebook page with your claim details so we can help. ~Kaz

Absolutely Poor claim handling service !

I have been chasing my landlord insurance claim for almost three months with NRMA. Full range of issues with NRMA from their sub-contractor delays in assessment, Re-assessment to lack of clarity within their consultants/claims department. The consultants have no idea about the process, no logical clarification and keep promising over phone to look into the issues. Recent one is that the rental default payment has been processed by them two times, but not arrived into my account yet due to incomplete internal process at NRMA. You will not get call from NRMA on the progress of your claim, online tracking is of no use and need to chase them regularly over phone. This whole process with NRMA has resulted in delays to put our property back for rental/sale and monetary losses.
My conclusion is NOT worth to have NRMA landlord insurance, Do not buy!!!

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time3+ months
Claim DateApril 2019
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Hi Chetan, thank you for bringing this to our attention. This certainly doesn't sound like the claims experience we aim to provide. . I would very much like to have someone from our home and landlord claims team contact you to help with this claim. Please PM us with your policy/claim details to our Facebook page via messenger: https://www.facebook.com/nrmainsurance/. Just let us know you're from Product Review and include your name, DOB, address and contact details. ~ Jono

Nrma Landlord Insurance- A Nightmare Of Lies And Deceit!

This policy is a complete sham. I have had NRMA insurance for 15 years, always under the impression they were there to help! The NRMA Landlord insurance fails to look after their customers and properties!. My rental property was beautifully prepared for a tenant 3 years ago. Repainted and carpeted throughout in perfect condition with a rental $500 per week. I had to evict my tenant due to mess and some damages at the end of August. Now NRMA says my Bowral NSW property was neglected at the start (while they have photos to prove it was not and inspection reports from property manager, cleaners, flooring specialists) and will not pay the malicious damages claim - $25,000.00 - the tenant did on exit which includes urinating on floors and carpets in every room and kitchen cupboards. NRMA says that the damages are wear and tear and not malicious damages, and therefore NRMA do not want to pay the claim. I have started complaint to the Financial Ombudsman and going to media straight away! I have already cancelled some of my NRMA insurances contracts. If NRMA is happy to lose a long term client for a $25,000 landlord claim, I can only conclude that they do not CARE! Their practice is deceitful and misleading. Shame on you NRMA!

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Nathalie, thanks for sharing your recent landlord claims experience and we are sad to see you are unhappy with the claims decision. You are well within your rights to dispute the claims decision when you believe this is incorrect and will be escalating your complaint for external review. We can provide a link to our complaints process https://www.nrma.com.au/complaints-resolutions and if we can help you with this, please PM this page or our Facebook page. ~Kaz

Doesn't cover accidental damage

We have been with NRMA for over 40 years and we pay out $10,000 per year with our properties. We have had only a few claims over many years. Have had accidental water damage to a carpet and because it is accidental it is not covered. Unable to find a reference to carpet refusal in their recent handbook. After 2 weeks of builders, plumbers, assessors coming to have a look, have now found we are not insured. We are only looking at replacement of 6 metres of carpet. What is the point of Landlord insurance if they don't cover accidental damage. Not being trained in the finer points of the legal system how do you prove what is Malicious damage and what is accidental damage. We have paid out well over $100,000 and they will not pay out for 6 meters of carpet. Time to look for a new insurancer. Any suggestions.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi happy, Sorry to hear that your recent claims experience has left you feeling this way. If you would like the Social Team to assist in this matter or escalate to a Manager please PM us via messenger. We do appreciate your loyalty and hope that we can display the service and coverage expected in the future ~Alison

Policy Documents

On 14th May took out new landlords insurance on Investment property in Muswellbrook NSW
Have now tried THREE times over the phone to get the policy documents for this new policy (I Have a total of 5 policies and have been with NRMA for 18 years) mailed to my residential address in Springwood Qld.
This seems to be too hard - still have not received policy documents. Paid premium of $1201.30 which has gone out of my bank account but no policy documents.
Please tell me what you want from me to get the policy document mailed to me.
Have been with NRMA a long time - do I have to go elsewhere to get service? Not asking for much

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hey Carlos, so sorry to hear you have not received your documents via post. Could you please email us with your policy number and full name to social@iag.com.au and we can help you with this. Thanks. ~Kaz

Rude and terrible insurance provider

They would not pay for talent damages, if you hold strata insurance don't ever consider NRMA policies as their contents policy only cover curtains and carpets if there's any other damages that's caused by your talents in the property even if they stuff rubbish down then drain you're not covered, also each time you call through they will yell you a different story some will say we will cover it and then you call again they will then tell you they won't cover.

