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Full of fake profiles and scammers

Initially looked ok but after a week discovered the only real people were totally desperate losers or totally gorgeous women - who were of course fake scammers. My advice. Dont join and on any site you go to google search the messages you get and reverse image search everyone. I was shocked at how many well known porn starts were messaging me because I ( a boring middle aged normal aussie guy) was somehow their urgent sexual fantasy. Lucky I quit before I was sucked in and ripped off.

Ease of Use
Real Life MeetupNo

Nothing to do there. The service I have been recieveing wasn't up to the standards I expected for $5

Nothing to do there. The service I have been receiving wasn't up to the standards I expected for $50 monthly payment. I tested this site several times in different ways and what I waana say, that is as bad as expencive.

Non responsive customer care team

I join as it claimed free dating but quickly found that it wouldn't load anything except the upgrade page. Yes I admit I didn't read the terms properly chose the 6month option thinking it would be monthly so was shocked when they deducted the whole amount. After an hour of trying to maneuver my way round site unsuccessfully mind you, I managed to come across a guy I went to school with that was known as the local ice dealer, he claimed he was 8years younger than he is, his first line of his profile said funny, honest, doesn't drink, smoke or do drug. So 3 strikes this app is out! I contacted them to advise I was not happy n wanted a refund this was 28th Oct it's now 31st Oct n still no response.

Banned for telling 4 Chinese girls who contacted me , to get lost , all had the same profile pics.

This is NOT a private site !!!! OkCupid staff read the messages !!! How else do they send those odd replies ...you know the ones I'm talking about ! After banning me , I am glad I'm not using that crap site anymore ......someone looking in the keyhole ! Messages should be private , irrespective of content . If someone upsets someone ..unmatch them ! They must get kicks out of reading private messages !

Also , I was sick and tired of Philippines girls , asking for money ! Or , asking if I wanted a vdo show ! I would tell them to get lost also !
If you want to use OkCupid ......be prepared to share your content with the staff who work there ...nothing is private !

Banned for making a suggestion

I make a suggestion/enquiry regarding the search categories to the staff, as the website encourages you to do so. I was asking how I can search for CIS women as my search results frequently had transgender people, nothing wrong with that but not what I'm looking for.
Staff member disagreed with my suggestion(no problem with that)/did not answer my enquiry. Suddenly my profile is banned with no explanation rather than the generic violation of terms and service notice. So I read the terms and conditions in full. Obviously had not violated anything, the staff member was simply salty that I politely disagreed with her and banned me.
There is also enough extremely small user base in Australia, maybe 50 female members in a city of 400,000 people, and shrinking. There are way better free options out there. If you waste your time joining this dying website whatever you do don't try and help, you WILL get banned.


Terrible app. Doesn't let you do anything without a photo then removes the photo of it isn't of you. So much for privacy or meeting over shared interests and compatibility. Just ridiculous.

Not enough members, same people keep showing up even if you swipe NO on their profile

Very disappointed with the new OkCupid website. There's just not enough local members, and I live in Sydney city! The website needs a lot of improving as well, I don't like how members can't message me unless I come across their profile and read their message. It forces you to waste a lot of time searching, miss opportunities to connect and what bothers me the most is that members who I swipe NO on keep showing up again and again. They should have left OkCupid the way it has always been. Also too many unattractive people on there, real lack of quality. Like other sites they should also allow you to validate your profile so you know which profiles aren't fake, and being able to write a review on a persons profile would be a big help!

On a positive note, I do like the immense questionnaire to match you up with people you may be compatible with that have shared interests, and it does a good job as coming across as a dating site not a hookup site. Still, I'll stick with paid websites as people on there are more genuine and better quality. I just don't think OkCupid is the right site for me, they're pretty boring and ordinary members in general and aren't down to get freaky. I've met much more interesting people elsewhere. Too vanilla.

Probably amongst the best free on line and paid dating and friendship sites.

Been on a lot of sites and tries quiet a few, even though the number of ladies from Australia and Sydney is very low there are a lot of ladies from over seas willing to chat and exchange details. In the first month I got over 93 likes and messages some were fakes but considering that these things happen on any social media this was very well run and the site does have real members. Still talking to a few ladies and have contacts. Did not really try for more then one that I found very interesting. I am planning to go to Vietnam to meet her. The difference is this, Video chat after several messages and exchanged details Most ladies from other sites will not video chat and some can not even have their credential checked some even had fake Face book accounts. Porn stars and escorts used for profile photos by scam artists. Any site may have this but found that O K Cupid was cleaner by far then 90 % of the others. Even had scam artists report my profile (the woman was a fake offering a hook up but wanted a credit card verification) had over 170 scam artists attempts. And more then likely hack my accounts on several sites after reporting a few from another site. Over all O K Cupid is by far the best I have been on so far. I do enjoy testing and researching these sites. At times the sites are so cleverly designed that men and members usually waste a lot of money trying to meet the other members that some times do not exist.

