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Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

MPN: 36400446
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It's an Olympus

Fairly full featured camera and easy to start straight away and learn more as you go.
Viewfinder is handy and I bought a 2 lens kit which gives me a fair range of shots.
Menu is long as are the options and I do think Olympus could have prioritized some things better. I somehow turned on digital zoom and it took me a long time to find that menu again to turn it off. Meanwhile I couldn't take many kinds of photos with that setting.
It's about my 4th Olympus and I think this one will last a long time. I was originally attracted to the size as I always travel with too much stuff and don't want a huge thing. It's a certain level of compromise as with most things. A couple of lenses at least gives you options and so does manual settings such as aperture priority etc. combined with auto for the typical lazy photographer which I am most of the time.
With phone cameras improving so much I find myself switching between the 2 for some shots are just easier on a phone cam with its wide angle. And you can do a pretty fair panorama shot with a phone camera but not with many of the more advanced cameras such as this model Olympus. My wife has several auto models of Olympus which have excellent automated presets such as "food", "portrait" "scenery" and "panorama". I think it could have easily been incorporated panorama into this model but instead there is a setting for it but you have to stitch it together with software later. Not gonna bother. It will record video with audio but it won't really take the place of a high quality video camera. Pity. I usually have to take one or the other as I want to travel light.
The Olympus app for your phone will let you download and share photos quickly and even take remote control shots via the phone.
Battery life is sort of what you expect, not too long so you must charge it daily between outings if you take loads of pics. The battery has to be removed to charge and it is an extra to carry with you. There is a USB connection but it is to read the cam card from a computer and isn't set up to charge via that connection. Wish it was. Less stuff to carry.
Anyway, I knew most of this stuff before I bought it and I'm still not disappointed with this product.
Body and controls have a sturdy and usable feel.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

marvellous little digital camera

small enough to carry around, yet with all the features of a "real" camera. The menu is a little convoluted and takes a while to understand, but in the meantime there is always the i-auto mode. Takes great photos with the standard kit lens (14-42 mm), however I really want to invest in the better faster lenses. If I had of thought about it, I might have got the EM-5, as it is water and dust proof, whereas this one isn't, however that one costs a fair bit more.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Works great, No issues. No frustrations.

I'm not an expert in photography , I'll leave dpreview to tell you about the quality of the camera.
As far as using it goes, Its great. It takes excellent photos and with a slight learning curve is easy to use.
Make sure you get an Olympus lense protector cap, So you can scratch it and only waste $35.
If you have large hands and want something quite chunky that has good textured grip its a great choice.
The eyepiece gives you a %100 real image of what the lense sees, as its a second LCD.

I also like the foldable LCD screen as you can take ground level shots lined up perfectly. (without lying on the ground)

Shadows cannot see themselves in the mirror of the sun

I gave this camera 4 stars because I have just started using it. It is mirror less which is uber cool but also brings a new quality to "shooting the light." The camera is touted as an entry-level mirror-less camera but the Mach ll is sophisticated, stylish, and functional and much more than mere entry level! I have three lenses which provide a range of artistic capabilities and the camera supports these with additional functions to provide a playground for exploration and exploitation of images. This camera may not be a Lumiere de jour for professionals but it is exciting and wonderful and I can't wait to shoot the light in the Southern Alps of New Zealand next year!

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OM-D E-M10 Mark II
Price (RRP)$799
Video QualityFull HD
Built-In FlashYes

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  • MPN: 36400446
  • GTIN13: 9338518001334

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