People there don't really know what they're doing at all each time you call they tell you a different story about your claim, terrible company.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Thanks for sharing your claims experience, sorry to hear the policy did not cover those events. Were you able to speak to a claims manager to find out the reasons why? If we can help you get some answers, please email the claim details to us at social@iag.com.au and we can help. ~Kaz

Loss of rent not payable during repairs period

NRMA will not pay us the loss of rent during the period that we need to repair the water damage in the bathroom.We currently don't have any tenants in the house at the moment as the house is inhabitable. NRMA said that the PDS states that if we had tenants in there, that they would have paid the for the loss of rent, how on earth are we going to keep the tenants in there with the bad smell from the water damaged bathroom. NRMA's premiums are the most expensive out there, thinking by going with them they would have helped us, that's a load of crock!
Very very disapointed.

Insurance claim madeYes
Margaret, sorry to hear you are unhappy with your recent claims experience and that this event is not covered under your policy. Hopefully your repairs will be completed quickly so you can bring in tenants ASAP. We wish you all the best. ~KazAnyone thinking of going with NRMA, please think again as what is on their Landlord PDS is very misleading to the landlord which is paying a very high premium to stay with a so-called reputable company.

Landlord cover as written in PDS

Made a claim after evicting tenants who defaulted on their rent.
NRMA and our agents handled everything for us after we made intitial contact with the claim. I only had to contact them twice, once to start the initial claim, and once to claim the remainder of the rent default payment available to us. They paid the full 10 weeks rent with no argument or hasstle - the maximum sum as outlined in the PDS. I was happy that they took the excess from my claim, rather than paying it out of pocket.
We were fortunate that there was little to no damage to the property. There was marks on the brand new carpet, but replacement was not covered as it was general wear and tear, within what can be expected from a year long tenancy of a family home.
Over all I was pleased with the service we received. The only downside was that they do not offer a longer period of rental default coverage so we were still out of pocket. This is more due to our ex-property managers for not being more proactive when the tenants defaulted, and dragging their feet to hand over the keys to our new agents, not the cover offered by NRMA.
The insurance is a little more expensive, but the claim process was easy and as stress free as possible. NRMA covered everything they say they will in the PDS.
Also worth mentioning they have an Australian call centre. Makes everything a little easier.

Landlords, always, ALWAYS, read the product disclosure statement so you know exactly what you are and aren’t covered for.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hey Dale, really appreciate your feedback here! We're happy to hear things went so smoothly with your claim :) And great to hear you are overall happy with us and our coverage. If we can help in future, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at any time. Thanks again for taking the time to share this review, all the best Dale! ~Jamie

Not suitable for strata unit properties

Would not pay out on loss of rent after unit was flooded by a faulty hydrant. Said need building insurance but why would you have building insurance when you are already paying for building insurance through body corporate. Expensive premium too.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Len, thanks for your feedback, sorry to hear your loss of rent was not covered after the unit was flooded by a faulty hydrant. Happy to escalate your complaint about the decision for you to a manager if you would like to have this reviewed, please PM your claim number if we can help you with this. Thanks. ~KazMy reference # is NRQ171869492 and in the last instance I spoke with NatalieThanks Len, we have escalated your complaint, someone will be in touch. ~Kaz

What is the point - WARNING - Never Go With Nrma Landlord Insurance!!!