Enjoy OKCupid the Most

I am currently on 6 online dating apps and I can honestly say I enjoy OKCupid the most. Chatting is friendly open and transparent... and you seem to be able to post links and pictures in the editor.(very rare)

Why do chats flow so smoothly? Mainly I think this is due to the extraordinarily comprehensive personal survey presented. So vast you would be struggling to answer all the queries. (I was told there are 3,000 questions, and I tend to believe that)

So logically, this makes for a far more accurate matching process than with other sites. And you materialize a more intimate connection with your date (?)

And the chemistry does come forth (or fifth at least) In fact dates I've generated thru OKC lasted hours (walking and talking - not mattressing (just made that word up - do you like it?))

My only regret is the relatively limited numbers of subscribers, (so you lose 1 star OKC-apologies). Yet Tinder is a huge cold hard monster, but is essentially unresponsive.

I can post up to 10 images of my Richard Gere look-alike face (yeah right) and can create even more albums of my dog and cat (if I had any). The truth is I spend more time on OKC that any other OD app.

So in parenthesis, OKC sports a solid, robust, featured platform and all in, I believe OKCupid to be one Class Act.

Failure to remove reported profile

Site is okay
Reporting abuse and issues , things never get done
I reported a user for being a serial cheater after finding out 4-5 women are affected, also report it to oasis these sites do not care about user safety.

Met my long-term girlfriend on OkCupid

Was a lot of effort to filter through everyone, but the match-making system worked quite well. Better than Tinder though.

One of the better online dating sites

Admittedly online dating isn't the best form of dating but somehow this website has kept it up to a good standard. Honestly prefer face to face but for online dating I am rather partial to this website

Years ago it was a lot better. These days it is a bit ordinary.

Used to be a great site with the original owners since selling it has become quite ordinary. The questions which form the basis of the percentage scores are silly and don't allow for grey areas. The members are mostly Hard Left Feminists who actually hate men so you wonder why the bother.

On the bright side it is for free although they try and lure you to pay for a membership.

Had plenty of great dates from this site over the past 8 years. Best site on the net for dating. H

The fact you answer questions and see how others answered theirs is great. You can chat about the questions, read their profile, flick a FREE message to them, it's great

Excellent dating website if you want to save yourself some time. Only downside is lack of members.

This is my favourite dating website by far. You get a really good idea about a potential match because of the well designed profiles section and most of all you can look at your match percentage in regards to various questions that everyone can answer. This is the best part for me as it saves so much time. Rather than going on a date and realising you don't have much in common or finding out they have some wacky views on creationism, you can find that sort of stuff out straight away and focus on the chemistry side of things when you meet.

Messaging is free and there is no excess of nonsense asking you to pay for stuff. The only downside is the lack of members outside of big cities. I live in Newcastle and there is around 20-30 active profiles in the 25-35 year old range.

I met a lass from this website who was really cool, but neither of us were really feeling it after a couple of fun months together and we went our separate ways.

The best dating site that I have tried so far.

I have met 2 long term partners and made some good friends on OK Cupid.

It is free, easier to use and has better matching than other sites that charge a small fortune. You have unlimited messaging at no charge and there are many members so with a little patience you should be able to find you match.

For a moderate charge you can get better search features which are helpful but not necessary.

The more detailed your profile, more questions answered and more pictures you have the better it will work for you.

Genuine, clever, informative

Having tried other sites, OKcupid is the best. It is well thought out and neatly presented, with genuine people on it.

. Best part is the question and answer facility that allows real insight into peoples' thinking and preferences. One can answer as few or as many as preferred, and those answered by one or both people being matched are shown only.

The profile has useful sections that prompt writing potential very revealing details.

I haven't seen many fake profiles, and had minimal approaches from those or from out-of-region people.

These features make OKcupid much better than, eg, C-Date (shoddy site crawling with professional contractors) or the second-best match.com (big pool, but many scammers and poor matching info).

Free unlimited messaging

This is a pretty good online dating website in that you can access everything for free. You can see photos and profiles, you answer useful values questions (faith, tolerance, diversity etc), and some random questions and then get a percentage match with anyone you look at. You can visit everyone's profile and start messaging straight away. Sure, you get inundated with people from overseas but you just block them, and make sure your profile says "I won't reply to someone without a profile photo and who lives overseas". Scammers are easily recognisable as they never ask you any questions that relate to your profile content, and have terrible grammar. Because it is so accessible, lots of people are cruising. As a woman I was initially taken back by how many guys are on it for casual sex/affairs. I thought that was what Tinder was for! Had a couple of dates with nice guys, but kept thinking to myself, if you pay for a dating subscription, maybe you get someone who is more committed to starting a relationship. And now that's another review.

Questions & Answers

Can't seem to find the opt out of subscription for ok cupid. Help.
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I's just too easy Rod. Click into your profile > Profile Edit "Settings" (top bar) > Disable Your Account (5th item from bottom) So many women - So little time!!

Hello Not Happy You say: "The members are mostly Hard Left Feminists who actually hate men" I've joined this site and am not getting that. So am most interested to have you validate your statement. Was it: (a) personal opinion (b) observation based upon deep research (b) anecdotal (c) security hack of data (d) private survey And would also like to know HOW it was better years ago.I do not mean to attack you but would like to maximize the effectiveness of the site for me.
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B For sure....Its a GREAT site of you want to date a sapiosexual circus performer

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