Tenants were evicted in February for having dogs on property - without approval - which killed numerous stock nearby. They left owing 3 weeks rent, electricity and water bills - approx. $1K, then they trashed the property by damaging doors, and badly soiling the carpets (only 2 years old) blinds and curtains (both only 12 months old) with animal feces and urine - all as payback for being evicted. All rental inspections up to that point were found to be fine. NRMA sent out assessors from AJ Grant who assured me it would be covered as it was horrific malicious damage to the property. NRMA then turned around and said they wouldn't cover it at all as they couldn't determine whether the damage was malicious or not??? They said there was nothing they could do??? Having been with NRMA for over 35 years, this is particularly heartbreaking and in addition, as it was my grandparents house they did this to. I cannot believe NRMA's way of wriggling out of helping their customers in a time of need. Do not even think of going with NRMA.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Lexie, thanks for letting us know about your recent claims experience. We are really sorry you are so upset with your claims decision. We can also understand how heartbreaking it would be to have bad tenants do all that damage especially to your grandparent’s house. Just to let you know that you are well within your rights to dispute the claims decision if you feel it was incorrect and we would like to help you do this. Could you PM your full name, claim number and address for verification so we can arrange for a manager to review the claims decision via our internal dispute resolution process. Hope to hear from you soon Lexie. ~KazI have tried to PM you Kaz with my details but it isn't working ????Lexie, I am sorry the PM isn't working, can you email the details to me at social@iag.com.au Thanks! ~Kaz

Landlord insurance

Tenants left owing a weeks rent and a smashed ceramic cooktop along with ruined and filthy carpets. An assessor from a private company came and said that the burnt carpet and the cooktop should be covered. NRMA however said no to the carpet which had burns, red wine stains and texta drawn on it as it wasn't malicious. They told me they don't cover accidental damage even though the tenants were negligent and made no attempt to even vacuum let alone remove stains. They also stated they wanted the 4 weeks bond plus $500for the stove claim and a further $300 excess for the separate claim for loss of rent. But it gets even better as we can't claim loss of rent due to the house being unable to be rented until stove fixed and all this time waiting for their decisions. So we were only entitled to claim 1 weeks rent owed at the end of their leases which is less than the excess amount grrrr. No point having landlord insurance with NRMA. We are looking elsewhere and it seems promising. Shop around people.

Insurance claim madeYes

What the

Tenants left leaving holes in wall, carpets ruined broken locks and behind in rent.
Building inspector viewed said should be fine to have repairs done, obviously NRMA not so keen so sent out own assessor who said we could not prove damages were caused by a malicious act (yeah right) paid not a cent, no longer with this company


We hold two landlord policy's with nrma for years never claimed but tenants decided to allow two large dogs to live inside resulting in our two year old carpet and underlay to be replaced through out the house and out hardwood brush box timber floor to be re sanded and polished, nrma said sorry nothing they could do leaving us wondering what our policy actually covered. Closed all policy's with nrma please beware landlords

Too many loopholes, no protection for landlords


Staff were ignorant of details of the policy, sales have no idea about claims.

Took months to return my calls, at times didn't return my calls.

Charged me double the amount of excess that was on my certificate of insurance.

Terrible experience trying to get the neccesary money to repair our property, I will certainly never go with NRMA again for any insurance.

Currently dealing with the ombudsman to try and get justice.


I was with Allianz for many many years. Only reason that I changed provider is due to price. Got a cheaper price with another provider and Allianz couldn't match it which was a bit of a dissapointment considering that I have been a loyal customer for many years. The website is user friendly and when you do call the 1800/1300 number you aren't put on hold for ever like other providers. Suggest that you may as well give them a go.
Easy to get quotes on the website and easy to join up. Price is fairly competitive with other providers
didn't really come across any


Error got fixed up but I did lose my trust in NRMA. But other than that I find the policy quite easy to follow, have not had to claim as yet so not sure how good they are at that.
Easy to get set up, over the phone or at the branch. Got a discount due to loyalty. Monthly payments are accepted.
NRMA made a ridiculous error on my policy which caused an address error and ultimataely cancellation of a policy which was not picked up for 6 months until I found this out myself and got rectified. Lady at the Eastgardend branch did correct and reset up the policy.


Bought Landlords policy 12 months ago. Renewal has increased substantly even though no claims. Found a compatative policy with Allianz $200 cheaper.
National, well marketed company.
Despite always touting value for money, the premium of my policy has risen considerably. When querying the rise, they do not budge or negotiate.

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Why is Landlord Insurance with NRMA in Sydney much more expensive than the same with Property Insurance Plus in Adelaide?
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Hey Gingermeggs, thanks for your question. each company offers different features and benefits with their policies so pricing will invariably differ from company to company and policy to policy.

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